Coaches’ Corner

Coaches, we know there are always challenges to shaping and leading a team. So we want to do our part to help you be successful in that. Therefore, Coaches' Corner is just for you. Here we will provide you the tools to efficiently run your team. We will cover everything from developing practice plans to how to motivate your players. We'll even throw in a few tips from the Liberty coaches.

Setting Team Goals
It is important to set team goals at the beginning of the season. This will ensure that everyone on the team will work to achieve the same team objectives. Goals will help focus the team on a central target.

  • Write your goals down.
    * Writing your goals down on paper make them real.
  • Make goals short, attainable & measurable.
    * Be specific - know exactly what you want to accomplish.
    * Goals must be realistic. You must be able to see results in order to constantly work toward your goals.
  • Create both long and short term goals.
    * Long term – Goals for the season (i.e. To win 10 games this season.)
    * Short term – Goals for a practice, goals for the first half of a game or goals for the entire game. (i.e. To shoot 37% or more for the game; To out rebound the opponent by five rebounds in the first half.)
  • Create deadlines.
    * Deadlines will help you see your progress.
  • Look at your goals everyday.
    * A visual reminder will help you focus on working toward your goals.
    * Post team goals in the locker room or in your office.
  • Make sure your goals are positive in nature.

    Quick Tip

    If you show confidence in your team, they will rise to the challenge. Praise not only makes a player feel good, but it also results in bringing their game to the next level.