Jeanette Pohlen Gears Up for Full Season

March 25, 2014

As a rookie, Fever guard Jeanette Pohlen overcame the transition from college to the WNBA by doing what she does best draining 3-pointers. The sharp-shooting guard, who set a Stanford single-season record for 3-point field goals (96), led all WNBA players in 3-point shooting percentage, at 46.8 percent, in just her first year. Now, Pohlen looks to overcome a new obstacle, as the Southern California native nears a return to her first full season since tearing her left ACL during Game 2 of the 2012 WNBA Finals.

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As she eyes the start of the 2014 season, Pohlen spent time before a shooting workout last week with FeverBasketball.coms Bryce Marsee to discuss her off-season progress and what shes looking forward to this season. You decided to stay at home instead of going overseas to play this past off-season. What went into that decision?

Jeanette Pohlen: I think initially I wanted to go overseas after Christmas, and that was kind of my goal to begin with. As that approached, I just wanted to be 100% going into training camp. After last season, coming in not completely healthy with my knee injury, it really drove me to stay home, come here early to work with our strength coach, work with our trainers, and just feel the best I can feel going into training camp.

FB: Where did you spend most of your time training when you were back home, and what kind of training were you doing?

JP: I trained with a couple of people that Ive been training with since I was in college. We did basketball stuff, agility stuff, quickness stuff, and just kind of went back to doing what got me to where I am today and got me to be the player I am today. So I try to go back to that and really focus in on things I need to work on individually.

FB: Youre back here in Indy doing training with Tamika and Fever strength coach Emily Novitsky. Since coming back, what kind of training have you been doing with them?

JP: Weve been doing a lot! Ive been staying pretty busy. Im doing court workouts with our trainer, who does the individual stuff. I do agility some agility work, some weights, weve done pool workouts, and Ive started boxing. We just do a lot of things to mix it up and keep things different.

FB: Was there any other rationale for coming back to Indy so early besides the workouts?

JP: Ive really grown to love this city. Maybe the first year or two youre kind of getting used to things and dont really know where you fit in, but some of my best friends are here now, outside of the team. Ive just really gotten to know the city pretty well, and feel like I could show people around that are coming in to visit.

FB: Going back to your knee injury, how has that been doing?

JP: Its good! It feels good and I feel like Im getting stronger every day. I feel great when Im out on the court doing cuts and shooting, so its coming along.

FB: Getting ready to go into this upcoming season, in what ways do you feel like youre better than what you were when you first entered the league?

JP: I think that Im more knowledgeable about things that I need to do to get prepared for the season, especially what I personally need to do. I know what to expect going into the season now, so I think Im more prepared than I was a couple years ago.

FB: Youve always been a good t3-point shooter. Is there any other aspect of your game that youve been working on recently?

JP: Yeah, Ive really been trying to work on my mid-range game because, its funny, Ive never just been a 3-point shooter, and I feel like Ive kind of been put into that role. I just want to show people that I can do more than just shoot threes, so Ive really been trying to put some extra effort into my two-man game, coming off screens, and my mid-range game.

FB: Wrapping up, are there any other thoughts you have about the upcoming season?

JP: Im just excited for the season, and hopefully well have everybody healthy! That was kind of the theme of last season with all the injuries and adversity that we went through. I think we have a great group of women coming back, and Im just excited to hopefully be 100 percent ready to go this year.