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August 4, 2011

Hey Fever Fans!

My new children’s book, Cree and Scooter Hit the Slopes of British Columbia is the first of a series that I have written. Cree is a little girl and Scooter is her chameleon friend who comes to life in her dreams as they globetrot around the world. †I am launching the book August 28 at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum! †It is an invitation-only event that I am really excited about!

††††††††††† [You can sign up to attend the book launching event and meet the two stars of my book, Cree and Scooter, on the concourse during Fever home games on August 9 and August 13. They will be on the concourse doing something very exciting to get fans ready for the game! On these two dates, we are having a raffle contest to award 125 special Golden Tickets to kids who win!!! Kids can enter the drawing and the winners will win a special invite to attend the launch party with Cree, Scooter, me, and the rest of the Indiana Fever!!!]

When you play basketball overseas you have some free time. The combination of having some free time and talking to kids and telling them that a lot of WNBA players play in other countries, like Russia and Korea Ė and I play in Istanbul, Turkey Ė is what led me to writing this book.

††††††††††† I remember talking to kids and they had no idea were Turkey was. That is when my first thoughts came together about writing a children’s book. My book does infuse a couple elements of geography and local customs to teach children. With me being from Canada, the first book is based there. Canada is known as a bilingual country, so there are a couple French words in my book.

It took me a little while to write the book and edit it. I needed the help because the book is for ages 4-7, so it is a lot younger that I am! The editing process was bringing down the language and making sure every thing was right for kids to understand and learn.†

I wanted this book to be educational, yet FUN and engaging by having characters that the kids would fall in love with. I think that I have succeeded with both! This book has been so much fun!

I want this book to give kids an opportunity to travel the world. I have been very fortunate that basketball has opened my eyes to pretty much every country that you can imagine! I want to give kids the ability to sit there and read in their beds, or their home and travel the world with these characters!

My favorite part about writing this book was the challenge of it all. It is totally different from the game of basketball! That is the best part because the challenge of writing it and getting with my illustrator and seeing it all come to life was pretty neat.

I have always loved kids and the WNBA is very involved with Read to Achieve and helping kids. †I know that after I am done with the WNBA I will be involved with kids in some capacity!

Writing a children’s book and playing the WNBA is all about balance. You go to college and learn time management. That is something that a lot of us are capable of and have in us. It is something that you really have to do as a professional athlete because there are so many other things going on Ė many people have families or they are married. I am not married so I do not have those concerns, but this book is like my baby!

††††††††††† I don’t want to give anything away but I will say that Cree and Scooter will globetrot around the world again soon, especially to the countries that I have visited. The next book is entitled Cree and Scooter Climb the Great Wall of Beijing. That is just a secret for you Fever fans out there!!

I hope to see everyone out at our games next week on Tuesday and Saturday! Kids Ė don’t forget to sign up with Cree and Scooter to attend our book launching event at The Children’s Museum!! Go Fever!


July 8, 2011

Hey Fever Fans!

Itís been a great season so far! Weíre off to an 8-3 start and weíre in a really great position. We started off a little shaky, but weíve all stepped up. Iím so proud of the way everyone has been working together. From training camp to preseason games to now, weíve definitely learned a lot more about each other on the court and it has really helped us be successful. Weíre in first place in the East and first is always good!

We are really a close team on and off the court. We do a lot of stuff together. When weíre out of town, a group of us always gets together and goes to eat. That is something that has really worked in our favor the last couple of years. This year, weíve had a few rough spots, but after the first few games we sat down at Ruthís Chris for a team meeting to discuss our goals, where we wanted to be, and pretty much broke everything down. Weíve gotten back to defense. We realize that a lot of our offense comes from our defense. Whenever you play tough defense, it can lead to some easy baskets on the other end, which really makes the game easier.

The All-Star break is coming up in a couple of weeks. The All-Star Game is July 23rd in San Antonio. Even though we are playing really well, I think the break will be good for everyone, especially some of the older players (coughÖ cough). It will give everyone some time to heal and relax a little bit. I donít think there is any reason the break is going to be bad for us. Before the Seattle game, we had a whole week off and we came out and played really well. If off days mean we play like that every game, then Iím all for them. During the break, I plan on strictly relaxing and hanging out with family, either in Toronto or Atlanta. A lot of us play overseas the rest of the year, so this break is really nice for us.

Iíve really been giving a lot of my energy to the off-court project I started a year ago, authoring a childrenís book. My book, Cree and Scooter Hit the Slopes in British Columbia, is scheduled to launch on August 28 at the Childrenís Museum of Indianapolis. It is for ages 4-7, so the Childrenís Museum was the perfect place. They are really excited about having the launch and Iím just as thrilled. Itís the first book Iíve ever written and itís kind of like my baby. Cree is a little girl, 6 years old, and she is supposed to be a mini version of me. Scooter is her stuffed chameleon, which comes to life when Cree goes to sleep. So the story is about the places they go when he comes to life.

Iíve based the book off of my own travels. Basketball has really opened my eyes and my world to lots of different people and cultures and countries. Some of the places I have been, I never would have thought to go to, without basketball. I want this to be a series of books with an engaging storyline, which will hopefully capture their interest while infusing some culture and some local language (we do have a little French in there). I think that reading is fundamental and is the key to everything.

We have Washington at home on Saturday. We beat them earlier in the year, even though Katie [Douglas] was hurt. Z [Shavonte Zellous] really played amazing in that game. Even though we are a man down (losing Bri), Iím very confident in Erin [Phillips] and [Shannon] Bobbitt to run this team. They played extremely well against Seattle. A great thing about this game is that itís a team game. Our team is very committed to winning and that remains our goal moving forward.

I hope to see every Fever fan on Saturday! If you havenít gotten tickets yet, you can still get them!


Sept 1, 2010

Get pumped up Fever fans! Tonight is the third and deciding game in the conference semifinals with New York! Itís been an interesting road this season, and thanks for sticking by us until the playoffs.

