Getting inside the minds of WNBA players

Have You Seen Her?
Silver Stars F Kendra Wecker

In 2005, 11 minutes into the first game of her rookie season as a pro, Kendra Wecker tore her ACL and was out for the year. Yes, it's fair to say that the Silver Stars forward has battled through some adversity to succeed at the WNBA level.

And battle she has. The former Kansas State star returned from the injury to play in all 34 games for San Antonio in 2006, averaging 5.6 points and 2.5 boards a game. She even lead her team with Tony Parker and Steve Kerr to the Shooting Stars title at the NBA All-Star weekend.

And now with the arrival of Becky Hammon, Ruth Riley, Helen Darling and more in San Antonio, Wecker and her teammates will be reaching for the stars. But what drives this former NFL Punt, Pass and Kick competitor? We dig deeper:

"This is a great life, a great job," says Wecker. "I mean, I get to play basketball for a living!"
Gary Dineen/NBAE/Getty Images
Q. What is your motivation to wake up early and run that extra mile when you don't feel like working out?
A. "The thought that someone else is probably doing that and I'm laying in bed being lazy."

Q. Was there a time in your basketball career when you thought about giving up the game? If so, when was it, what it was like and how did you get past it?
"Yes, there have been those times. The injury thing is hard for anyone. Being overseas is challenging and teaches you a lot about yourself. Being there makes you question things, at times, because you are away from your friends and family, way out of your comfort zone. That's tough and something I recently experienced for the first time. Things weren't going well early, so I asked myself if I wanted to keep going on. But this is a great life, a great job. I mean, I get to play basketball for a living! This is what I do."

Q. What are some of your favorite healthy snacks? What do you eat when you want to keep it healthy?
"I'm really starting to like fish."

Q. How about working out? How often do you do it?
"(I work out) every day that the team works out, whether in the WNBA in the spring and summer or when I'm overseas. We usually get one day off a week and I like to take that day for myself to catch up on some sleep."

Q. What else drives you? What are some other goals you've set for yourselves off the court?
"I'm just competitive and always want to be good at whatever I'm doing. If you have no drive or motivation, then there is no point in doing it."

And now, it's time for some "3-point shots" with Kendra... her opportunity to pick her favorite of three options:

Q. Most effective post move: turnaround fall-away J, hook shot or up-and-under?
"The most difficult to defend is the turnaround fadeway."

Q. Favorite sock length: ankle, quarter or knee-high?
"Knee-high. I changed my look."

Q. Best basketball movie: Hoosiers, White Men Can't Jump or Hoop Dreams?
"Hoosiers is a classic. I've actually never seen White Men Can't Jump."

Q. Favorite big city: New York, Los Angeles or Chicago?
"New York. While it's almost too big, I like it."

Q. Breakfast food: fruit, cereal or waffles/pancakes?
"Biscuits and gravy."

Q. Favorite type of movie: comedy, drama or horror?

Q. Best way to spend down-time on the road: shopping, watching a movie or catching some Z's?

Q. Game show you'd most like to appear on: Deal or No Deal, Jeopardy or The Price is Right?
"The Price is Right."