Liberty ’In The Zone’ at Kravis Children’s Hospital

On Wednesday, June 28 members of the New York Liberty traveled to “The Zone” at The Kravis Children's Hospital at Mount Sinai. The Zone is a state-of-the-art environment that offers a range opportunities that meet the special needs of children.

Becky Hammon and Sherill Baker were given a tour of the facility where they were able to see not only how the kids interact and play but also how it has been made possible for patients unable to leave their hospital rooms to participate in the activity zone as well.

Special to the zone is what is called KidZone TV, the first live, interactive Broadcast Studio in a Children's Hospital in the world that offers live and pre-recorded programming for viewing within the hospital. After the tour, Hammon and Baker participated in a question-and-answer and also fielded questions from patients watching the interview from their rooms. They then led some of the patients through a how-to clinic on the basics of shooting, which was followed by a shooting contest.

As part of the day, a photo of Hammon was added to the permanent display of photographs at the hospital.