Kayla (St. Charles): Tan, how hard was it transitioning from the NCAA to the WNBA so quickly, and what has been the hardest thing for you to get used to?

Tan White: The hardest part is coming in and playing with a lot of veterans who know the system and he league... the experienced people. The hardest part is the physical play - adjusting to the plays, the offensive and defensive end.

Mekia (Mississippi): I saw you play at Mississippi State, and I would like to know how you think your game has improved from the college level to the professional level.

Tan White: I can say that the competition has made me better. Everyone goes at it everyday. I just have to stay focused and stay with it everyday... not that I didn't in college.

Brad (Gadsden,Alabama): Who was your fav player growing up and what other sport would you be playing if you wasnt playing basketball?

Tan White: I used to watch Hakeem Olajouwon and Clyde Drexler. I also played sophomore until my sophomore year of high school.

Cassie, Clarksdale,MS: I just would like to know how does it feel playing along with T. Catchings? .Hope to see u ma when u come back to mississippi.

Tan White: It's great knowing that you can learn from other players on your team. She is a great role model on and off the court.

Kenny (Indiana): When did you start playing ball?

Tan White: I started playing at the age of 4 or 5. Growing up alongside my dad and cousins, they were guys who just liked to play outside... a lot of streetball.

Margaret(Albuquerque): What's your favorite WNBA city to visit?

Tan White: I haven't been to too many yet, but Seattle and Phoenix so far.

Tan White: We've played Phoenix a lot.

Amber-Indy: Who have you gotten close to on this fever team

Tan White: Me and Yolanda Paige hang out a lot. We are both rookies and came in together. We all hang out, but me and Yolanda are together the most. Everyone else was here before us and knew each other.

Gina (Portland): Hi Tan! Great rookie season. You're such a great go-to player. Did you play a lot of 1-on-1 growing up?

Tan White: I played streetball, so everyone was for themselves. That's the way it was growing up. i'm a scorer, so my teammates and coaches look for me to do that.

Dianne-Indianapolis: what have you found fun to do since being in Indianapolis other than basketball

Tan White: Shop! (laughs) There are a lot of great stores. So if I'm not sleeping or watching TV (sportscenter), me and Yolanda are out shopping.

Kadija- Boston: Everyone expects you to win the Rookie Of The Year Award, do you feel a lot of pressure to win that award? YOU ROCK!!

Tan White: No. I don't feel any pressure. I just want to go out and play hard. There are a lot of other good rookies out there, so I just go out and play.

indy: We have been waiting for a guard that plays up tempo like you do. How does it feel when the home fans get excited when you do a great move.

Tan White: It makes me feel good. It makes me adrenaline really shoot up. On a fastbreak, everyone is expecting me to do something... that's what I wanted to bring here. Excitement.

Kevin (Brownsburg, Ind.): Tan, who is the toughest WNBA player you've had to face so far? During what game did you realize you could really be a star in this league?

Tan White: Well it's hard. I can't pick out one person. It's hard when a defender is bigger than I am. It makes me change my game if they have a couple of inches on me. There are a lot of great players. It's a tough league. You have to bring it every night. Right not, I'm not at my highest level, but as the season goes, I'll find ways to get it going.

georgia tech: hey tan, I am really proud of the hard work you have put in. What is the hardest part of being a rookie?

Tan White: Just adjusting to the level of play that everyone brings. Here it's every night or every other night. In college, it was a few games, so here, doing it night after night is a big adjustment for me.

Rachel, Indianapolis: Tan, I think you are a great fit with the Indiana Fever and I think they need you to help win a championship. My question is do you think the Indiana Fever are capable of winning the championship this year and who do you think the elite teams in the WNBA are that you will have to get by? Go Fever!

Tan White: Yes, I definitely think we are the type of team that can win it all. We have a deep bench and work hard. As long as we improve and make corrections, we will be fine. We have been in some close games, so we need to win those. It's early on in the season and everyone is adjusting to everyone else. By the end of the season, we will find ways to win, and I know that we are capable of winning a championship.

Tan White: Thanks to the fans for supporting me and keeping up with me. Keep in touch and see how I'm doing. Thanks again.

Tan White: Take care, everyone! Go Fever!