Q&A with Anne Donovan

Basketball Hall of Fame member Anne Donovan spent two season as Head Coach of the New York Liberty before heading to Seton Hall to coach the college ranks this season. NYLiberty.com sat down with Coach Donovan to discuss her time as a member of the Liberty and to discuss the prospects of the team's 2011 campaign.

NYLiberty.com: What is biggest adjustment from NYL to SHU?

Anne Donovan: Adjusting to the talent level is probably the most challenging adjustment. With the Liberty I could call on Cappie, Taj or Janel to get us a bucket, here at Seton Hall it is a bit more complicated to orchastrate a clutch basket. We have to rely on team execution to make a great offensive play or defensive stop.

NYLiberty.com: You have been a coach for many years, but what did you learn from your time with the Liberty and bring to Seton Hall?

Donovan: With every team I have coached I hope that I have learned to make adjustments to personnel and situations better. Working with every personality also helps me understand better as a person, how to reach different people from different backgrounds. Also, much like my first season with the Charlotte Sting, we struggled in the early part of the season last summer. It was a great reminder for me about perserverence and commitment -- ESPECIALLY when times are hard. Right now times at Seton Hall are hard...but all experiences will help us for what lies ahead. Go Pirates!!

NYLiberty.com: What has been the most rewarding part for you going back to the college ranks?

Donovan: One of the things I love most about the game of basketball is the relationships that we can build. In the college setting we have each other for most of the year and I have the opportunity to mentor and make a difference in their lives on a daily basis. I love this age of development and knowing that I can make a positive impact in these women's lives.

NYLiberty.com: How different is coaching in college from the pro's?

Donovan: College coaching is vastly different from the pro game. There are so many more aspects of a college job, then just coaching. We are responsible for the total development of our student-athletes. As coaches we are responsible for their academic, athletic and social experiences while they are with us over their college career. Recruiting is an entirely different "animal" from scouting for the pro's. In college recruiting: they pick you. In the pro ranks: you pick them.

NYLiberty.com: What are your thoughts about John Whisenant being named the new coach?

Donovan: John is a proven winner with championship rings -- THAT is what every player and coach wants. His experience will lead our Liberty down the playoff road once again.

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