2007 Season Poll Results

From Training Camp all the way through the Playoffs, NYLiberty.com polled fans with various Liberty-related questions. Whether it was about the action on or off the court, you always had an answer for us. The following are the poll results from the 2007 season.

Which Liberty Draft pick are you most excited to see play at The Garden?
Shay Doron (Maryland): 1802
Jessica Davenport (Ohio State): 364
Tiffany Jackson (Texas): 231
Martina Weber (Iona): 0
Total Responses: 2397

Who will be the biggest contender for the Liberty this season?
Detroit Shock: 762
LA Sparks: 89
Seattle Storm: 88
Minnesota Lynx: 28
Total Responses: 967

Which upcoming road game will be the toughest for the Liberty?
Jun-26 @ SAC: 192
Jul-6 @ DET: 63
Jun-29 @ LA: 49
Jul-1 @ SEA: 9
Total Responses: 313

Which Liberty newcomer excites you the most?
Janel McCarville: 499
Tiffany Jackson: 307
Shay Doron: 167
Jessica Davenport 145
Lisa Willis: 74
Lindsay Bowen: 31
Martina Weber: 12
Total Responses : 1235

Which upcoming theme night are you looking forward to most?
Aug19 - Fan Appreciation Day: 198
Jul29 - Mother & Daughter Day: 68
Jul20 - Rock & Roll Night: 48
Aug12 - Kids Day: 27
Total Responses: 341

What has been your favorite moment from this season so far?
The perfect 5-0 start to the season: 310
The over-time win in Detroit on July 6th: 220
The 13 three-pointers on Opening Day: 147
Davenport's game-winning 3-point play over Phoenix on June 3rd: 119
Total Responses: 796

Which member of the Liberty is this season's Most Improved Player?
Janel McCarville: 52
Loree Moore: 17
Cathrine Kraayeveld: 13
Erin Thorn: 7
Total Responses: 89

Which Liberty dance team was your favorite this season?
Li'l Torches: 58
Timeless Torches: 52
Torch Patrol: 11
Total Responses: 121