The last time I caught up with you was before our three-game skid to end the regular season. I know some people think going in to playoffs on a winning run is better, but in our defense we did the same thing last year. We struggled at the end of the í09 season too, and we knew from that we could comeback in the postseason. Unfortunately, the Liberty beat us in New York. I think the eleven of us, including the coaching staff, never put our heads down, and thought that the series was over. You have to win two games to win the series, and we knew that we were coming home for game two. We regrouped with the support of our fans, who have been great the entire season. It was our job to force a Game 3. All the other series finished 2-0, but the playoffs are about the best teams playing against each other. Every team is competitive, and New York is a really good team full of talent. No game is easy come playoff time, and itís been proven with our series.

Now we are in New York for Game 3, and itís a win or go home situation for both teams. If people thought the last game was physical, tonight is probably going to kick it up a notch. No one wants their season to end, and winning is the only way to continue.

We had solid practices Monday and Tuesday before we left for the Big Apple. We are looking for a good game tonight. The playoffs have been full of blowouts so far. Atlanta blew out Washington, and the West was the same. Our situation is tough, New York ended the season on a hot streak winning ten of its last 11 games. But WE are the defending Eastern Conference champs, and until someone knocks us off we still own that banner. The banner still hangs in Conseco Fieldhouse, and thatís how we approached the last game. No one was going to come in and take that banner from us, and we are using the same mentality for tonightís game.

One thing I focus on is keeping the same mentality in the playoffs as during the regular season. Everything around the games changes with the hype of playoffs. I have to stay calm and collected going into each game. No matter what happens, both teams are going to have runs at different points. If your head is always in the game, the team always has a chance to win.

Itís also important for me to bond with teammates during playoff time. I invited the girls over for dinner our last night in Indy. I could say it was my idea, but I wonít lie. Ebony Hoffman, whose birthday was on the August 27, claimed I promised to cook her dinner for her birthday. I do not remember any such statement, but I felt a little bad. The other ďapartment girlsĒ joined us, and I cooked up all kinds of things. I made my ribs which are a favorite of Briann Januaryís, and for Ebony I also did chicken. I was trying to accommodate everyone. We had rice and the Chinese noodles I love to make. Jessica Davenport brought cupcakes to satisfy our sweet tooth as well. There was something for everybody to keep them happy!

Hopefully we keep everyone in Indy happy with a win tonight too! You can catch the game on NBATV or online if you want to watch, or on 1070 The Fan with Chris Denari. Thanks again for your continued support, and we hope to see you when we make our return to Conseco!!

August 15, 2010

Fever Fans,

We owe you a huge thank you for all your support of our pretty in pink night! The Breast Health Awareness auction brought in over double the expected funds, and the money could not have gone to a better cause. The girls and I worked our struts on the runway where some struts were better than others(!) -- but needless to say the money could not have gone to a better cause!

That next day we had a quick turnaround with a flight to Phoenix for the start of our West Coast swing. We played an afternoon game against the Mercury who defeated us in the Finals last year. They lost Cappie Pondexter (trade to New York), but they are still a great team sitting second in the West. No matter what their record, they still hold the championship from last season, and we needed to beat them. We basically put on our running shoes, and prepared for the style of basketball Phoenix plays. We came together for one of our better performances, and put up over 100 points. I think this says a lot about the way our team is clicking now. These last couple wins have been such a collective effort. The thing about sports seasons is there are peaks and valleys. Itís really all about timing. You donít want to peak too early, and you certainly donít want to peak when itís too late to make the playoffs. We are at a point where we are playing well together and peaking at the right time.

When we made the trip to L.A. we had a day to take in some sights. Luckily, Jess Moore lived in L.A. before, and she showed us around. Since Iíve been in America, I have only lived on or near the east coast. I have not had much of a chance to see the West Coast. She took us out to Santa Monica, and we explored Rodeo Drive. The game had its share of celebrities in attendance which is a little different from Indianapolis. Vivica Fox and Regina King were at the game for Lisa Leslieís retirement. It was nice to see Hollywood come out and support a WNBA event. Lisaís ceremony was another special moment to witness and celebrate.

After a successful road trip, we knew Phoenix would want to get us back when we played at home. The first game at Phoenix got a little rough, and our fans responded when the Mercury came to Conseco. Itís a good feeling to know our fans have our back. Thankfully another hard fought game went our way with a win.

After another quick turnaround we find ourselves in Connecticut. The worst part of this short season is all the traveling. Five of our last seven games are on the road this year. If I had my own team we would play all our games at home! Unfortunately thatís not possible and traveling is part of the game. There is a mental routine you have to put yourself through to be ready for each game. The good part about traveling is the bonding time with the girls. We spend all our time together when we arenít in our rooms. In fact, after flying all day I want to run to my room just to get away! Iím joking of course! But you canít deny traveling brings you closer, and builds the character of your team. In order to win championships you have to be able to win on the road.

We are all in preparation for the ultimate goal. I feel good about the way we have played lately, and we are in a good place heading toward playoff time. I think we all have the same goal in mind. I want a ring! Since I havenít got a wedding ring yet, Iím trying to get a championship!

Donít forget to get your playoff tickets!!!

July 29, 2010

Hey Fever Fans,

This has been an important last couple weeks for the Fever. The Eastern Conference is SOOO close right now, every game is crucial. We got the tough win in OT against New York, and then won on the road again in Washington. The big deal was not so much that we hadnít beat the Mystics yet this season, but because we were tied for first in the East. We really needed that win to solidify our spot on top. Also, should the playoffs come down to a tiebreaker, we could not afford another loss to Washington. Then there is Chicago. I feel like we played them for the twentieth time this season. Beating a team five times is not easy. Of course, being back at home for the Sky game helped us as always. Thanks Fever fans!

This week seems to be the time for mothers to visit Indiana. My godmother is staying with me right now and I know Jess Moore and Joy Cheekís moms are here too. Somehow my godmother was talked into cooking for everyone tonight. Bri, Shavonte, JDav, Jess and all girls who live in our apartment complex are coming over for some food. It should be relaxing to socialize during some off the court time.

