Fever players gauge worldwide reaction to Obama becoming 44th President of the United States.

Indiana Fever players are active overseas this winter, and many of the Fever stars have noted some of the worldwide reaction to Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration.

FeverBasketball.com surveyed Fever stars for reaction from various continents:

Ebony Hoffman – Israel
“The mood over here in Israel is unreal! Everyone that sees me makes sure to at least utter the name, ‘Obama.’ The day of his inauguration was a day of elation for at least the city I am in. My coaches and I sat around the office and watched it with eyes glued to the TV, fixated on every word. It almost felt like I was dreaming. Everyone here has high hopes for the new President and for us as a country. I have to say that I have witnessed some amazing things, but this day in history I will never forget.”

Katie Douglas – Russia
“I was looking forward to it all day on Monday, and I watched CNN all day Tuesday. It was a moment of history for many reasons. It was a changing of power, but also, hopefully, a new government will bring the change necessary for our country to get back in order. Watching the Mall and monuments and all the people gave me chills. I couldn’t believe the number of people. It was amazing and a remarkable act of patriotism. I hope people continue to stay involved.”

“On Tuesday night after practice, we went to an American diner and they had CNN on. There are tons of Americans there all the time; it’s kind of a gathering spot. For us [because of the time difference], it was right after the inauguration. One story was kind of funny. A person asked Becky Hammon to come outside and take a picture. We didn’t think much of it at first, but actually he was with a group of about 10 people, all definitely Russian not American – and they all had Barack Obama masks. There’s definitely some ‘Obama Fever’ over here.”

Tamika Catchings – Poland
[Comments from Tamika’s WNBA.com blog just prior to the inauguration.] “The whole election was about change. And being an African-American, it symbolizes the amazing amount of progress we've seen. I look at my nephew Kanon and the real opportunity he has to do and be whatever he wants to do and be. You always hear these things about setting goals and reaching for the stars and that you can be anything you want to be… but this is proof! To actually see the first African-American president is… amazing. One of my other nephews is really into politics and to be able to tell him that one day he could follow in President Obama's footsteps is just incredible to me. That symbolizes a lot. Like he's said, it's all about change. And people are to the point where they're going to be accepting of change.”

“I know that even people in Poland - and in a bunch of places all over the world - are going to be sooooo excited. People were going crazy all over when the election results were announced, and hopefully that excitement will continue on Inauguration Day. People are excited about this change… and I can't wait to see it happen.”

Tully Bevilaqua – Australia
[Tully is Australian but has played in the WNBA since 1998.] "There has been a lot of interest and following in the U.S. elections this year by many Australians. So many people have followed the Obama campaign through to his inauguration just recently, and everyone that I have spoken to about it has all said that ‘when Obama speaks, you can't help but listen.’ He has such a presence about him. It's been just amazing watching the news coverage here at home in Australia, with the turnout of crowds to witness Obama become the first African-American to become U.S. President. I played under the number 44 here in Australia with the Canberra Capitals, so I feel like I have a special connection with President Obama!!”

Tammy Sutton-Brown – Turkey
[Tammy is Canadian-born, but attended school at Rutgers University and has played in the U.S. since 1996] “I wanted to watch the inauguration, but I had a team function at the same time so I missed it! Personally, I have not witnessed too many reactions. I know a lot of Turks are happy about the presidential change, though. I'd say the last two months or so, it seems like every time I get into a taxi cab, the driver, who speaks no English, says ‘Obama!’ They just assume I'm American. Folks over here are excited about the change.”