10 Questions with Shay Murphy

By Justin Whitaker | November 16, 2009
This offseason, Indiana Fever guard Shay Murphy has begun playing basketball in Soller, Spain. She is averaging 19 points, 7.6 rebounds and 2.6 steals a game for Soller Joventud Mariana. Murphy took some time out of her busy schedule to answer 10 questions for FeverBasketball.com from halfway across the world.

FeverBasketball.com: What is the best part about Spain?
Shay Murphy: “I would have to say how beautiful the country is and its culture. The majority of the Spanish people are really nice and helpful. Plus, I really enjoy the night-life too!”

FB: Playing with teammates that speak a different language must be tough, how has the language barrier been so far?
SM: “I am learning more Spanish everyday. I am not taking any classes or anything, but just talking with my friends and teammates really helps me understand. I pretty much speak "Spanglish,” which is English combined with my attempt to pronounce certain Spanish words correctly. The majority of people understand me and I do not have a problem communicating.”

FB: What do you miss most from home?
SM: “I miss my friends and family, and just hanging out. I love L.A. I’m also sad that I have two tickets for Leona Lewis in Hollywood next Friday and will not be able to attend! That's a bummer!” :(

FB: What is your favorite food to eat there?
SM: “My favorite food here, by far, is a Spanish tortilla. Which basically includes potatoes, eggs and sometimes onions. It takes about two hours to make, but it’s soooo tasty!”

FB: What are your goals during the season there?
SM: “I want to improve on as many aspects of my game as possible. Such as my ball handling, defense and pull-up jump shot. I also want to help my team win, at all costs. I just want to get better and be a good teammate, by being a good example on and off the court.”

FB: What have you been doing during your free time?
SM: “During my free time, I have been taking trips to Madrid and visiting old friends. I also enjoy watching movies online and catching up on my TV shows. I really like Entourage, Leverage and the X-Factor UK. My new favorite though is Glee. I also have been composing some new music.”

FB: What do you think are the biggest differences between the American and European games?
SM: “The referees let you get away with a lot more contact and fouls here. Such as, holding your forearm to score a basket, reaching in from behind while you are posting up is legal. Reaching in while dribbling is fair game. But on the other hand, anytime we do a super "spin move,” it's automatically traveling. We have to put the ball on the floor before we take our first step. Just different things like that are ANNOYING. LOL”

FB: You are the movie buff on the team, so have you seen any good movies lately?
SM: “I saw Couples Retreat and thought it was pretty funny. I also recently watched Law Abiding Citizen with Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx. I loved the movie! It had lots of action and a great storyline. I also have seen recently Damage 2010 with Stone Cold Steve Austin. I like the two movies he has been in because they always have a lot of action and he plays the good guy. Next on my list to see are The Box with Cameron Diaz, The Blindside with Sandra Bullock and Harchiko with Richard Gere.”

FB: What is your favorite holiday?
SM: “Thanksgiving has so much great food, and it’s wonderful to go around the table with friends and family and share the things you are grateful for. But most people only get one or two days off for that holiday, including myself. With that being said, I would have to say Christmas is my favorite holiday. We can celebrate the birth of Christ, give and receive gifts, eat some tasty food and enjoy all of the free days off!”

FB: What has been the coolest thing you have done so far in Spain?
SM: “I went to a Real Madrid soccer game and I got to see my good friend Vanessa Klein perform live for a few thousands of people. But, my teammates and I are supposed to see a bull fight sometime soon. I'm totally pumped for that, since bull fighting is the biggest thing here in Spain.”

This has been 10 Questions with Shay Murphy. Stay tuned for more 10 Questions with your favorite Fever players!