Fever fans, please remember that you can still bring items to donate to the Julian Center! Last Sunday, we went to the center and met with some of the women. Some of the girls and I brought clothes donations. Kroger donated food for us while we were there, and Natural Concepts provided its services to the cause. The women received manicures, pedicures, massages and haircuts. The sponsors were such a big help! This event sparked my energy after coming back from Washington. I am so glad I was a part of it, but the Julian Center still needs donations. Theyíre especially in need of clothing and bedding. You can still bring your donations to our game Friday night. There will be Julian Center donation bins located in the Clarian Health Entry Pavilion for Fridayís game.

Another good cause coming up is Breast Health Awareness Night. Our BHA night happens next Friday, August 6. I am excited this year because Iíve never worn the pink uniforms before! Last year, they ran out of pink thread for our uniforms, and we didnít wear them. No joke. At least that is what someone told us! This year should be so much fun to wear the pink for such a good cause, especially a cause concerning womenís health. I canít think of anyone who hasnít been affected by cancer whether itís directly or indirectly. Also, I think the uniforms are so cute. We are working out some ways to accessorize them. I may have to go with pink nails, or find a new matching hair accessory. Of course, afterwards we are auctioning off our pink uniforms. You can buy them right after we put all that hard work into another win!

Keep coming out and showing your support Fever fans, we NEED you!


July 15, 2010

Hi Fever fans! It has been awhile since Iíve written. We are beginning the second half of our season now, and we have put ourselves in a good position to make moves. We still have to tweak a few things, though. We are looking to go on a win streak here coming out of break. I canít think of a better way to start this than with Kids Day today. Fever fans are always amazing, but Kids Day is on a whole different level. The best way I can explain it is SCREECHING the entire game from the top of their lungs. I canít imagine any opposing teams would like to play here on Kids Day, or any day for that matter. The atmosphere should be a great opportunity to get back on track and start a better second half of the season. We are focused on cleaning up the little things in our game.

So much has gone on since I last caught up with you. I celebrated the 4th of July as Iím guessing most of you did, too. Even though, no one wished me happy Canada Day on the 1st of July! I still enjoyed the fireworks because they are something I have always loved to watch.

Coming back from a three-city road trip, we had two big wins before the all-star break. We won again at Chicago, and we came out huge against Tulsa. It was one of those games that was fun for everyone to play. Everyone came out loose, and we got our running game going which hasnít happened really often. That game definitely set the tone before the break.

Katie and Catch both represented us well in the Stars at the Sun. Amazingly, Katie said she was going to win the 3-point contest before she left Indiana, and she went out there and did her thing! I enjoyed my time off while the other ladies were in Connecticut. I spent my three days in Atlanta. We went out to a comedy club which I love. I havenít been to one in years, and I laughed my butt off the whole night!

The Indianapolis Star visited my apartment yesterday to showcase my amazing cooking skills! I have started to cook for myself a lot more these last couple years overseas. Now I often make dinner and call up the girls to come over. Whoever wants some will show up, especially since we all live pretty close to each other. I think my age might put me in that ďmomĒ category automatically. Of course, I hope the Star doesnít get the wrong idea. I donít do this everyday! I do like to cook though, and I donít mind throwing something on for the girls.

I know itís about to be a crazy crowd today for Kids Day! I hope to see you out for this Fridayís game against Atlanta, too!!


June 25, 2010

Weíre back on the road Fever fans. Any professional athlete will tell you playing on the road is not preferred. Our trip yesterday was full of flying. Three hours to Phoenix, and another three hours to Seattle. This can get tiresome, but it has to be dealt with to win. However, not every aspect of travel is bad. Iíve lived in America for so long now I feel like I know people in every state. These trips are a great chance to catch-up over dinner, or just meet to chat. Another opportunity road trips provide are team bonding time. Just last night Ebony and I had to make the tough decision between shopping or the movies. Since I had hit up a Saks sale the day before we left, I decided on the movie. By the way I highly recommend Karate Kid 3 to anyone who hasnít seen it yet. I was surprised at how good it was!

Now in order for us to get to where we want to be we have to win on the road. When youíre at home everything is comfortable, and we can play in our comfort zone. When you are on the road not everything goes perfectly, and we have to come together. These three games will tell a lot. Playing Seattle at home has always been tough or us. Yesterday, I realized weíve lost the last three times weíve played at Seattle. This is a tough place to play, and they are arguably the toughest team in the league. We have to have everyone show up for this whole road trip.

Seattle is way ahead in the Western Conference, but the teams are much closer in the East. Our first game against Chicago they took us into overtime before we got the win. We need to avoid overtime at any cost during a stretch like this. Washington got us the first time around at our place. We owe them one. Any win or loss affects the Eastern standings. We have to come out intense and hard every night. We cannot afford to put ourselves in holes. If I can say one thing about our team itís that we are 11 deep. There are nights where the first five may not have it all, and the bench has to come in and step it up. They always do, so I can definitely say we are 11 strong.

Thatís all until next week fans! Hopefully when you hear from me again the Fever will be 11-4, and on top in the East!


June 15, 2010

Well Fever Fans, a lot has happened since the last time I caught up with you. We survived our final back-to-back of the season. We came into last week with those three straight wins, but Connecticut is always a tough place to play. We lost to them at their place, and it was so important to us to come back home and win. Especially since any conference tiebreaker comes down to the season series between the two teams, we needed that win.

As you know, we have a big week coming up against Seattle and Atlanta. These are the two biggest teams in the East and West. Seattle has the best record in the league. Of course with Atlanta, we kind of owe them one from earlier this season. I think we have been clicking a lot better lately, and I see this being a solid week for us.

Off the court, I have been excited about the NBA Finals. Our team has some people from L.A., so the players are split as to who we want to win. Iíll be watching the game tonight, and Iím hoping the series goes to a Game 7. It doesnít affect me either way which team wins Ė Toronto has been out of it for a long time! I just want to see it go to a Game 7 so itís one-and-done for both teams.

I am headed out this afternoon to read to school-age kids as part of our Read to Achieve program. I really like these appearances because I can interact with the kids. You never know what to expect in those question-and-answer sessions, so it should be fun.

