Q & A: Karima Christmas

Q&A with Fever Newcomer Karima Christmas

The newest member of the Indiana Fever and a graduate of Duke University, Karima Christmas is in her second year in the WNBA. She posted averages of 3.6 points and 1.9 boards through 14 games this season at Tulsa while leading the WNBA with 2.33 steals per turnover. She ranks third in the WNBA with 3.48 steals per 40 minutes. After being acquired in a trade with the Shock, Christmas spoke with FeverBasketball.comís Marissa Johnson to talk about the transition and to tell Fever fans a little bit about herself.

FeverBasketball.com: What were you thinking when you found out about the trade?
Karima Christmas: ďI knew it was a great opportunity, but I just had to take a step back from everything for a minute. I was having dinner with some friends in Tulsa at the time, but as soon as I got the chance I just went home and started to pack my stuff.Ē

FB:† The Fever just played Tulsa, so youíre at least familiar with your new teammates. How well do you know the current Fever players and staff?
KC: ďIíve always talked with Tamika. She has always been welcoming. Every time we would play each other she would always come and say hi. Iíve played against Jeanette Pohlen. She texted me yesterday and weíve been talking back and forth. Iíve also played against Sasha Goodlett, but other than that I donít really know everyone yet.Ē

FB: How do you handle jumping right in with the team?
KC: ďI just have to come in and try and learn as much as I can. I need to try and grasp some of the plays and start to understand whatís going on around me. Itís a quick turnaround, but I want to go in and knock the nervousness out right away.Ē

FB: What excites you about playing for Indiana?
KC: ďItís a great place for basketball. Thereís a lot of history here, but Iím excited to just be able to be here and play with some great players in a city that really supports and embraces womenís basketball.Ē

FB: How would you describe your game to fans?
KC: ďI really like to get into the paint. Iíve been working on pulling up when I get into the paint, instead of going all the way in. I also like the 3s, but my main thing is defense. Iíve always been a defensive specialist, making stops when my team needs it the most.Ē

FB: What do you like to do off the court?
KC: ďI like to do pretty much anything. I am more of a homebody. I donít really too much, but nothing is out of the question. I like going to movies, going out to eat, things like that. Iíve always enjoyed art. Itís just a hobby though.† Iíve designed a few things that they still use at Duke. Itís something I like to do when I get down time.Ē

FB: What about your family? Will they be watching you play for Indiana?
KC: ďMost of my family is actually in the Caribbean. They donít get to see a lot of my games, unless they watch them online or something. Since Iíve been out of college, it has been one place to the next. I havenít been able to travel yet, but I would love to be able to go back and see them.Ē

FB: How would you describe your personality?
KC: ďIím quiet when you first get to know me. Iím reserved and keep to myself. Iím just a chill type of person. †But at the same time, once I get comfortable around people I can really make you laugh.Ē