A 21-year old college student, Beth Coppin, bested all competitors in the 2004 WNBA Virtual GM fantasy game. In addition to bragging rights for the next year, Coppin won a trip to Game 2 of the WNBA Finals. The Ballwin, Missouri native will be joined by her sister-in-law, in Seattle.

Coppin, who is an avid Rebecca Lobo fan, hopes both to meet the recently-retired Lobo, who will be working the game with NBA TV, as well as to see a great game between the Sun and Storm.

Beth stopped by to chat with WNBA.com prior to tip off on Sunday evening, and answered your questions on a number of topics.

Moderator: Hey everyone - Beth is here with us courtside, so send in your questions now...

WNBA Virtual GM Winner: Hello everybody. Especially my friends and family in Ballwin and also at Maryville University.

Gary (Richmond, VA): Hi and congratulations - so what is it like to be at such a big game in person? Is the crowd insane?

WNBA Virtual GM Winner: I was at the first game in Utah back in 1997, so that was the biggest game I have been at, but this has the potential to be even bigger than that.

Sevvi (Phoenix, AZ): When did you first start playing VGM? Is this your first year, and if not, what did you do differently?

WNBA Virtual GM Winner: I believe I have played in every year in 2002, because I was recovering from surgery that year. I was very lucky this year.

CooperFan (Houston, tx): Who is your favorite current WNBA player and what teams do you root for?

WNBA Virtual GM Winner: My favorite all-time is Rebecca Lobo - hands-down, there is not other... My favorite current player, and I don't want to go against my UConn love, but it is Tamika Catchings. The Indiana Fever is closest to St. Louis, so now that Rebecca is retired, I root for them.

Vanessa (CT): If you were picking still right now, would Lindsay Whalen or Sue Bird be your starting PG?

WNBA Virtual GM Winner: Fair question... That is a tough one. That's the good thing about the season being over - I don't have to pick. I would pick Lindsay because her value was lower, but she has the consistency - that is how I picked.

Mac (Brownsville, TX): How are you enjoying your trip to Seattle thus far? Have you gotten to visit any of the sites?

WNBA Virtual GM Winner: We went to Pike's Place - the market - with a friend of mine, Shannon, who is a student at U-Dub and today we went up in the Space Needle. It was very cool. A little chilly, but very cool.

Brad (New York, NY): Hey - congrats, Beth. I read that you are in college. Other than WNBA boxscores, what are you studying, where do you go and what type of career or profession would you like to pursue? Thanks, and enjoy your trip. Give me a shout if you ever come to N.Y...

WNBA Virtual GM Winner: I am a student at Maryville University in St. Louis and studying business. I am looking for a job come May... I apparently know a lot about the WNBA, so if they want to hire me, all I need is health benefits.

Jesnile (Orton, Utah): Who were the primary players you used in VGM this year? Did you update it every day?

WNBA Virtual GM Winner: The ones that I would always pick were Diana Taurasi and Katie Smith. Ironically enough, the very first time I was in first place, it was announced that they were injured... so I knew it would be a tough rest of the season. I think everyone picked Lisa Leslie so that is not reall a surprise pick. I want to thank my brother, Brian, and my cousin Brendan who updated when I was out of town.

Gennifer (Seattle, WA): I can't be at the game. So jealous of you... So do you think the Storm can come back and win this game?

WNBA Virtual GM Winner: On Friday night, I don't think the Storm played Storm basketball. I know that sounds boring and cliche, but the Sun just really disrupted their game. Especially Sue Bird. So hopefully today they can play their best.

Temma (Miami, FL): Do you have any predictions for next season? Both in the VGM game and in the WNBA season?

WNBA Virtual GM Winner: It's hard to predict in this league. The talent has increased exponentially, so it's hard. Even Ann Meyers, who is a legend, slipped up and I am just an amateur. I think that once Katie smith is healthy and Nicole Ohlde has been in the system, Minnesota will be a strong team

Stacey (St. Louis): WOOHOO, There ain't no Stoppin Beth Coppin!!! I hope you are having a fantastic time.

WNBA Virtual GM Winner: Big ups, res life...

Alison (NY): Do you play basketball yourself? How did you learn the game?

WNBA Virtual GM Winner: I played in high school and one year at Maryville. Then I had surgery and had to stay out of contact sports for awhile. The Saints (my team) also greatly improved since I played and I also coached youth basketball at my church for awhile.

Kate (Kansas City, MO): Wow, nice to know a women from Missouri loves women's basketball, especially UConn. Were you even expecting to win this? Congrats.

WNBA Virtual GM Winner: St. Louis loves basketball. We had a great Women's Final four in 2001 and we have the men's in 2005. University of Missouri had a great program lsat year, especially with Evan Unrau. I saw her play Nicole Ohlde in college last year and she just stole the show.

Shae: Who will you be cheering for in game 2?

WNBA Virtual GM Winner: I love both teams and I can never cheer against Sue Bird. However, it would be great to see the championship awarded tonight as I have a final on Tuesday night in my graduate marketing class and would probably have to miss Game 3.

Nicole (Coventry, RI): Were you surprised when you won the 2004 WNBA Virtual GM fantasy game?

WNBA Virtual GM Winner: I was shocked! I don't even believe it now. I am just amazed and extremely blessed. I know there are a lot of great players who participated in VGM...

WNBA Virtual GM Winner: Thanks for submitting questions. I am so excited to be here. I look forward to a great game. And Go CARDS!!!