A reminder in case you all do not know, our game against Seattle this Thursday is also Adopt-a-Pet Night at Conseco Fieldhouse. I, myself have a Yorkie named Baye. He is a spoiled little guy Ė so needy, but so cute. A couple years ago I left him with my parents while I went overseas, and they fell in love with him. So, he isnít with me anymore, but he is still my baby. If you are looking to adopt your own dog or cat you will be able to at Thursday nightís game.

Both of the conference-leading matchups I talked about are home games this week. We hope to see you at Conseco Fieldhouse as we host Seattle on Thursday and Atlanta on Saturday!

June 7, 2010

Hey Fever Fans!

Hope you all are seeing our team come together, and get back to FEVER basketball. We had a team meeting last Wednesday, before this stretch of three games in four days. The whole team got together and had lunch. The whole point was to talk, and all get on the same page. That Fever defense is what leads to our offense. We brought that into this weekend. This weekend also brought our third and last back-to-back which makes me happy. Playing games on consecutive nights is tough, but its part of the league.

This past week, Catch, Ebony, Tully and I went out to Douglas Park for the Go Green event. We worked there with the kids, and it was fun for everyone. Catch and I were planting trees while Eb and Tully picked up trash with the kids. It was good because you need to start at a young age. There were a lot of kids there who didnít know the information, and we shared the importance of keeping the earth clean for future generations. I am glad the Fever took part in this type of event which is needed in the community.

I finally feel like I am catching back up with life in Indy. When we came back from overseas, things were so crazy. Now that things have settled down we have time to do all the little things that need to be done. I have avoided the mall because I tell myself I donít really need anything, but then I go home and do some online shopping. I have no problem filling my extra time with online shopping!

My routine is back to as close to normal as it can be. Our weekly schedule is always different. After I get home from practice, my body is tired, and I usually do little things for the rest of the day. On game days I always do two things. I have to have my subway sandwich, and I have to get a nap. Thatís all I need, I am so low maintenance. LOL. This next week is a pretty easy week so I think we will be refueling the tank after this three-game span.

Thank you so much for coming out and showing your support these last two home games! We want to see even more of you for our next homestretch June 13th, 17th, and 19th.

May 28, 2010

Hey Fever fans,

Time to touch base before we head out to Oklahoma!

Iím waiting here at the Indy airport before we head to Tulsa for Saturdayís game. I have never been to Tulsa before, and everything is going to be new with the franchise. They have a new city and new fans, so weíll have to see what itís like. I am always excited to travel, and Iím lucky itís part of my job. We also meet our new teammate when we get to Tulsa. Shavonte Zellous is now a part of the Fever team. I played against her in Turkey a couple times, and sheís very athletic. Sheís a great player, and I think her play will fit with the team. This weekend will be crazy for her since she was traded from Tulsa. Iím not quite sure how it all works, but I think tomorrow night she will be wearing full Fever gear when we play against her old team.

When we get back from Tulsa we get a couple days to celebrate the holiday. Iím guessing most of the girls will stay here in town. Shay has already asked me what Iím cooking for her when we get back. Memorial Day is all about the cookouts, so Iíll probably end up cooking for the girls who stay in Indy. It will be nice to have those couple days to relax a little before next weekís crazy schedule. We play three games in four days with Thursdayís game and another back-to-back weekend. This schedule can be tough, but itís part of what we do.

Time to catch our flight, later Fever fans!

Iíll see you next week when we are back at home playing on Thursday and Saturday!!

May 21, 2010

Hello Fever Fans,

We have been back from Turkey for about a week now, and itís great to be back in Indy. Returning so late into the season it is always nice to come with a championship from overseas, but donít tell Katie or Catch that! I was over there with Ebony Hoffman who seems to always follow me wherever I go overseas. Luckily, sheís great and we have a lot of fun.

During the offseason I was able to pursue a goal of mine. I have always wanted to write a childrenís book. Since the last WNBA season, I dove into the process. Basketball has given me the opportunity to travel all around the world, and this story is about just that. The interesting storyline has an educational twist which I think the kids will like. The concept came from talking to someone younger about playing overseas, and she did not know where Russia or Turkey was in the world. The kids can enjoy the story while not even realizing it is educational at the same time. The illustrations and layout are taking place right now, and the project should be ready in June.

Now we have two games under our belt, and we are 0-2. We are almost in the same position as last year which is the positive side. People threw us under the bus initially, but we are such a tough group. We finally got the chance to play as a team last weekend. I think this week is going to be a big weekend for us because we need to find our chemistry again. Now it is about coming back and refocusing. These girls are like my sisters so it is great to be back playing together, and not against them like we do overseas.

This weekendís games are back-to-back against the same team. The team played the Sky twice during preseason so the two teams know each other, but the four of us were not there. Plus, Chicago is playing in a new arena this year so it is going to be something new for all of us. Once again, this weekend is big for us. We hope to even our record at 2-2. Hopefully all of us are back on our sleep pattern, and back living in this time zone. I am confident we will be ready Saturdayís game.

Holiday greetings from Tammy Sutton-Brown
Dec. 24, 2009

Canadian soil, yeaaaaaaa! Remember when Dorothy said ďThere is no place like home?Ē Well, that statement holds true!

It always has amazed me how you can compete at the highest level against players and then be on the same team the next week and get along like nothing happened. LOL. Itís true. Yes, folks Iím playing with Penny Taylor this year and she is fantastic (I had to put that in there since it is one of her favorite words. LOL) We finished the first half of our season in Turkish league undefeated, but there is no time to relax. Well, we have a little over a week for break then itís back to work, so technically I am on vacation right now and enjoying my first day home. There isnít much down time over this break though, as I have a lot of things to do during this holiday season.

