MVP Member of the Month: Chad Shew and Daughter Izzy

This year, as part of the Fever's 15th anniversary celebration, we want to recognize some of our most loyal and dedicated fans. We're unveiling a new feature at Fever MVP Member of the Month. Each month, we'll recognize one of our MVP Members (full season ticket holders) for their support of the Fever. Below is a brief Q&A with our March honoree, Chad Shew, who attends every Fever game with his daughter Izzy (pictured above with Erlana Larkins).

Name: Chad Shew and daughter Izzy
Tenure: 3 Fever Seasons

Q. Why did you become a Fever season ticket holder?

A. After the Pacers season ended, we got bored in the summer and one day decided to attend a Fever game. The atmosphere and the team spirit was so great that we purchased a half season. Then, after attending several games, being selected for in game contests, and having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, we chose to become full season ticket holders the following year. At the end of our 1st season was when the Fever won the 2012 Championship and we were there, it was priceless. As a season ticket holder, we feel very welcome and appreciated by all the staff.

Q. As an MVP Member, what is your favorite benefit you receive?

A. That's hard to answer because of ALL the wonderful benefits we receive. Izzy loves the autograph sessions after the game and trying to get autographs before the games. I enjoy the free parking pass, getting in to games earlier than others, and the top notch service and assistance I receive from our dedicated account rep Brittney (Fisher).

Q. Who is your favorite player and why?

A. Izzy's favorite player is Katie Douglas because she plays hard and is a good sport. Izzy did a biography project at school about Katie Douglas. My favorite player is Briann January because she really hustles and always gives 110% on the Court. But we really enjoy the whole team and Coaching staff. Many times we have ran into players at Pacers games and they are so kind to allow Izzy to take photos and sign autographs for her and she loves that.

Q. What is your favorite Fever moment?

A. Izzy's favorite moment was being a part of the high five club when she got to go to the Fever locker rom before the game, came out on the Court during the introductions and received an autographed basketball from Jeanette Pohlen. My favorite Fever moment was the Championship game when all the confetti shot out- that was the 1st time I have ever been to a game where my team won the Championship.