Moving On After an Incredible Run

It's funny how no matter what happens, every season finishes the same way: by cleaning out your locker. So just two days after the incredible high of winning my first WNBA title, here I am, pulling a yellowed robe out of the bottom of my locker. I forgot I even had it (and I'm pretty sure it wasn't yellow when it first got buried in there!)

It may have been more than a decade in the making, but I knew there was something special in the air Friday night when we won our second game against the Lynx, pushing us to a 2-1 lead in the championship series and putting us just one game away from the title. The crowd's energy felt more focused, and we were taking care of business on the defensive end. As a team, we knew we were playing our best basketball, and we had the confidence out there knowing that if we played defense the way we were, our offense would come.

It did. On Friday we beat the Lynx in the battle of the boards, and on Sunday everybody was playing with that extra fire in their eyes, knowing just how close we were. It was our time.

I've been blessed with a lot of success over the years, but to be a part of a WNBA championship team is to win at a different level. From a leadership standpoint, I was most proud of how every single player on the team stepped up when they were needed in different games throughout the season. Standing there at the end, hoisting that championship trophy, is a reminder it doesn't matter how many points or rebounds or assists any one person got; we celebrate together. That it took this many years to achieve makes the win that much sweeter.

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