A Fresh Start

December 28, 2007 - New York, NY - Start working out, eat better, be nicer. Are you one of millions of people that makes these or similar New Year's resolutions? If you are, the time to make yours is here. With a new year comes a chance for a fresh start of sorts. That is, for those that actually stick to it. What kind of resolutions do you think some of your favorite Liberty players make, and do you think they really keep them? We checked in with some of the Liberty ladies to see what they think about New Year's resolutions:

Do you make New Year's resolutions, and if so, do you actually keep them?

Ashley Battle: Yes, I do make resolutions. And I try my best to keep them. But try is the key word there!
Erin Thorn: No, I do not make New Year's resolutions.
Cathrine Kraayeveld: I'm not really a fan of New Year's resolutions. I think most people break them, so why not just do what needs to be done now - why wait? Make a resolution in June!
Kiesha Brown: I don't anymore really, after I realized that I break them in first two weeks.
Loree Moore: I do make resolutions, but haven't really kept to them. But this year I am really planning on doing so!
Christelle N'Garsanet: I do, and have been really good at keeping the important ones.
Barb Farris: I just set goals for myself and hope and plan to have them executed by the end of the new year.

What will your resolution be this year?

Ashley Battle: I haven't made one yet, but I still have time to decide.
Cathrine Kraayeveld: I don't think I will be making any resolutions.
Kiesha Brown: Be more patient, see the good in everything, and to read the Bible more.
Loree Moore: My resolution this year is to trust myself in all that I do, and not to second guess myself.
Christelle N'Garsanet: To work hard and to be determined in everything I do.
Barb Farris: To help my New York Liberty team have a great chance to make and do well in the playoffs, while becoming a consistent force in the paint.

Happy New Year to you from the Liberty!