Karima Christmas Adapting to Life With Fever

June 11, 2013

Karima Christmas Adapting to Life With Fever

In her third year in the WNBA, Karima Christmas has received regular playing time off the Fever bench since playing consistent minutes in the 2012 WNBA Finals. And now, with Indianas roster depleted due to injury, she has often found herself as the only perimeter reserve and logging as many as 20 minutes in last weeks game at New York.

As she settles into the Fever rotation, she spent time with FeverBasketball.coms Claire Randich discussing her new role and her new life in Indianapolis.

FeverBasketball.com: Take a moment to talk about winning the 2012 WNBA Championship. How did it feel to win the title as a new Fever player?

Karima Christmas: It was an overwhelming but amazing experience. I got traded to the Fever halfway through the season and immediately got some playing time after the team had a few injuries. So it was a whirlwind of emotions. I dont think anyone was really expecting us to win the title. We had a lot of players hurt, but we stuck together and I think that really shows the character of this team. Thats what made it so special.

FB: You got to celebrate the championship during this years home opener. Did it bring back any special emotions or feelings?

KC: It has been definitely a crazy year. When we won, that was only my second year and third team in the league. It was amazing to be a part of it and I appreciate coming into a team like this.

FB: So youve been with the Fever for almost a year now, do you feel like you have settled into a role on the team?

KC: Yeah, coming back for training camp this year was definitely an easier adjustment for me than last year. Im now more accustomed to the system. Im just here to help the team any way that I can.

FB: You have been a very versatile player for this team and have provided the Fever with a spark when you come off the bench. Do you have to have a different mindset when you come off the bench?

KC: I dont think so. I came off the bench during my first two years at Duke. That was my role on the team. So, whenever I come into the game, I just try to make an impact any way that I can. It doesnt matter if Im starting or coming off the bench. I can help the team in a lot of different ways.

FB: Since youve had a year to learn more about the coaches and their style of play, do you think you have adapted well to Coach Dunns coaching style?

KC: She is a lot like other coaches Ive had in the past. I think Im adapting pretty well. I just had to really focus in during training camp because the game moves very quickly. During training camp, it was important to learn what Coach Dunn wanted and just incorporate that in my practices. That makes the game play come like second nature. Im still adjusting, but Id say Im in a better place then I was before.

FB: Speaking of adapting, how have you liked living Indianapolis?

KC: I definitely like living downtown in the heart of the city. Last year I was staying in a place a little further out from the downtown area. So, Im still getting accustomed to life around here. Im trying to go to new places, new restaurants and try different things.

FB: Have you picked a favorite restaurant yet? Or a favorite shop downtown?

KC: Not yet! I mean I do go to the mall a lot because they have a Finish Line there, but honestly Im still just exploring new things that Indy has to offer.