Lisa Leslie Interview

Q: To go along with all of your basketball accomplishments, you have recently released a book. Why donít you tell me a little about that?

A: The book is called, Dont Let The Lipstick Fool You, and it is basically, you know, my life story. And I think a lot of times people see the end results and they donít really see how we get to that point. I just wanted to share and be a little candid about my life and my childhood and how I came to be the player I am, and more importantly the person I am.

Q: You have also done a lot of work in the community. What have you been doing, and what do you plan on doing in the future?

A: Wow, everything is pretty much surrounding children and kids. I think I take being a role model very seriously and itís a great opportunity for me. Iíve done a lot in the community whether itís Read to Achieve or The Boys and Girls Club. I have now been made the ambassador for the Right to Play Program, which is nation-wide, actually world-wide. We try to make sure kids have a safe place to play and understand the rules of the game and how it applies to life; sing those for survival skills in times of need. I think itís a great opportunity for me to be apart of that and sharing a positive message for young kids that are here in our own country. Sometimes we have a tendency to take care of people around the world and not even in our own backyard and this will give me an opportunity to give these kids information, and not just about sports, like I said, apply it to life. Sometimes we work hard. We have so much adversity on the court and in life and you have to learn to deal with those things and set goals and write them down and learn to persevere, and hopefully Iíll be able to share that message.

Q: What else do you plan to do after basketball?

A: Well, you know, I think the world is my playground. I have to opportunity to go back into more acting, broadcasting, and also public speaking and I would love to continue. I think thatís what my spiritual gift is, my ability to speak and share a word with kids.

Q: How did you decide this year was going to be your last?

A: I decided last year would be my last. Iíve given basketball 25 years since the 7th grade and you know, now, being a mom, I would love to have more children in the future and I think this is a good time for me to go.

Q: Do you think you have accomplished everything you could in your basketball career?

A: Oh absolutely, more than I dreamed of. I hoped to represent our country in the olympics and have a gold medal, and plates around me neck and Iíve been blessed enough to have that done four times. Iíve played in the WNBA and have had a great platform to be a role model to young girls. I feel like Iíve left the game in a better place in the world, the world of basketball, and I hope to continue to have an impact on people. Thatís what itís about, love, and spreading that and inspiring people to be better.

Q: Was there ever a match-up you looked forward to whenever playing the Indiana Fever?

A: Against the Fever? I canít say so much about the Fever and I can the gym. This arena the Conseco Field, I like it a lot. It has a really nice basketball environment. It also always reminds me of baseball for whatever reason. I like playing here in the arena, the crowd has always been great and a lot of high school and college girls have always come from around, you know, from the different areas. And Iíve had the opportunity to meet a lot of groups of young girls and speak to them as well.

Q: What do you think you will be remembered for the most

A: Well probably first, the dunk and being able to dunk in the WNBA. But aside from that, maybe my ribbons. I donít know.

Q: How much do you think the WBNA has changed since you entered the league?

A: Oh itís been major. I think the talent level individually has improved. It has evolved like man. I think women are playing the ball faster, shooting faster, jumping higher. I think the game will continue to evolve; just get better and better.

Thank you and thanks to all the Indiana Fever fans out there, we appreciate your supports