Wrapping Up 2007 In Polls

Getting the fans' opinion is one of the keys to the success of a franchise. So there should be no suprise when it comes to the Liberty franchise in such a situation.

Previously, we revealed the results of the poll questions we asked throughout the season, and now we're finally putting 2007 to rest. Without further delay, we present the results to the polls we asked you from the end of the season through December.

Who is playing in the best off-season location?
Janel (Slovakia) 106
Shay (Israel) 102
Shameka & AB (Spain) 85
Lisa (Greece) 72
Tiff & Jess (France) 67
Cathrine (Belgium) 23
Martina (Russia) 19
Total Responses : 474

Which giveaway in 2007 was your favorite?
Pink Ribbon Floater Pen 46
Footlocker Fan Banner 23
First Aid Kit 17
Craisins Water Bottle 12
Coney Combos Yo-Yo 7
Total Responses : 105

Which halftime act from this season did you enjoy most?
Drums of Thunder 66
Kids basketball games 42
Liberty Breakers 28
Dance groups 21
Steve Max: Simon Sez 13
Kids Talent Search 11
Red Panda Acrobat 6
Roberto the Magnificent 5
Total Responses : 192

If you could add any Liberty player to your team's roster, who would it be?
Janel McCarville 48
Loree Moore 27
Erin Thorn 17
Tiffany Jackson 11
Shameka Christon 10
Jessica Davenport 7
Cathrine Kraayeveld 7
Total Responses : 127

Which area of the game should the Liberty improve on most for next season?
Offensive rebounds 72
Defensive rebounds 32
Points in the paint 24
Field shooting 17
Three-point shooting 6
Free throw shooting 2
Total Responses : 153

Which was the best regular season series match-up for the Liberty?
Detroit 161
Connecticut 14
Chicago 8
Washington 8
Minnesota 5
Total Responses : 196

Thank you for your votes, please keep checking back in with NYLiberty.com for more poll questions throughout 2008.