Indiana Fever’s Tammy Sutton-Brown is an Athlete for Africa, making a donation for every rebound this WNBA season

Every time Tammy Sutton-Brown grabs a rebound this season, she will be doing more than just helping the Indiana Fever. She will also be supporting Athletes for Africa.

The two-time WNBA all-star will be making a $10 donation for every rebound she collects in 2008, and she will be encouraging Indiana Fever fans everywhere to also lend their support.

Sutton-Brown has jumped on board to support Athletes for Africa and lead the organization’s brand new ‘Be an Athlete for Africa’ campaign.

“I’m one of lucky ones. I have the good fortune of being able to play basketball for living and this a great opportunity for me to give back,” explained Sutton-Brown, who is also a member of Athletes for Africa’s advisory board. “In fact, we’re all the lucky ones, living here and having the opportunities that we do. Athletes for Africa is making it easy to learn more and get involved.”

Go to to see Tammy as an ‘Athlete for Africa’ and make a donation to support her goal of raising $20,000 for programs that empower youth in Uganda, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

From the professional ranks to the playground, anyone can ‘Be an Athlete for Africa’. The ‘Be an Athlete for Africa’ campaign is an opportunity for every athlete, at every level, to use sport and exercise as a new path to engaged global citizenship.

Athletes for Africa makes it easy for you to learn more and get involved by using online tools to (i) raise awareness and educate your peers about Africa through sport; and (ii) fundraise for programs that support education and empower youth in Africa.

Visit and discover how, like the Indiana Fever’s Tammy Sutton-Brown, you too can ‘Be an Athlete for Africa’.

Tammy Sutton-Brown
Tammy Sutton-Brown was a 2002 and 2007 WNBA all-star and is now a member of the Indiana Fever. Born and raised in Markham, Ontario, Tammy went on to attend Rutgers University and was a member of the Canadian National Team at the 2000 Olympics. Tammy was selected 18th overall in the 2001 WNBA draft by the Charlotte Sting and in 2006 she became the tenth player in league history to reach the 200 blocked shot plateau. During the WNBA’s off-season Tammy plays in Turkey with the defending champion Fenerbache Istanbul.

Athletes for Africa
Athletes for Africa is a charitable organization that has focused its efforts on building a global network of people committed to promoting and protecting human rights, and providing education and opportunities that empower youth in Africa.

Best known for GuluWalk, Athletes for Africa’s mission is to (i) leverage the positive behaviours and profile of sport to engage youth and educate them about issues facing the people of Africa, (ii) partner with, and fundraise for organizations that foster local empowerment in Africa, and (iii) advocate to ensure that human rights are remembered and protected.