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Throughout the off-season, we'll be bringing you updates that the players are sending in to to keep fans up to date with the latest. Whether they're competing overseas, working out at home or just taking a break, you can find it all here.
Hi Liberty fans –

I just want let you all know that J-Mac did an AWESOME JOB on the tour in Russia and you all would have been very proud of her performance. It makes me feel really good about the upcoming season in 2008. She truly represented the Liberty with flying colors and gained a lot of respect from a lot of people.

By witnessing her play, it has motivated me to get healthy again and get ready to go. The Liberty will be picking up where we left off and will become an even better team in 2008.

I just hope you all are ready to be a part of another great journey, full of a lot of excitement and a lot fun. I believe we are truly going to be something special next season, adding on to all the things that we were able to accomplish as a team in 2007. It will be a memorable 2008 season, in my opinion.

Speak to all of y’all soon!

Hello Liberty fans ...

Well, I am currently working out with a personal trainer to get quicker, faster, and stronger!!!

I want to work out with her as much as possible up until Christmas. Along with that I am working out on my own. After Christmas I am going to find a team overseas so I can play for about three months! Those are my plans as of now!

Hope all is well with each of you!

Hey there. The weather is nice out here. It's really cold (California cold) in the mornings and nights, and super hot during the day. So I can't complain about that. I bought a book to help me learn the language, but I'm getting pretty discouraged with all the symbols. So I'm thinking that I should just keep to my LSAT prep books. I think I am capable of learning more about logic problems than Greek words. So, that's that.

I hope to be able to watch a few college games this season. Last year, I wasn't able to get too much of anything in Russia, but I'm hoping that situation will be a little better this year. I'd like to see what UCLA is doing.

Welp! I hope all is well with everyone, take care.

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