Transcending Images... Making a difference in the lives of others...

By Cas Brown
The camera captures an image and suspends it in digital space to defy the passing nature of time. The instant replay feature transcends the women-of-the-hour to a still version experience of moments passed when they posed to show off their new look. “I love my hair” proclaims the current viewer.

“I love my hair” proclaims the current viewer. She turns the camera sideways to the right to steal admiring glances of herself from a different angle. She then turns the camera to the left and mimics her previous viewing stance. A smile dances its way across her face, illuminating it with a soulful glow that originates from deep within. At this particular point in time, and in this particular space, this woman embodies happiness.

On Sunday June 14th the women who reside at the Julian Center in Indianapolis were pampered: pampered with care and in style! They walked into the makeshift spa as ladies and they exited as confident women. The confidence grew as clear nails were painted in an array of colors, split ends were trimmed, and as life’s stressful tensions were massaged away. “I can’t stop touching myself. I have never felt so soft before” one woman exclaimed repeatedly as she admired her body post-spa treatment. And touching people is what this event is all about.

There are a few key people who are responsible for the pampering, and they include Terri Scritchfield and the rest of the team from Mystique Spa, Anne Bridgewater who is the Children Programming & Volunteer Coordinator of the Julian Center, and our own WNBA Fever player. The vision of Tammy Sutton-Brown, the first Indiana Tammy Sutton-Brown Foundation Day of Pampering occurred at the progressive women’s shelter by the name of the Julian Center.

Located at 2011 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46202, the Julian Center is a safe space that provides shelter for women and children who have been victims of domestic violence. In addition to residence, they offer art therapy, counseling, police services, and even a school within a single building. The residents of this center are ‘down on their luck’ for the time being, but with the support that the center offers, this situation is almost guaranteed to be a temporary one.

Though she had practice later on that afternoon, Tammy ensured that she was present at the event for as long as she could so that she could meet the women and see the fruition of her vision. Tammy expresses her trademark modesty by saying “You know, the women thanked me for this event, but really I should be thanking them. I don’t think they realize that I get just as much, if not more, from them as they do from me. They inspire me to push beyond my own personal limits and also to be more open to leaning on others for help. I think that we can all learn some life lessons from these women and apply it to our own situation.”

As Tammy begins her exit from the Julian Center, she is approached by a woman who has just completed her spa experience. She asks Tammy for her card, further explaining that when she gets back on her feet, Tammy is one of the first people she will call. I guess that is one example of a lesson to be learned: accepting the past, while looking positively toward the future. Though the physical elements of the spa experience lasted for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, it seems as if the psychological and emotional effects of it are potentially long-lasting.