If There Were No WNBA...

It is hard to imagine what the sports world would be like without the WNBA. But ten years later, here we are, stronger than ever. The league has opened new doors for women's basketball players, female athletes and even non-athletes striving to make a difference in the world and in their own lives. But after asking both WNBA players and even a few league officials what they would be doing now if not a part of this league, we're just glad they are able to do what they love...

Tamika Catchings, Indiana Fever
"There's no telling where I would be. I think I always try to position myself, and looking at life after basketball, even before when I was in college. Even if I wasn't playing, I'm fortunate the WNBA is here, I'd probably be playing overseas, and missing the opportunity of being able to play in front of my family and having my friends come and all of that."

Swin Cash, Detroit Shock
I would probably be getting my master's degree and getting involved with some way to support women. I'm a big advocate for business, as well, and entrepreneurship. I'd probably be building group homes for women.

Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles Sparks
"If there was no WNBA, I'd probably be managing my own company. I also might be doing broadcasting or managing my own lines."

Brad Barnett, Special Project Coordinator for the President, WNBA league office
"I would be a struggling golf professional on the Nationwide Tour. I would own a mini-van and eat alot of fast food, gaining 20 pounds in the process. I would own a one bedroom apartment in Raleigh, NC with barely any furniture. I would struggle with my mechanics and never make a cut and then return to Long Island and work as an Assistant Club Pro at Cherry Valley. Thank god for the W!!"

Becky Hammon, New York Liberty
"I would probably be coaching somewhere, somehow involved with sports, either in the media, or broadcasting, doing something like that, staying involved in the game.

Lisa Harrison, retired WNBA player
When I graduated from college, there was no WNBA, so I worked from 9-5 for three years. I worked for BIKE athletic company, and once the ABL started, so I quit my job to go back home and started training and made that league. Then it folded and I joined the WNBA. But I have worked.

Katie Smith, Detroit Shock
"I'd probably be in dental school or finished with dental school and tearing people's mouths up."

Betty Lennox, Seattle Storm
"I think I would probably be working with kids, either teaching them how to play basketball or even just how to be a responsible individual and to be a positive role model in every aspect."

Niele Ivey, former Detroit Shock and Phoenix Mercury player
"I don't know where I would be, it seems like basketball has been my whole world. Probably coaching, I'm coaching right now but that's just something I do in the offeseason, maybe I would be more involved with coaching, or I could have dipped into the entertainment field earlier."

Tom Tedesco, Senior Manager, Basketball Operations
"If there was no WNBA I probably would have gotten into coaching. Breaking through as a director of Basketball Operations at a random far off land like Starkville, MS. Then I would have bounced around the coaching ranks with the stability that the profession gives you! I know a more exciting answer would be Chippendale."

Kelly Miller, Phoenix Mercury
Wow, I have no idea. I was a bio/pre-med major so I might have been a doctor or something like that?"

Teresa Weatherspoon, WNBA and Basketball legend
"I think we all probably would be pursuing our careers overseas playing professional basketball there because that's the only thing we had during that time of trying to pursue a professional career playing, which you can only say positive things about because it led you to still be able to play in this league, and probably from there, once I decided not to play overseas anymore, probably do what I'm doing now, something educational with children."

Nikki McCray, Chicago Sky
"I can't even imagine. I guess I would probably be playing somewhere overseas, but I think it's great that we have the league and I don't have to worry about it."

Angela Taylor, Senior Manager Player Personnel Dept
"Well as a small town Idaho girl, I never dreamed I would have been able to live in the big city for roughly 10 years. So without the WNBA, I probably would just be starting to consider taking my first trip to the NYC. I possibly would be deciding between bringing a Jamba Juice franchise to Boise or working for a 'big name' consulting firm."

Ruth Riley, Detroit Shock
"I would love to play professional volleyball; I live in Miami so get an opportunity to cross train a lot, so I think that would be a lot of fun."

Matt Wurst, Editor, Interactive Services
"If there were no WNBA for me to write about, I imagine I'd be driving around California in a dusty old Oldsmobile, trying to sell a really bad screenplay about three talking elephants who run a hot dog stand by day, and waiting tables at a 1950's-style roller-skating drive-in restaurant out in the valley by night."