For one, Iím getting ready to do TSBDOW (Tammy Sutton-Brown Day Of Wellness) again this year. Doing it last year was so much fun and it is something that I definitely wanted to do again this year. The women thoroughly enjoyed it last year and I hope the same again for this year. Joe Fresh (local retail clothing store) has come on board this year to support us by donating gift bags, grooming kits, knit gloves, scarves and hats which come in really handy, seeing as how cold Toronto gets during the winter. Street Haven Shelter is going to once again be turned into a Spa for a few hours with manicures, massages, and hair dressers on hand to care to their needs. Out of all the things I do this holiday season, this is one that I am most passionate about, as giving back keeps me in touch with what is important in the real world. It makes me appreciate the opportunities I have. A statement I try to live by is Ďto whom much is given, much is required.í I have been blessed with so much in my life, the least I can do is give back. The rewards are priceless.

What else am I doing during my break? HmmmÖ

Surprisingly, I will surround myself with basketball on the 27th. You know, playing all year round really makes me want to take a break from basketball when I am on vacation Ė period! But, at the end of the day, Iím going to support local teams, so I got tickets to go to the Raptors game. Then, after being home for a week or so I head to Indiana and while Iím there Iíll be checking out the Pacers play on the 30. Iím excited for this because Iíve never been to a Pacers game. So I guess I am never really fully removed from the sport -- although being a spectator is much different than breaking a sweat on the court!

Other things that I am looking forward to are getting time to relax and spend time with my family. My parents always host a Christmas dinner for my extended family. My sister, who is my best friend, is also home for the holidays, so it will be great to spend endless amounts of time with her. Home-cooked meals are always greatly appreciated! And Iím not sure what Iíll be doing to welcome the New Year, but Iím sure it will be unforgettable. Just like my appreciation for my fans Ö unforgettable!

Happy holidays to everyone! See you in 2010!

October 3, 2009

Hey Fever fans! Exciting times around here! Canít wait to see you all for Game 3 Sunday!

So far the series is tied up 1-1. Our offense is really bringing it, but our defense needs to get better. The Mercury are good when they can score 100 plus points and they came out in Game 1 and scored 120 points with overtime. Thatís way too much for us, being a defensive minded team. We did a much better job coming into Game 2, just refocusing on what we needed to do in order to get the win. We had to make it harder for such great players like Cappie Pondexter and Diana Taurasi. We had to try and prevent them from scoring and make them see different looks. We have to just make our defense tougher on everybody.

People have said we canít hang with this team but we have 11 players right here who donít quit. Each individually is really good, but when we play together, we are great. At all times we have five people on the court who can score and who can defend. Another aspect about Game 2 that helped us was rebounding. We gave up way too many rebounds in the first game. We came out the second game and crashed the boards. Katie had seven rebounds in Game 2 at the guard position, those really helped us.

When we touched down back in Indy it felt so good, getting to sleep in my own bed felt great. I know that for this Game 3, itís going to be packed like it was last game against Detroit. It was crazy and loud! The fans here are some of the best fans Iíve ever played in front of. The atmosphere last game was one of the best Iíve been in. Everyone was into the game, every possession. Thatís our sixth man right there, I love you guys!

As Iím writing this, there are less than 1,000 tickets left for tomorrowís game. Thatís a testimony to how much support we have here in Indiana. Weíve had some season ticket holders and die-hard fans since day one and those people come every single game rooting for us. Thank you for all your support! Itís going to be incredible for the game. My parents are coming in town for the game too! Iím also having some friends in town, so Iím just looking forward to the game!

At this time, we have to win two more games. Right now, this is it. No one is focusing on anything else besides this championship.


September 24, 2009

Hello Fever faithful, Iím glad to be back in Indiana. We had a tough loss against the Shock last night. But we are looking forward to Fridayís Game 2!

We just got done watching video and knowing they are the defending champions, we know they are not going to back down. But last night there were a lot of mistakes that we made. Everyone is going to go home, refocus on what needs to happen and come back tomorrow knowing this series isnít finished. All season was for us to get this home-court advantage, this is the reason why Ė right now. We all just need to go home and get some rest, come back tomorrow ready to play Friday and Saturday. But taking it one day at a time, too.

The Shock sure have some big ladies too! Detroit has always been big in the post, thatís just the way they play. Iíve been in this league for a number of years, itís something you have to deal with. Sure they have big players, but they have great guards, too. They are just a really good team. Their record does not explain how good they are. Even being the third seed, doesnít even speak to the kind of team they are. They have a lot of veterans that have been through this before, theyíve been there and done that, won their championships. This is what they are used to. We have to go out there fighting and ready to battle.

These home games are extremely important because now it is ďwin or go homeĒ time. We donít really have a choice now. We need to put it out all on the floor. Itís either ďgo out there and prolong the season, or pack your stuff up and go back to CanadaĒ for me.

Thank you to our fans! The crowd last week against Washington was great! Now having home-court is so helpful, we worked all season for it. The crowd was so loud and we just get that extra energy from them. You all better show tomorrow, we are going to need you!

Come on out and support us tomorrow! We are going to work hard to go out and get this win. We have some of the best fans and we know with their support we can accomplish things. See you guys tomorrow!

September 16, 2009

Glad to be back home Fever fans! Finally, after our three-game road swing to end the regular season. But now itís playoff time!

We have been practicing since we came back Monday. Practice has been really good this week. The toe is feeling good after getting a few days rest. We are going to go into the playoffs healthy. KT and I both got to rest when we played in Connecticut. We want to go into Washington at full strength because they are a good team Ė every team is, now that itís the playoffs. Itís now a different level, a different intensity, itís magnified now.

We are getting ready to gear up and go to Washington! We are going to be playing at the University of Maryland, instead of at the Verizon Center, their normal court. It will be a little bit different, but right now itís all about the Fever and us here. Sure the venue is changed, but the things we do shall remain the same. We are ready to get this thing started!

The feeling of the team right now is great. We are loose but we still know what itís going to take to get the job done. Loose, yet concentrated. There is a balance between the two and we are still having fun. We know whatís at stake right now, putting everything aside, eliminating the ďclutterĒ as coach likes to call it and focusing on the 11 of us getting the job done.

