Fever Q&A With Angelina Williams

April 29, 2008
Angelina Williams is in her first season with the Indiana Fever after being part of the 2006 WNBA Champion Detroit Shock. Williams was drafted by the Phoenix Mercury in 2005 before being dealt to Detroit.

She played for Mask Cosmopel in the Greek League, leading her team in scoring average, steals and blocked shots this past winter.

FeverBasketball.com's Josh Taylor talked to Williams about her championship experience and the differences in playing style between European leagues and the WNBA.

Feverbasketball.com: Youíre a veteran compared to most of the players in this camp. How does that help you?
Angelina Williams: ďItís helped a lot. This is my fourth training camp so I pretty much knew what to expect. Most training camps are pretty much the same with a lot running in the first week. If you can get through the first week Iíll think youíll be okay.Ē

FB: You were traded from Phoenix to Detroit in 2006. What went through your mind when youíre told traded?
AW: ďHonestly, I was sad at first. I didnít want to leave Phoenix because I was drafted by them and I had a good time there with the players.Ē
FB: You were part of the championship team in Detroit. What do you remember most about playing in the finals?
AW: ďIt was exciting and itís something you canít explain unless youíve been there. [Coach] Bill [Laimbeer] told me the first day I talked to him that I should be excited because we were going to win the championship which we actually did.Ē

ďI wasnít sure that we were going to win the championship because we had been through a lot of adversity during the year. We stuck together in the postseason and when we played against Sacramento at Sacramento, we made a pact that we were going to go all the way.Ē

FB: How will that playoff experience help you here with the Fever?
AW: ďI think it will help because I know what to expect. Iíve been there so I know how to do things, even though I didnít play that much, I was still able to learn from the other veteran players.Ē
FB: What kind of role are you looking for with Indiana?
AW: ďIím just here to do whatever the coach wants me to do. Whether itís play point guard or defense or be a spark off the bench, Iím just here to do whatever she [Coach Dunn] wants me to do.Ē
FB: Youíve been playing overseas, this past year in Greece and before in Israel. What, basketball-wise, did you learn there that you hadnít here?
AW: ďThey donít give us a first step there and that was a big change. In Greece the competition wasnít that great, but they play a lot tougher and more physical than in Israel. Israel is more laid back than Greece.
FB: In which location did you enjoy playing more?
AW: ďI loved Israel, just loved it. Iím definitely going to go back before my career is over.Ē
FB: This is your third team in four years. For you, what have been the good and bad parts of moving around?
AW: ďItís been good to meet different players and to get a feel of the different structures of teams. The bad is you have to start all over. Itís like your freshman year or rookie year all over again with each team you go to.Ē
FB: What do you think is the most important aspect of training camp?
AW: ďItís important to come into camp in shape, in focus and ready. You have to been in shape or youíre not going to make it.Ē
FB: Your first preseason game with the Fever is Saturday. What are you goals heading into that game?
AW: ďIím expecting to run and play defense, as well as talk a lot to get the team into it.Ē