From Australia to Indianapolis Bloggin with Fever guard Tully Bevilaqua

December 4, 2009
Hello again Fever fans! As many of you know, I have stayed in Indianapolis for my first USA winter! In doing so, I have just experienced my first Thanksgiving!

My first Thanksgiving Ė what more can I say except turkey and potato, and more turkey and potato for a few days after that!! Oh and don't forget about the pumpkin pie to follow! I celebrated with some friends in Evansville. Although it was my first ďrealĒ Thanksgiving, one time in Australia when Alana Beard (Washington Mystics) was my teammate, she cooked me a Thanksgiving meal as we don't normally celebrate this holiday. From memory, we had fried chicken with candied yams and corn! This year was more authentic though, and, in all seriousness, it was a great day with lots of games and fun to be had. I love Thanksgiving and look forward to the next one!!

Many of you have read and seen in the Indianapolis Star about the new house I purchased in September, on the northwest side of Indy. The house is coming along great. We finally have most of the main furniture pieces in place, with nothing more than some artwork here and there to finish off the inside. Long-term projects consist of kitchen renovation and the addition of a deck out back. And I havenít forgotten the basketball hoop out in the front of course!

What I am really looking forward to right now is Christmas! I am hoping it will be a white Christmas which I have never experienced before either. I am such a big kid still when it comes to Christmas I am not ashamed to say that you can sometimes catch me singing Jingle Bells when out grocery shopping.

Aside from the house and holidays, one of my newest ventures is a basketball camp which takes place the 21st and 22nd of December at The Fieldhouse in Fishers. Details and registration forms for the camp and more can be found on my newofficial website called!

The camp is open for boys and girls, ages 6-17 and what I am trying to do with the camp is improve the skills of the campers while making sure they enjoy themselves at the same time. Iíll emphasize the importance of sportsmanship on and off the court, which they can use in all aspects of their lives.

I have also been fairly active in the community, particularly with St Jude Children's Research Hospital . The Fever has kept me busy with events, too, which enables me to keep spreading the word of the Fever and how much we appreciate the city's support.

What else have I been doing? Well, I have begun thinking about my life after my playing days are over (and who knows when that will be ... 5-10 years from now? Haha), and one thing I am trying to do is establish myself in the broadcasting world. Last season in the Australian Women's Basketball League, I did some sideline commentating about four times in Canberra. I had a lot of fun although had a lot of nerves at first Ė just like I was playing my first game.

Having to deal a lot with the media both in Australia and the USA , and at major events for the Australian National Team, I found it to be very appealing as a post playing days career. I don't find myself uncomfortable in front of the camera, or with a microphone in hand, which is another reason why I was drawn to it.

I have been afforded the opportunity to be a color analyst with IUPUI Jaguars womenís basketball games, so that hopefully can give me a start. I am also hoping to work a number of high school basketball games for a local cable network. I will learn and gain experience this winter, and I would love to still be involved with basketball here in Indiana after I retire, so this just seems like a perfect fit.

One of the toughest challenges doing college games so far is that I donít know the players very well yet, or their backgrounds. Of course, this will come as I get more games under my belt and do some research of my own. I'm excited to watch the up-and-coming talent in the game of basketball.

I look forward to talking to you soon again. Happy holidays to everyone!

Hello Fever fans!

Since the season ended, I have actually been quite busy. I have been in the community doing some appearances to keep the Fever excitement going. Iíve also been busy with St. Jude. Iím the local spokesperson for the St. Jude Give Thanks Walk which is November 21. Iíve been out promoting that and doing fundraising events. At the same time, Iíve also been setting up some possible basketball camps in December. I have been trying to get some rest and relaxation but the other stuff has been keeping me busy!

I did an autograph signing at Avon a few weeks ago, about 250 people showed up to the store. We auctioned off the pair of yellow shoes I wore during the Finals that got bought for $505! The proceeds went to St. Jude so that was wonderful!

Right now Iím doing just regular household duties, I just bought a house so we are trying to get things situated there. Raking leaves right now especially!

This offseason I hope to get more camps organized and try to get some experience doing different things in the media. I will be attending a lot of the IUPUI and Butler games and going to go to a lot of college and high school basketball games. I am going to get absorbed in a little bit of the Hoosier Hysteria! I have a few contacts who have been helping me put this all together. I am hoping to do some analysis and play-by-play work at some IUPUI games whenever I can. I am going to try and slide in anywhere they ask me to! It will be fun, a nice learning experience that I can add to the resume.

