Q&A with Tully Bevilaqua

March 07, 2008
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    Q: Whatís been the best part of the WBNA off-season?
    A: The best part about the WNBA offseason is coming back home to Australia (to our summer) and spending time with my family and friends. I get the best of both worlds as I end up with pretty much having summer all year round!!

    Q: When did you find out about the recent trade for Katie Douglas and what was your first reaction?
    A: I found out about a day or so before the trade was announced and my initial reaction was like WOW!! We lost a great player in Tamika Whitmore but gained one at the same time. I wish Tamika all the best at Connecticut while also being excited to play alongside Katie for the first time.

    Q: How do you think acquiring Katie affects the Feverís chances for a 2008 WNBA title?
    A: All the changes that the Fever management make are designed to improve our chances of winning a championship. This year is no different and acquiring Katie will not only strengthen our offensive capabilities but also elevate our defense to a new level. We will give giving the championship another good crack this season!

    Q: Whatís the story behind the tribute video on YouTube? Who made it? How did you find out about it? Are you ready to be a YouTube star?
    A: The tribute to me was put together by ABC TV [Australia] who covers the WNBL here in Australia on a weekly basis. Prior to our season ending, I did the interview with Kirsty Bradmore from ABC, but I had no idea it was going to end up like it did. I was watching the preliminary final, as my team was knocked out the week before, and during the half time break it came on. It brought tears to my eyes!! Thank you ABC Australia.

    As to being a YouTube star I don't think that will ever happen!!

    Q: Looking back on your WNBL career, what are some of the standout moments?
    A: Some of the moments I remember the most from my WNBL career include my first time on court with the Perth Breakers. I think I managed to rack up three fouls in 30 seconds!!

    Playing in the championship wins with the Canberra Capitals in 2005-06 and 2006-07 were awesome. Overall, I have made some great friendships with players throughout the league that will continue beyond the playing days, and those mean a lot to me.

    Q: It looks like youíve changed your hair style a few times throughout your career. Whatís been your most memorable hairdo?
    A: You can't begin to imagine how much lip I have caught about my hairstyles Ö they were groovey back then I thought!! Now I am more conversative. Long gone are the short back and sides for me, but whenever I need a laugh or two I have plenty of old photos or YouTube videos to call upon!

    Q: I noticed the Australian Singlet is quite different than the American jersey. Which do you prefer?
    A: With regard to the jerseys I don't really have a preference. I enjoyed wearing the Caps singlet with fluoro yellow splashed on it but also the Fever jerseys are comfortable. I'm just glad to be wearing a Fever jersey!! :-)