On our road swing to end the season we got to go to some pretty cool places. In New York, you can just walk down the street and find something to do, there is so much going on. New York is one of those cities that are so big and great. Then we went to Chicago, then to Connecticut and the Mohegan Sun Casino there. I was able to win a few dollars!

When we were in the Mohegan Sun, the Basketball Hall of Fame was in Massachusetts the day before. They were having some ceremony at the casino for the inductees. They were having a cocktail dinner and ring ceremony there. There were all sorts of legendary basketball players there! Michael Jordan, David Robinson, Charles Barkley and Karl Malone were just a few! It was neat to walk around and see all these guys! I saw my college coach, C. Vivian Stringer, one of the inductees right before we left to go the game. I got to say hi and congratulations to her. Her family was there with her and went to the game, so it was nice to see her.

I was able to get some rest, sitting out of the Connecticut game. The toes have been bothersome, it has been a rough month with these things. After we played the game in New York, (this is going to sound really gross) they drained my toe. The next day it was feeling so much better though. Really, I just need to get my toes healthy. Sitting out was just precautionary, we didnít want the toe to flare back up going into the playoffs.

Now we are getting ready to go to Washington and take care of business! See you guys Saturday in the wonderful Conseco Fieldhouse. You fans are some of the best Ė itís so great to play in front of great fans. Letís try to get the Fieldhouse packed! This year we have a great opportunity, this team has all the pieces right now. We are taking it one game at a time, but there is no reason why we canít get that ring this year!

August 28, 2009

Hey Fever fans! It was great to get the victory over San Antonio last night! We needed it after our rough road trip!

We had a little two-game road trip out west and it didnít really go as we wanted. Sacramento is in last place in the West, but their record does not represent the quality of team they have. They have been playing a lot better lately, they are a tough team. They have rebounders, they have shooters, they really are a lot better than their record indicates. We just couldnít get it done. Then we went to Seattle who is another really good team, and lost. The thing is that all these teams are fighting for playoff spots, they play hard. We didnít play as well as we should have. A loss is a loss no matter how you slice it.

Yolanda Griffith traveled with us to Sacramento because thatís where she lives. It was great to see what Sacramento did for her since she announced her retirement this year. Donna Orender was there for her, too. It seemed like every timeout they were giving her flowers, they were doing something for her. Or they would show a highlight video. It was just great to see that the franchise that she started with and played for during so many years just wanted to say thank you and give her a nice little send off. It was really neat.

Since we have the best record in the WNBA we are getting each teamís best game. Anytime you are number one, teams get up to play you that night. You are coming into their house, they want to knock you off. At Sac, they were a last place team, but they wanted it. Teams are taking things one game at a time. Teams are definitely coming after us.

After the west coast trip, we had few days off and since we have had a lot of players play a lot of minutes, it was good to have those days to rest. We came back in here and we knew we owed San Antonio because, right before All-Star break, we went down there and played awful. Holding home court, protecting our house, was our focus last night.

Our guards did a great job all night against Becky Hammon holding her to zero points. That is one of the top point guards in this league, if not the world. It is just a testament to our defense. She was one of our main focuses but our team defense was just great. The team did a really good job holding her down. It was a great team victoy.

With the playoffs coming up, the East standings are really tight. The other six teams are really fighting right now, thatís why we are lucky that we have the berth secured. While we do have that spot secured, we want home court advantage throughout the playoffs. That is what we are still fighting for. These next few games are really important for us to get that. Each game is crucial to our success in the playoffs.

Being at home is such an advantage for us, the fans are just awesome. To have them back us up gives us that much more push, or energy, when you might be feeling tired. They give you that extra burst. Having home court advantage is crucial to making a championship run.

Whenever possible, I have been trying to take it easy because my toe issue is still there. I donít think itís going to be 100 percent until I get some major rest. Itís a little sore after last nightís game, but I will just stick it in the ice tub. I will make it through the rest of the season.

August 18, 2009
Hey everybody! Itís TSB here, getting ready for another road trip!

Coming back against Detroit was good for me. I was definitely glad to be back on the court instead of being in street clothes, on the sideline. It was so heart-warming to come into that greeting. Oh my gosh though, getting the win against Detroit was huge! They have been such a powerhouse of the East for the last number of years. Anytime you play them you know you are going to war. They have been our rivals for a while now, and it was a big win because it was against Detroit. Right now we are playing some good basketball. There are always things we need to work on, as Coach Dunn likes to remind us! But we are playing some solid basketball right now.

Thankfully my injury has been getting better, slowly but surely. The toe is one of those things where you do everything on your feet so you have to be careful with it. It was a little sore at halftime, but it takes progress to get it back. I just canít wait to get back to 100 percent, playing pain free. We still are working towards that though. My injury is difficult, because itís on the bone so there is not any real treatment I can do. It is just a matter of resting it and waiting for it to heal on its own. That is the process Iím battling with right now.

With the injury I have not been able to do too much. Since Iím walking around in a boot, itís been keeping me sort of constricted. I canít even do my usual shopping. Although I always end up shopping online! I really cannot get away from it!

As for my nail color this week, I went with navy blue for the Detroit game and thatís kind of wearing off. So I need to make a change soon. Hopefully I can change before tomorrowís game, but I havenít quite decided what color to wear next! Maybe Iíll just do them all black!

We were on the road for three games, home for one, now on the road again! The best part about this job, home one day, traveling the next. We head out tomorrow morning to Sacramento and then Seattle. This, right here, is another tough road trip. Sacramento didnít start off too well, but they have been playing really well the past few games. Seattle has always been a dominant team in the West. Two very good teams for us. In order for us to get at the level we need to get to, we have to win on the road. These two games are definitely important games for us.

After all of this travel with our suitcases, it is always good to come back home. So we canít wait to be back home and see our fans on the 27th for our game against San Antonio!

August 12, 2009

Hello to all the fans out there reading this! This has been quite a road trip and we are ready to be home!

