Not Just Chocolate and Waffles

With the conclusion of the WNBA season in August, Cathrine Kraayeveld had a decision to make. What should she do with her off-season? After spending last winter playing for the NWBL here in the States, the second-year Liberty player decided to try her hand at the overseas thing this off-season. So after getting some much needed rest and relaxation back home in Seattle, Kraayeveld headed across the pond to Belgium to sharpen her skills for the 2007 WNBA season. She has been kind enough to agree to check in with monthly and update us on her time in Belgium, where, as we know, there is more to the country than just chocolate and waffles.

January 26, 2007

Hello All,

I can't belive I have been here in Belgium for three months now! It seems to have gone by so fast. We just finished up our ninth Euro Leauge game and have one more to go before the playoffs start. We got a huge win against Salamanca, Spain. Lately we had been struggling to "finish" games. We have been playing well for most of the game, but didn't always finish well, so that hurt us. But we had a great game in Spain and beat them by 30 points. That game gave us insurance for being a part of the Euro League next year. So this next game that we have against Prague will determine who we will face in the playoffs. It would be a big confidence booster if we could get this last win before the playoffs start. So keep your fingers crossed for us!

As for me personally, I am enjoying it over here, though I wish I was able to travel around a little bit more than I have been. We have Sundays off, but everything around here is closed on Sundays, so that doesn't exactly make it easy to do much. But I am all for getting in the car and driving around to see different places. I just always need one of my teammates with me who knows how to get around, because I sure don't! That has given me a chance to get to know my teammates more, which I have loved. I have been able to make a couple of good friends that I will hopefully stay in contact with after I leave here. If anything, when all is said and done, and if not for anything else, I am glad I came here for the friendships I have made. Even if you sometimes have bad experiences, the relationships you make will never go away and thats what makes it all worth it in the end. Basketball is just the icing on top of the cake for me. I get to play basketball for a living, and it doesn't get any better than that.

Anyway, I have about a month left in Belgium and am looking to make it good. I hope we can surprise some people and continue to play well like we have lately. I hope this finds you all well and back into your normal routines after a great holiday season and New Years. And I hope you all haven't broken your New Year's resolutions just yet!

Talk to you all soon.