I am basically trying to set myself up in the community, with camps, media activities and other involvement so that when the day does come around when I do decide to retire, it will be a nice progression from playing basketball to still working in the basketball community. Here in Indiana it just oozes basketball, and if there is room here for me to jump in and give back then hopefully I can pass on some of the knowledge Iíve learned over the years.

It was my first Halloween in Indiana and I was amazed by how crazy things get here! I had a blast carving pumpkins and getting all dressed up. I enjoyed all the Halloween activities and it made me want to go trick-or-treating with the kids!

Lastly, Fever fans! It was such an amazing, amazing final month to our season. To fill Conseco Fieldhouse three times was fantastic. Winning the Eastern Conference championship was such a highlight to do that here. Unfortunately, we didnít bring home the WNBA championship this year, but you can bet that now that our team has that taste, we will be ready to go for next year. I hope that all you fans return next year and bring a friend along with you!

A Subaru of a Time!!

Some people believe in dreams coming true and some donítÖÖ.I am a true believer as just recently I was overwhelmed by the generosity of District Sales Manager, Hollyanne Peck of Subaru.

After having bowled with team Subaru at the annual Fever Bowling Tournament and a brief discussion of my liking of the Subaru WRX, a shiny electric blue WRX was delivered to me on Sunday before the San Antonio game. Holly has been so kind as to allow me the pleasure of driving this awesome vehicle for the remainder of the WNBA season. Woo Woo!! (Or should I say Toot Toot)

Talk about a kid in a lollie storeÖ still canít wipe the grin off my face. So watch out drivers of Indianapolis and I will be sure to try and stay on the correct side of the road. Thank you once again Subaru.

We all know team chemistry is a very important ingredient in winning a championship and we certainly have a great bunch of players on the Fever roster. Locker room discussions are never dull and so too bus rides when on the road. What is also very important on the road are wakeup calls and you can be sure that a couple of the Fever players will be receiving more than one so as to not miss the bus ride to the airport next time. Iím sorry but due to the Fever Privacy Act no names will be disclosed.

Bernadette Ngoyisa has been a welcome addition to the Fever and itís great that I finally have someone else who gets picked on for their foreign accent. Big Bernie as we like to call her, speaks little English but fluent French, and with the help of team translator Allison Feaster we manage to all get along just fine. The team and coaches canít thank Allison enough for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Well the countdown still continues until the Beijing Olympics and itís not long now until I find out about the Australian Opals. Two other teammates of mine will also be anxiously waiting to hear news of their selection into Team USA. Not that I would like to come up against them but Tamika Catchings and Katie Douglas are certainly both deserving of a spot and it would be great if all three of us could share in an experience of a lifetime. So everyone please get on board and show your support for both Catch and KT.

Thatís it from me folks but be sure to keep supporting your Fever in the quest of winning a championship. We have dropped a couple of games lately which we arenít too happy about but you can be sure we will bounce back and Conseco will be rocking once again!

See you at the game.

GíDay Fever Fans,

Well it is good to be back here in Indiana and I am excited to hit the court with some new teammates this summer as well as having a healthy Tamika Catchings back on the court.

During the break I played my last season in the Womenís National Basketball League (WNBL) back home in Australia. It was a pretty emotional farewell for me but I knew it was time to hang up the boots there. After the completion of the WNBL I continued to train and attend camps with the Australian Opals. Just recently we traveled to Beijing, China to compete in a Good Luck Tournament in preparation for the Olympics. The US National team was there also along with Cuba, New Zealand, Korea, and host nation China.

Being my first trip to China, I did not know what to expect but had many stories told to me about the food and the people. Anyway let me say that going to the markets is an experience. I am no good at the negotiating game but here I was finding myself haggling over what turned out to be something like 30 cents, so I would always give in. Maybe it was the ďAussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi,Ē chant that we kept receiving every shop we stepped into that softened me up! But hey you have to love those cheap dvdísÖam I allowed to mention those???

If everyone can now cross their fingers and toes for me until late June I would appreciate it. It would be a dream come true to go to an Olympics especially when this is my last chance of making it. I am not getting any younger so itís now or never!! :)

Getting back to the Fever, can you believe our first game is just days away nowÖI canít wait and Iím sure you are all ready and raring to scream and shout for us against the Washington Mystics.

Now that I am over my jetlag, I will be blogging for you regularly during the season. No doubt there will be a few stories to share with you along the way about my teammates and not forgetting the coaching staff. No one is safe from the roving Aussie reporterÖI have the power!! Haha

Watch this space for another blog coming your way soon.