2009 In Review
NYLiberty.com Reflects ...

The Liberty's thirteenth season came and went, but there's no need to close the chapter on 2009 just yet. In keeping with the theme of team spirit, NYLiberty.com is going to take some time to reflect on the season, recapping it all. Settle into fall, as we look back at the summer.

Sure basketball is a team game, but each player's individual performance is a vital ingredient in a recipe for success. The effort put forth by 2009 Liberty team whipped up its share of meals for the fans. One by one, check out their summer highlights:

Sports can be boiled down to numbers. Whether it's on the jerseys, ticket stubs or stat sheets, this game is all about numbers. We can't cite them all, but have pulled out some of the more obvious ones and some that may surprise even the most die-hard Libs fans.

73.9 Scoring average on the season for the Liberty. It ranks as the second highest scoring average in club history, behind 2008 (75.7).

47 Season-high and new all-time franchise high in rebounds, collected by the Liberty on August 1st in Atlanta.

7 Wins achieved by the Liberty when its bench outscored the opponents' bench.

Check out more of them in 2009 By The Numbers.

How did the Liberty fair against Western Conference clubs? How about on a Friday night? Or on ESPN's airwaves? We break it all down in our Records portion of this review.