Barry Uhrman, the 2003 WNBA Virtual GM winner, chatted with during Game 2 of the WNBA Finals.

WNBA Virtual GM winner
Hi, I'm Barry, here to answer your questions. I'd like say thank you to my WVGM group -- Board Junkies Know All -- especially BCBG, NYL, Pilight, GoLib, Keira and Admiral.

I'm watching the game on TV here -- what's it like to be there in person?
Lou (Richmond, VA)

WNBA Virtual GM winner
The atmosphere here is incredible. This is my fourth WNBA venue, and it's the first time I've been in Detroit. I must say I'm impressed with the fans. Everything here is terrific, down to the team shop where they have a great selection of WNBA merchandise.

How are you enjoying your trip to Detroit?
Mayor (Hollywood)

WNBA Virtual GM winner
It's great so far. I met NBA analyst Fred Carter in my hotel. I also got to see Ann Meyers, Doris Burke and Michelle Tafoya.

When did you start playing VGM? Anything you did differently this year?
Rena (Houston)

WNBA Virtual GM winner
This was my first year. My group, Board Junkies Know All, produced the winners in 2001 and 2002, so essentially I'm just keeping with the tradition.

Who's your favorite WNBA player?
Mike (Laurel, Md.)

WNBA Virtual GM winner
Katie Smith of the Minnesota Lynx. I also like Tamika Catchings of the Indiana Fever and Lauren Jackson of the Seattle Storm.

Who were some good sleeper picks you had this year?
Nelbow (Auburn Hills)

WNBA Virtual GM winner
Some of my sleeper picks were game-only picks. I picked up Coretta Brown of the Fever on a night when she went for 26 points. Just after the All-Star break, Janell Burse was one of the best values out there. In August, Anna DeForge was money for me.

Is there any stat (scoring, rebounding, field goal percentage) that you pay more attention to than the others?
Lisa (Los Angeles)

WNBA Virtual GM winner
Statwise, I looked at shooting the most, but most importantly I concentrated on how players performed against specific teams, and then how they performed at home versus how they played on the road.

Do you think the Shock can come back and win this series?
Nob (Milwaukee)

WNBA Virtual GM winner
Absolutely. Detroit has an incredible home record, and L.A., with its short roster and relatively poor road record this year, it'll be an uphill challenge for the Sparks.

Who were some of your best players in VGM this year? Anyone from the Shock?
Darrell (Hoboken)

WNBA Virtual GM winner
Cheryl Ford, as Ryan Fong noted in his article, was the steal of WVGM this year. Her production relative to her point value was absolutely phenomenal. It's very easy to accumulate a lot of points with a player like Cheryl, who puts up double digits in points and rebounds and shoots a very high percentage.

What are your predictions for next season?
Flanders (Miami)

WNBA Virtual GM winner
Women's college basketball 2003-04 -- it's going to be the Duke Blue Devils with the best player in America, Alana Beard. The WNBA Finals next year will be Detroit and Sacramento.