Favorite moments that stand out for WNBA players

Turning Back the Clock: Favorite Memories

As the WNBA gears up to celebrate its tenth anniversary, we asked players to share some of their all-time favorite WNBA memories. From 1997 through 2005, many stood out. For some it was their championship(s) while others shared in the glory of others.

Nykesha Sales, Connecticut Sun
"I remember being in college and watching the league just starting out. Everyone was so excited to see women�s basketball on a whole new level. I remember watching the early Phoenix Mercury with Michele Timms taking on Kim Perrot and the Houston Comets and having some battles. Those are some of my favorite moments as a fan and just seeing how good all the women were."

Cooper, Swoopes and the Comets won the first four WNBA titles.
Todd Warshaw/NBAE/Getty Images
Sheryl Swoopes, Houston Comets
"Oh, gosh, all-time favorite? That�s a tough one. You can�t leave out the fact of Houston winning the first four championships. Another team hasn�t done that, and to be honest with you I don�t know if another team will do that. And now, the talent is so great throughout the league, it�s going to be hard for a team to not only win four, but win them back-to-back-to-back-to-back. I don�t care what happens, what all I accomplish individually � that�s going to forever be a special moment for me. For us to go out and win those championships and do what we did. I think no matter what happens, that�s probably going to be, when I�m 90 years old, I�m going to be talking about those four championships I won with the Houston Comets those first four years."

Lauren Jackson, Seattle Storm
"Winning a championship in 2004 was my favorite memory. That was amazing. It was just one of those moments. There's a lot more memories I think we're going to make (in the future) in Seattle, but definitely winning the championship."

Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles Sparks
"Winning two championships obviously has been the most exciting -- when you have that confetti coming down on you and holding up the trophy. Nothing is better than that."

Deanna Nolan, Detroit Shock
"I hadn�t gotten to the league yet, but Houston winning four (championships) in a row. Then also us winning from worst to first. Then, I think maybe my first All-Star appearance."

Nolan hit the winning shot in Game 3 of the 2003 Finals.
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Kara Lawson, Sacramento Monarchs
�Hmmm. I wonder� Well, winning the championship last season was great. You always think about what you will do when you win and what it will feel like or what you will remember about that night or that moment. And I�ll be honest. It doesn�t feel as good a month after as I thought it would. You know why? Because I want another one already. The best moment for me was when the buzzer went off and that moment you realize you have accomplished this great goal. You have a quiet moment to yourself out there amid all the craziness and it might only be five seconds to think about it. Then you have a few minutes to celebrate with your teammates and even though you are running around in the mayhem, it is really such a special moment among and between the 11 players. That�s what is intoxicating and addictive and that is what I want to get back to again. I want those few minutes all over again."

Sue Bird, Seattle Storm
�Before I got to the WNBA, I remember a shot like Teresa Weatherspoon�s long three-pointer at the buzzer in the Finals to tie the series with Houston. How can anyone forget Nikki Teasley�s shot to win the championship. Obviously, for me, my championship was pretty special and it will always be one of the great moments in my life. There have really been some great moments, a lot of great players and it just keeps getting better.�

Diana Taurasi, Phoenix Mercury
�There are a lot of great moments. Obviously Weatherspoon hitting the half-court shot in the Finals was big, Cynthia Cooper going off in the Finals� there are a lot of moments that stand out for me.�

Nicole Powell, Sacramento Monarchs
"I remember going to the first game in Phoenix in 1997. It was for my 14th birthday, and I couldn�t tell you who won the game, but just being there in the stands, I�ll never forget that excitement. People were cheering and supporting it and it made an impact on me even back then. These were women playing professional basketball. It was awesome."