We started off the trip very well. In Phoenix, we just started the game blazing. Every shot we took seemed to go in. Obviously they are a fast-paced team, they just go and go, but I think we match up really well with them. They rely on the 3-point shot and they only made three the entire game which was big for us. It was great game for us; everyone on the bench was into it. It was a good road win since weíve had a lot of games in the first half of the season at home. We have to be able to win games on the road. Coming out and playing that well was great. Especially with the time difference because I donít think people realize that when itís 7 on the West Coast, it is 10 at home. Even now 4-5 days into the trip, we are still waking up early, still locked into our routine.

Our second game was against L.A., and we just didnít play that well in the first half. We picked it up on the defensive end and started playing more aggressive in the second half. We just really didnít ďbring itĒ in the first half, and it hurt us. They are such a good team, despite their record, but they have everybody back now. Lisa [Leslie] is playing well, sheís feeling comfortable with her knee. Now Candace Parker is back and into her basketball shape and frame of mind. They still even have Becky Lennox on their bench. People shouldnít sleep on L.A., they really are a great team.

Now we are in Minnesota and itís crazy flying from the west coast back east with how many hours you lose. We got here at seven last night and it felt like we traveled all day. We owe Minnesota from our first game. They got us at home by almost 30 pointers in our first home game of the season. We need to finish on a good note on the road.

There was a little bit of turmoil leaving Los Angeles. I donít think anyone anticipated how busy LAX would be. Delta and Northwest Airlines have merged so they have twice as many flights flying out of the same terminal. I got there and check in and I was one of the first in our group. Craig [Stull, Fever trainer] showed me the security line which had gone outside the door and down the street! It was the longest line ever! I got in the line and it moved slowly. Then Catch cut in with me and then Eb joined us. Soon, there were like 10 of us waiting.

We had to get in line to show our ticket, and then you go up an escalator to go through another line to get through security. We were still downstairs and wondering how to get through the line quicker! While this is going on, Katie Douglas was standing at the gate waiting for us because sheís some type of preferred Delta flyer! Finally, I decided to go up to the agent at the head of the line. I am still traveling with the boot on my leg so I thought maybe I could use the boot as an excuse to get through! So I hobbled up to him, not the exactly the sexiest walk I could find! I started talking to the guy, explaining our situation and who we were Ė a WNBA basketball team who was in danger of missing our flight to our next game! Finally he says to me, ďWell maybe, since you are cute and if I can get an autograph.Ē I smiles, and agreed, and before he pulled the team out of the line, I signed an autograph for him! We were able to get through the line, there wasnít much to it Ö but I had to take one for the team! [Read Bri's Blog as she discusses how Tammy worked her magic!]

For those wondering, my foot is feeling better. The toe is healing but I do not want to rush anything. The plan is to go through a full practice today and see how it feels. I just talked with Lin and we want to do what is best for me this season. I donít want to come back and re-injure it three weeks from now. Itís pretty much day-to-day right now. Iíll be back soon though.

My nail situation, however, is in need of some work! When we were in L.A., there was a mall connected to our hotel and they had a nail salon in there. I walked in but they only had three colors. It was either hot pink, maroon red and some other red. Their selection was terrible! So I didnít get any done. Iím going to try tonight after practice, or tomorrow after shootaround.

Luckily, here in Minneapolis there is a Saks Fifth Ave outlet right across our hotel! I already stopped by there this morning. I was there bright and early with a few of the girls. I bought a lot of goodies! I got some clothes, some jewelry, a watch and sunglasses. I shouldnít be saying all this because Iíve been trying to cut down on my shopping! But it seems whenever I try to do that, I just do more damage. It wasnít my plan to spend money shopping, but it just kind of happened. :)

We came in last night and the sign said, ď30 percent off already marked down prices,Ē so how can you beat that?

Itís been awhile since weíve played at home. We all miss the fans and canít wait to get back home. We need this one against Detroit on Saturday. Itís an Eastern Conference game and we have already beaten them twice, but they are coming off a big win against Washington. I know they will come into our house strong, they are at full force now after some earlier injuries. It will be good game, so come out and support! Canít wait to see you all!


August 9, 2009
Hey again, everyone. Wow! It has been quite a week!

Those of you who have watched our last few games have probably noticed that Iíve been on the sidelines, and I know some people have been asking about it. The injury was a stress reaction in my right big toe. Fortunately, we caught it in time before it actually developed into a fracture, so thatís a really good thing. It definitely feels a lot better than it did a week ago. Iím back on the floor again shooting, and Iím slowly progressing. We donít want to just jump back out there and go full speed because it could regress, and then Iíd have to start all over again from the beginning. Weíre taking it day by day, and itís going in the right direction right now.

Even though Iíve been sidelined, Iím so proud of this team. Weíve won some really big games lately Ė especially against Washington and Connecticut. We HAVE to take care of those Eastern Conference games, and weíve been doing a great job.

Weíve had some great production off the bench. Jessica Moore has done an awesome job jumping into that starting position and helping out. Tamecka Dixonís been great. And of course, Shay Murphy came off the bench and provided a huge spark for our team on Wednesday. Thatís good to see. I think this late in the game, our bench definitely has to help us out, and thatís something theyíve been doing Ė jumping into that position and giving us good minutes. And thatís one thing about this team Ė Itís not just five and six players. Itís an 11-man roster. And right now, all 11 (well, with me on the sideline in my street clothes) are contributing and getting the job done. And my vocal cords are tired from all the cheering Iíve been doing!

Of course, weíre on the road right now, and this is going to be a great week. Itís going to be tough. With Phoenix being on top of the West right now, it felt great to be able to go in there and beat them. But we have to stay focused for L.A and Minnesota. (And you guys may remember, the Lynx gave us a whooping when they came in here earlier this season. So we owe them!) We just have to be mentally prepared and ready to sprint, sprint, sprint!

Oh, and just because Iíve been injured doesnít mean Iíve abandoned the nails! They are violet right now. That was the color for Wednesdayís game against Chicago, and I just decided to keep it for Phoenix. (Yes, I realize that purple is their color, but maybe it was good luck! The baby blue worked against Atlanta, after all. Plus, the Sparks are purple, too!) But Iím definitely going to change it up next week, and I already have an idea. I was doing autographs after Wednesdayís game, and there was a girl there who had navy blue. I told her for the next game, Iím going navy blue!

