Tammy Sutton-Brown Q&A from Istanbul

Fever center Tammy Sutton-Brown is in her third year playing overseas in Istanbul, Turkey, where she stars for Fenerbahce Sports Club. She broke the Fever’s single-season mark for blocked shots (57) last summer, and is aiming for a third year in Indianapolis in 2009. Checking in from Istanbul, Sutton-Brown answered questions for FeverBasketball.com.
FeverBasketball.com: You’re one of the few people to play on the same team overseas for so many years. It’s year #3 for you with Fenerbahce in Istanbul, are you ready for citizenship in your third country?
Tammy Sutton-Brown: “Hahaha – no, I am not a Turkish citizen, although I guess I could apply for it after this year! Three years is a long time and I do feel like a resident.

FB: Who else from the WNBA is on your team this year?
TSB: “I am playing his year with Nicole Powell who plays for the Sacramento Monarchs, and Matee Ajavon who plays for the Houston Comets. Matee also played at Rutgers, so it’s nice having two Rutgers grads on the squad!”

FB: Do you still live in the same place you did the past two years? Tell the Fever readers a little about your housing in Turkey?
TSB: “Yes, I am living in the same place I did last year. As a matter of fact, I had just left some of my stuff here over the summer! This has become like a third home to me, after Toronto and Indiana. I live in a three-bedroom flat which is close to our practice gym.”

FB: Have you faced any of your Fever teammates so far in the Turkish League or Euroleague? If so, how’d you do?
TSB: “There is no one from the Fever playing in Turkey presently, but in our Euroleague group I have played against Kadijah Whittington (who is currently playing in France) as well as Allison Feaster (who is playing in Italy). Next, though, in our Turkish League game on Sunday, we take on a former Fever player, Alison Bales.”

FB: Who was the last of your Fever teammates that you have been in touch with recently? What did you talk about?
TSB: “Well I was just in Italy last week and played against Allison Feaster. We just caught up on life post-Fever from the 2008 season, the things going on in our lives, how life in Italy was, her team, life in Turkey, my team, etc. Then the next day at the airport, CSKA (Moscow), who had also played the night before in Italy, was flying out at the same time so I ran into Katie Douglas. And once again we talked life. :) “

FB: You’ve been gone from Indy since the start of October. Almost two months later … what do you miss about Indy?
TSB: “What I miss about Indy are the fans.”

FB: You broke the Fever record for blocked shots last summer. Are you going to break it again in 2009?
TSB: “{smile} I’m not usually one for premonitions, so only time will tell!”

FB: What are two or three ingredients that you think the Fever need to advance to the WNBA Finals?
TSB: “We are all very passionate about the game and if we can channel that energy in a constructive manner, then we will be tough contenders for the 2009 championship title. The fans have always been an integral ingredient to the Fever’s success. We, as players, feed off the momentum of the crowd, so to help foster a winning season with the WNBA Finals as the ultimate destination, I definitely believe that we need visible and vocal fans to continue supporting us throughout next season – like they have done in the past.”

FB: Will you take any time off for Christmas? If so, where do you go? What do you do?
TSB: “I always make sure I get time at Christmas to go home and spend a few days with my family, this year is no different. However, this year will be further enriched as I continue the implementation of new initiatives of giving back to my hometown of Toronto. This holiday season, I will launch the first Tammy Sutton-Brown ‘Ladies Day of Pampering.’ I have teamed up with Street Haven, which is a muti-faceted agency serving the needs of women who experience persistent street life, abuse, homelessness, addictions and serious mental health challenges. Street Haven operates in the belief that all women are worthwhile. Street Haven and I share the belief that all women deserve to be treated with dignity. In order to get our lives on track, we all need a helping hand. Additionally, my administrative team is working with Street Haven to have campers from the first Tammy Sutton-Brown basketball camp, held in Toronto this past August, participate in their tree trimming event in mid-December.”

FB: What is playing in your ipod these days?
TSB: “These days I’ve got a little Beyonce, Raheen DeVaughn, Jazmine Sullivan and Lil Wayne. But I’m anxiously waiting for Eric Cire’s new CD to drop. He is one of my favorite artists. I love his voice. For those of you who have not heard of him, get on it! I played out his first CD, so I know this next one will be nice.”