Katie Douglas to chat with fans on Wednesday June 17 at 2 p.m.

Live Chat with Katie Douglas(06/17/2009) 
12:55 The Live Chat will start at 2!
2:00 Hey guys, it's good to be here. I'm looking forward to answering your questions!
2:01 [Comment From Amanda G ]
Katie you're awesome!!! How're your eye feeling? that was some shot you took ouch! Good luck this season!!!
2:02 Hey Amanda! ..... and all those others that are inquiring about my eye ... I appreciate your concern. My eye is definitely getting better. It's still got some bruising and a popped blood vessel ... but, the good news is, nothing's broken and I'm on the road to recovery!
2:02 [Comment From Brooke ]
hay katie this is brooke. I was just at your game on friday night against the sparks. I just wanted to say that you had an awesome game and you are my idol. I was wandering how much you practiced before the game? and when you started to play basketball? Thank you for taking time to read this and i understand if you don't get the chance to reply. You are my #1 katie. I will see you soon at one of your home games this season. Brooke :)
2:03 Hey Brooke! Thanks for being a great supporter. After the Seattle game, I didn't get much practice leading up to the Sparks game, due to the swelling in my eye and face. However, I played and we won, so I was very excited. I look forward to having you at one of our home games ... don't forget about Sunday's game against the Shock! Bring your dad and he can get in the game for just a dollar!
2:04 [Comment From Haley ]
What activities do you most enjoy off the court?
2:04 Off the court, as I've gotten a little older, I definitely enjoy decorating my house, spending time with my family and friends ... shopping ... and watching movies. I'm a pretty complicated person!!! Haha.
2:05 [Comment From Janie ]
Who are you favorite actor/actress?
2:05 My favorite actors would have to be Will Farrell; I love Vince Vaughn and I guess I don't have any favorite actresses.
2:06 [Comment From Chris ]
what kind of gum do you like, what taste is your fav?
2:07 Well, my favorite kind of gum when I'm playing (and it must be chewed) is Extra - it's the light blue kind. I've been chewing it for years and cannot chew a different flavor besides this gum. Really I can't.
2:07 [Comment From Katie ]
Hi Katie! Have You any plans for Your future or You prefer not to plan ahead? Good luck this season!
2:07 I prefer not to plan ahead. It's true. I'm kind of a spontaneous spirit. However, life after basketball definitely includes a family with my husband, and possibly getting involved with his business as a sports agent.
2:08 [Comment From Katie ]
Katie, You`re one of 10 candidates for MVP 2009 after first season` weeks...what do you think about it? Do you strive for winning this status?
2:08 No, I definitely don't strive for that. My focus, and only focus, is game by game and helping lead this team into the playoffs. Individual accolades are great, and I've had a few in my career. But at this point, a championship is my only focus and the only thing I strive for this season.
2:09 [Comment From Ruby from Brownsburg ]
I believe you were at Perry Meridian when IHSAA instituted the class basketball structure for high school. What was your take then? Has it changed since? And what's your favorite scene from the movie Hoosiers?
2:11 Hey Ruby. Indeed, I was in the last class before Indiana went to class basketball. I had the thrill of playing four years in which all schools played for a single title. I would probably have preferred the change not to have taken place just due to Indiana's rich history of basketball. However, I can understand the other stance and the need for a change. As for the movie, I wouldn't say I had a favorite scene, but it's a classic movie and one of the top 10 or 15 of my favorites.
2:11 [Comment From Jessi ]
Why do you wear #23? I think most people assume because of MJ, but I heard you were a big Ryne Sandberg fan growing up... is that true? If so, were you a softball player as a kid?
2:13 Hey Jessi, you are correct about wearing #23. I grew up playing softball with my dad, who was a huge Chicago Cubs fan. I idolized Ryne Sandberg and chose #23 in his honor. I wore #23 throughout high school but when I went to Purdue, #23 was taken and my dad's suggestion was to flip it. I wore through the pros, too, in memory of my dad and when I came to the Fever, Ebony Hoffman wouldn't negotiate with me (!), so I reverted back to my original #23.
2:14 [Comment From Betsi ]
Who do you think will be selected for the Fever's All-Decade Team? My ballot includes you (obviously), Catch, Tully, Big Dog, TSB, Stephanie White, Jurgita Streimikyte, Natalie Williams, Tamika Whitmore and Anna DeForge.
2:15 Hey Betsi, to be honest, I'm just honored to be among the nominees. But I'll be honest, I don't even know who else is a nominee. Your list looks pretty good. I think you should vote!

Go to www.AllDecadeTeam.com to vote!
2:15 [Comment From alex ]
hey katie, what are some of your favorite places or restaurants to go to in downtown, indianapolis?
2:17 Some of my favorite places to eat downtown are Shapiro's, Paradise Cafe, Le Peep's, Weber Grill, P.F. Chang's, Barcelona and the Capital Grille. I love to eat and Indianapolis seems to keep growing with restaurants. I'm enjoying exploring new places.
2:17 [Comment From Kyle ]
Do you still keep in touch with former teammates/friends, like players on the Sun or other teams?
2:18 Kyle, of course I still keep in touch with many former teammates, which have obviously become very good friends of mine. The WNBA is really a tight-knit collection of players. Many of us have played together in college and overseas, also.
2:19 [Comment From Tiny ]
What's your take on the Sparks and Mercury having jerseys with sponsors? If the Fever were to get a sponsor, who would you want to represent?
2:21 I think it's great what the Sparks and Mercury are doing. Overseas, we do the exact same thing and have sponsors all over our jerseys and shorts. It's a great way to advertise for the sponsor. If the Fever were to get a sponsor, I'd love to wear the name of a great restaurant, an electronics maker or auto dealer ---- so we could get some great deals!!! Hahaha.
2:22 [Comment From Amy ]
KT, how much pressure is there to win this year with the chatter about the Fever possibly closing shop after this season. Long live the Fever!!! :)
2:24 Amy, good question! From a basketball playing standpoint, you know, there's really not much more pressure than we already place upon ourselves. However, from a personal standpoint with me being from Indianapolis, I do take pride in this franchise and playing in this city so it is difficult to hear that chatter. But really, I tend not to focus on things I can't control. Instead, I've tried to channel my energies into one game at a time and, at the end of the season, hopefully we put ourselves in position where that chatter will dissolve by itself.
2:26 [Comment From Evgenia ]
KT, will you stay in CSKA next season? (pleas say "yeeeessss"!!!)))) (And thank you for last season in CSKA, your game was great!!!!!)
2:27 Hey, or should I say, preivet! I have a contract next year for CSKA so I look forward to seeing you in Moscow next season!
2:28 [Comment From Jayson (Anderson) ]
Do you Tweet? Coach and TSB seem to be all over it!
2:29 Hey Jason! Unfortunately, no, I don't Tweet. I just don't know what I would have to update. I tend to think that nothing I do is exciting! However, I do get daily updates from Coach Dunn and TSB. They are definitely "all over it," so I live vicariously through them.

By the way, I hear that Tammy is doing a live chat on Twitter this Thursday night at 8:30 p.m. ... You can chat with the diva @tksb15 on Twitter.
2:31 Hey, guys, if I didn't get to your questions, I'll do this again soon as soon as my PR guy decides to schedule me for this again. I had a lot of fun, but it's time to go lift some weights and get to practice! Until next time ... hope to see you at some of the games!