The ABc’s of Spain

Shortly after the WNBA season finished, Ashley Battle packed her bags, boarded a plane, and landed half way around the world on the Canary Islands. She will call the Atlantic Ocean destination home for the next several months while she fine-tunes her skills playing for Gran Canaria. While the first-year Liberty guard is balling and soaking up sun in the Islands, she couldn't stay too far away from New York fans. So "AB" will check in with once a month to catch us all up on the happenings overseas. We're sure you'll be entertained, and you might even learn something about life in Spain. And so begins your education on the ABc's of Spain:

December 12, 2006

It's been a little while since I last wrote you all, and I'm sure that this new entry has been highly anticipated after my last ones, being that they were so good, right? I have been building up a few different stories to share with you guys, so I'm going to call this my smorgasbord edition.

The first story is about two teammates being reunited. A couple of weeks ago I played against Kelly Schumacher, or Schuey as I like to call her. Schuey plays in Spain for Barcelona. A funny fact about this club is that every single sport they sponser, from soccer to basketball, everyone wears the same uniform - men, women and even kids. They are maroon shorts with a blue and maroon top. You can see Schuey's in the picture we took. Cute, isn't it? It was really good to see Schu. She did great in the game - she had 10 offensive rebounds! Yes, 10 just on the offensive side! My team ended up winning in overtime. It was exciting and competitive, and of course I'm glad we won. Afterwards Schuey and I enjoyed a nice dinner and caught up.

One day after the Barcelona game I walked into the gym for practice, and prior to us taking the court our junior team was practicing. Much to my surprise, I saw one of the juniors wearing a vintage Rebecca Lobo Liberty jersey! Keep in mind, the junior team is made up of 14-year olds, so they were about 4 when Rebecca played for the Liberty (no offense to Rebecca)! But that just goes to show you the influence the WNBA has had on female athletes all over the world.

Here's another funny story for you. A few days ago there was a paper on our car. From a distance it looked like a ticket, but it was only a warning. Where we park by our house is possibly an illegal spot, but there are always other cars parked there so we assumed it was ok, and we had been parking there for about two months without any problems. I looked at the paper not knowing what in the world it said because it was all in Spanish. Well one day after receiving the slip we were driving to practice when we heard this whistle and someone running after our car. It was a cop! We thought he was going after another car so without any other thought we kept driving to practice. The next day I was in the gym and forgot my shoes at home so had to go back to get them. As I was driving down the one-way street a cop jumped out in front of me and I had no place to go this time. So I rolled down the window and he asked me if I speak Spanish. I said no, so then he asked if I speak English. Again I said no. I panicked and didn't know what to do! Luckily he just told me not to park there and I said ok. And for the record I do not park there anymore. Ok, well maybe just once in a while.

Until next time -