Shape Up

Liberty players, just like all athletes, need to be in the best shape possible to be successful. Because basketball is about more than just having the technical skills. You also have to be in top physical condition. Running up and down the court for four quarters takes alot out of a person, so you've got to be able to go the distance. And being in good shape doesn't just mean being thin. There are plenty of thin people who aren't in shape. Being in shape means eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, building up your cardiovasular endurance, increasing your strength, and even stretching properly. So as you can see, there's alot to it. But don't worry, we're here to help you Shape Up. We'll cover everything you need to get in peak condition.

Nutrition is a very important element of any athlete's lifestyle. Maintaining proper nutrition is what keeps our Liberty players in peak physical condition. Here are some tips to keep your nutritional habits up to speed:


Shuttle With Passes

  • Start on the baseline facing the court to the left hand side of the basket.
  • Sprint to point A and receive a pass from the coach.
  • Immediately pass the ball back to the coach and turn and sprint to point B
  • At point B, jump to touch the net or backboard.
  • On landing, turn and sprint to point C. Receive a pass and pass it back to the coach.
  • Turn and sprint to point D. Jump again to touch the rim or backboard.
  • Turn and sprint to point E. Receive a pass from the coach, but this time do not pass back.
  • Turn with the ball, dribble it, and drive to the basket towards the finish at the baseline.
  • Repeat this drill for 4-6 repetitions.

    Box Drill

  • Mark out a square with tape approximately 6 yards by 6 yards.
  • Place a cone at each corner and in the center. This is the starting position.
  • Give each cone a letter or number.
  • The coach calls out the number of the cone at random.
  • The player sprints to the cone and defensive slides back to the center cone.
  • As soon as the player reaches back to the center the coach yells another number.
  • Do this drill for 60-90 seconds and then rest. Repeat for 2-4 repetitions.

    Agility Tips of the Week

  • Agility drills are great for combining physical and mental awareness.
  • Combine these basketball agility drills with speed training sessions. Together they will help to significantly increase your speed and quality of movement around the court.