Welcome to Inside the Key

Inside the Key is your guide to hoops. Whether young or old, boy or girl, there is always more to learn about the great game of basketball. And who better to learn from than the pros - and your New York Liberty? Each week, this site will be the source for players and coaches looking to pick up new tips, plays, and unique ways to improve their game. You'll find everything from basic dribbling drills, diagrams of offensive plays, details on how to develop a practice plan, and everything in between. Each week the site will be updated with new information that can help you. And keep checking back for when we add video - so you can see the plays come to life! Plus, you can even play a part in what we post on Inside the Key, by telling us what you'd like to see here and asking any questions you may have. So take a trip Inside the Key...just don't get called for three seconds..

There are certain basics that every baller needs to know. You need to know how to dribble, how to pass, how to rebound and how to shoot. Without those FUNdamentals, you won't get very far on the court. Here we give you the insights to help improve your game. Players, learn how to work on elements like dribbling and shooting on your own. And coaches, pick up some great drills to use with your own team. Just like "if you build it, they will come, " work on the basics and the rest of the game will follow.

The O-Zone
The goal of the game is simple: put the ball in the basket. The team with the most points wins. But that just doesn't happen on its own. You need a good offense to win games. Here we show you how to achieve that. If you're on the playground, in the backyard, or at the gym, this is how to perfect your offense. We'll show you both basic and advanced offensive plays, give you efficient ways to break down the defense, and don't forget about the inbounds play!

A dazzling offense may bring the crowds, but defense wins the championships. Because bottom line, in order to win, your defense has to hold the other team to fewer points than your own offense scores. Learn here how to man-up, perfect the zone and in general how to just keep the other team from schooling you. We'll show you successful man-to-man and zone defensive strategies, and of course the ever-important press.

Shape Up
You can have all the skills in the world, but if you can't make it up and down the court, they won't do you much good. To succeed in basketball you've got to be in shape. Health and fitness should be an integral part of any basketball player's life. Here we share tips with you to get in shape - and that means everything from eating well to lifting weights, from stretching to cardio endurance.

Coaches' Corner
Coaching a basketball team can be difficult. But it can also be extremely rewarding. Here we offer tips for all you coaches, no matter what level you're at - recreation, middle school, high school - to help you improve your coaching techniques and your team. You'll learn how to run a practice, how to set team goals...basically how to be the best coach you can be. After all, everyone can use a little help from the pros, right?

Your Turn
Inside the Key is here for you, to help you improve your game. So like they said in Jerry McGuire, "help us help you." Send us your suggestions on what you'd like to see featured here on Inside the Key. And feel free to ask any questions - ask for specific plays, drills, whatever you can dream up. Our coaches, athletic trainer and even the General Manager are here to help you succeed. Then check back at Inside the Key for your answers. We're here to help...just make sure to credit us with an assist!.