Fans Ė keep all the good spirits, keep cheering us on, and keep the e-mails coming! I'd love to hear from you. Since Iím on the bench right now, I have a little more free time Ö shoot me an e-mail!

Go Fever!


July 23, 2009
Hi, everybody!

Well, the results are in Ė If you didnít notice during the game last night, my nails were GREEN! Thatís what you guys voted, and, personally, I think it was a pretty cool thing to do for ďGo Green Night.Ē So I chose the brightest green I could find! When I went to the nail shop, they had a few different shades. There were some duller ones, but I thought the bright green was much more fun. It really stands out.

My All-Star break was amazing! Actually, it was pretty boring, but I needed it and now I feel so much better. I got some good rest, and I didnít do much but hang out and relax. I was hurting a little bit in that San Antonio game (and the last few games!), so my body feels a lot better now. It was like a mini two-day vacation. :)

I think the break was great for all of us. Katie Douglas and Tamika Catchings represented the Fever really well in the All-Star game. (Of course, the coaching staff was great, too!) But for the most part, all of us went our separate ways, went home and got in a good two days. I know we enjoyed the home cooking and hanging out with friends. But now weíre back. Weíre re-energized and refreshed, so weíre ready to go!

As relaxing as the break was, itís great to be back in Indiana. Iím looking forward to the second half of the season, and the games this week are very important. We did really well in the first half of the season, but now we have to look ahead. Itís going to be tough because we have a lot more road games coming up. We have to go back out West, and those teams always play tough. Right now, itís just about putting that first half behind us and focusing on the task at hand Ė one game at a time.

I canít wait to see all you guys at our next few home games (including tomorrow for ďInspiring Women NightĒ). We love your support!

I figure itís time to decide on a new color for next week Ö what do you think? Violet? Licorice? Cherry? Send your suggestions here.

Talk to you soon,


July 23, 2009
Hello everyone! I was excited to hear that so many people were reading and responding to my last blog, so Iím back again to keep you guys updated.

I heard that there were a number of people writing in and suggesting nail colors for our game on July 28, and instead of picking randomly, I thought it might be fun to have a poll on the Fever Web site. Six of the most popular colors are up, and itís great that so many people are voting! Whichever color is winning by the time I get back from the All-Star break, thatís the one Iíll go with.

All the options are great. Navy works because thatís one of the colors of the Fever uniform, so I could go with the whole matching thing. Of course, weíll be at home, and weíll be wearing white. So I guess you could say that navy, gold and red would be great matching colors. Obviously, green is great, too, for Go Green Night on July 28.

I wonít get my nails done until July 27 Ė the day before the game Ė so keep the voting going!

Since the All-Star team was announced and I found out I wasnít going, Iím taking a break. I want to relax and heal some of the aches and pains that I have going on right now. Itíll be great to relax for the next two days because the second half of the season will be highly competitive just like the first half. We want to come back fresh, so Iím going to unwind, relax and enjoy myself. Maybe Iíll go to the spa or something. :)

Next week is going to be huge, though. Washington is coming to town, and theyíre a great team Ė very talented. Theyíre tough, and theyíre definitely going to be looking for a win in Indiana coming off of the All-Star break. And of course, we have Connecticut again, who beat us at their place. Theyíre talented as well, and theyíre playing great basketball right now. Itís going to be a tough game, very challenging. We need to bring our ďAĒ game!

Iím also looking forward to seeing Pat Summitt at our game on Thursday. When I was in Washington, I got a chance to see Coach Stringer (my college coach), and it was great to see her. Pat Summitt is right there in that same caliber with the top coaches in womenís basketball, so for her to be there for Inspiring Women Night is great because she is definitely someone whom a lot of players and young girls look up to. Sheís someone I look up to Ė an incredible woman with such a great mind for the game of basketball.

I hope you all come and cheer us on next week, and keep your votes coming in for the nail color! I canít wait to see what you guys choose.

See you Tuesday!


July 18,2009

Hey, Fever fans! Itís Tammy Sutton-Brown. Welcome to the first edition of my blog.

I thought it might be fun to start a blog about one of my favorite things: fashion. But itís more than just clothes and shopping Ė itís about taking the time to pamper yourself. Because basketball is so physically draining, a lot of times after practice we just want to lie down. But massages, getting your hair done, pedicures, manicuresÖ you have to make time for that stuff! When you do, it makes you feel so much better.

To those of you who went to the game last night, you might have noticed my bright blue nails. I was in the nail shop a couple days ago, and I was sitting there trying to decide on a color. At first I was going to do something that went along with the Indiana Fever (like yellow), but I thought, ďHmm Ö Iím not going to try that right away.Ē I figured we were playing Atlanta next, and their color is kind of a sky blue. So I decided to go with that. Maybe it was good luck ---- J !

I wish that I could make getting my nails done a pregame ritual, but since weíre playing every other day now, I donít think thatís going to be a possibility. But itís definitely something that Iím going to try to keep up. Since I play ball every day, my nail polish doesnít always last that long. Actually, itís already starting to chip. But itíll last me a few days, and after that, Iíll decide on a new color.

I went through a phase where I had them painted every game, but Iíve kind of slacked off this year. I havenít really been taking care of my nails like I probably should. But when I was in the salon yesterday, I thought, ďYeah, I really need to come in here and do this more often!Ē Once you get in there and start your manicure and pedicure, you realize how relaxing it really is.

Actually, I think it helps me relax for the game. It calms the nerves a little bit. I was watching ďDr. Phil,Ē no phones, no nothing Ė just me getting my nails done. I got a good foot massage, too!

But now I need your help! I would love for fans to give me suggestions on what color my nails should be for the next game. The next home game will be on July 28 against Washington, and I need your opinion!

But until then, Iím hitting the road. We havenít really been on the road much this season, so itíll be a great test for us. Wish us luck and give me your feedback!

If you want to suggest a color for our next home game, send your suggestions here.

Until next timeÖ