During Game 1 of the 2004 WNBA Finals, All-WNBA stars Diana Taurasi and Nikki Teasley were in attendance to accept their awards. In the first half, Teasley stopped by to answer fan questions, and in the second half, First Team All-WNBA and 2004 WNBA Rookie of the Year Diana Taurasi chatted as well.

Moderator: Nikki is here!!

Kat (Chapel Hill): What's up Nikki! Congrats on the D&A award and Second Team this year. I look forward to seeing you at the games here at UNC this year. Come chill with us in the student section!

Nikki Teasley: Thank you. I really appreciate your support. I look forward to seeing you at UNC this year cheering on the Tarheels!

Wendy (Streets): Hi Nik, Congrats on the All-WNBA honors. So in these Finals, there are two young great point guards. How do you see them matching up? As a young point guard who has been in the finals herself, how do you think they will do?

Nikki Teasley: I think Sue Bird's experience will overcome Lindsay's playoff inexperience. They are both great guards, they will both do well and I wish them the best.

Whitney (Seattle): Hey Nikki! I am a huge Sparks fan, what do you think was the factor in you losing? You've played against both the Sun and the Storm, how do you think they'll match up? Any predictions for a winner? Thanks Nikki! I'll be cheering for you next season!!!

Nikki Teasley: Thank you for your support as well. I think this year was a lot tougher than it has been in the past. Teams are really starting to scout us very well. It is not like the past where we could overrun everyone. We just need to come out and out-work everyone next year.

Kent (Fayetteville): Hi Nikki, After another great year and all those assists, I was wondering how you think you can continue to improve your game?

Nikki Teasley: I just have to go back and work hard in the weight room, get a lot of shots up in the offseason, and play as much as I can these next few months.

Jack (Loughlin): Nikki T in the house! So not that you have a huge impact in choosing a coach, but who would you like to see coaching the team next year?

Nikki Teasley: I would like to see our two coaches back next year, Carlene Thompson and Ryan... to get us back to the Championship next year. And it wouldn't hurt if Michael Cooper wanted to come back...

John (L.A.): Nikki........who do u think should be MVP and why???

Nikki Teasley: The right person got the MVP.

Icey: Nikky where did you learn all of your ball handeling skills from?

Nikki Teasley: A lot of practice and believing in the God-given talent that I was blessed with.

JOe: Who is your favorite team to play against????why???

Nikki Teasley: Houston, because they are the backbone of this league. They won all the championships the first four years of this league, so I like to play against them.

L.A. SparksRock: NIkki, how does it feel to be sitting in the stands and not on the court at this time???? Number One L.A. Fan!

Nikki Teasley: It hurts to not be playing. If you are a competitor, it feels weird not to be out there playing. But you cna't win them all, I guess.

Felicia Kearse: Orlando: Dear Nikki I am your biggest fan. I just wanna say congratulations on winning the Dish & Assist award. How does it feel and could you tell me what troubles you faced growing up? Once again congratulations. God Bless you luv Felicia a.k.a lady jordan

Nikki Teasley: I faced a lot of different challenges. I grew up in a bad neighborhood, had to change schools, growing up in a single-parent home and being the only girl in my family. But it has all been worth it.

alexandria IL: Do you have a good trick to do in the all-star game and are you going to throw down some 3easleys?

Nikki Teasley: I'll try my best to bring another trick out.

Christopher(Knoxville): Hey Nikki!,Who Do You Think Will Win The WNBA Finals And In How Many Games And Who Is Your Finals MVP?

Nikki Teasley: I don't know who will win, but I do hope for a good game, and a series that will bring more fans to women's basketball. I wish I could be a part of it, but I can't so I wish both teams the best, hope no one gets hurt and has a good time.

Nikki Teasley: Thank you to all the fans who support all of us women in the WNBA. Without you, this league wouldn't be here. To all the young girls and women out there who want to be in the WNBA, keep playing, keep working hard and keep belieiving and someday you'll be here too.

Moderator: Thanks, Nikki and good luck next season.

And then it was Taurasi's turn to meet the fans...

Julie (North Arlington): Taurasi, What is it like to play against some of your former Connecticut teammates in the WNBA? Is it more intense when you play against them?

Diana Taurasi: It's always fun. Those are the people I played with two, three, four years, so any chance I get to play against them or with them, it's fun,

Bridget (Dallas): What are your thoughts on how the Storm are playing? Is there a chance that they can get their composure back to pull off a W?

Diana Taurasi: The Storm have always been a second half team, and whenever you have sue and Lauren on a team, that's a lot of fire power, so they are not out of it yet...

teresa: Congrats on the all WNBA first team selection. Anyway, who are you rooting for? Sue Bird and Seattle or the Sun because of all the basketball success in conn. this yr??

Diana Taurasi: Whichever team plays the better basketball. Whoever plays the best will win. Connecticut is outplaying them a little bit right now...

Heidi, (Mystic): Diana, are you going to China to play basketball? Or are you visiting? At half time we heard them say you were going to China.

Diana Taurasi: Never been to Asia, so to go there and see some great basketball - Yao, Tracy McGrady and the Kings, that will be a lot of fun.

Lyndi (NH): Hey Diana, i would just like to congradulate you on a wonderful year. I was wondering how your shoes were comming along, and if you knew when they would be comming out. can you describe them a little?

Diana Taurasi: The shoes should be out by October, so when UConn makes the Final Four, they will all be wearing it. But everyone else can get it this fall. If you're in high school, go get 'em...

Amber(Oxford,GA): Diana, congrats on your accolades this year. How does it feel to be callled one of the best players in the league?

Diana Taurasi: It's a great honor - there are so many great players who have proven themselves over the years. I just have to keep working hard to hopefully get to the next level.

Paul (San Francisco): Who are you picking Connecticut or Seattle and why?

Diana Taurasi: It's a tough series to call, but Seattle is tough to beat at home. If they lose this game, I still think they can win in three.

Allie (Columbus): Congrats on the great season and Rookie of the year and 1st Team honors....was it hard adjusting to the play in the WNBA?

Diana Taurasi: It was tough, but I learned. Every practice, every game was a learning experience. I just opened my ears and tried to learn from as many people as I could.

Gimp (San Francisco): What were your best and worst moments so far in your rookie year in the WNBA and why?

Diana Taurasi: I had a lot of good moments. The season overall was great - to be a part of a new franchise. The disappointing thing was not making the playoffs.

KellyChino: Wow, congratulations on your rookie of the year award, hopefully MVP next year? What are you planning to do during your offseason, any vacations? Are you going to be hanging out with any WNBA players? Thanks, best of luck!

Diana Taurasi: I'll hopefully take a vacation someplace warm with a lot of beach atmosphere. In January, I will be going back to UConn to get my degree.

Stenzie: Whats in Your CD Player right now?

Diana Taurasi: Gorilla Black. A new rapper from Cali that I really enjoy.

Ashley (Boca): Hey Diana-You're the best.. What's it like to be back in Connecticut? Have you hung out with your old teammates?

Diana Taurasi: It's great. The fans are great. There is no better place for basketball - the fans just latch right on and support and I love it.

katie(illinois): Diana, congratulations on great year (national championship, olympic gold and rookie of the year). You played almost a full year, how is your ankle and back, both reoccuring injuries in your college career?

Diana Taurasi: They both feel pretty good. It was a long year with no break, so I'm just going to heal and recover and just get freshened up.

Diana Taurasi: Thanks for all your questions. Keep watching because it will be a great Finals - two great teams. And watch out for the Phoenix Mercury next year.