Hanging out with Katie Douglas

By Sam Rogian

INDIANAPOLIS—The Indiana Fever’s Katie Douglas hosted some uncommon competition at Conseco Fieldhouse recently.

Douglas spent Thursday afternoon shooting hoops and eating lunch with 11-year old fan Hannah Rasnake and her best-friend Brianna Ilich.

Douglas gave each girl a signed pair of sneakers and photograph before the three ladies enjoyed a movie together at a local theater.

The afternoon was for a good cause as Rasnake’s family won the event in an auction during last season’s Breast Health Awareness Night.

“They were gracious enough to bid on me and the package that I put together,” Douglas said. “It’s called ‘The KT Experience’, and all the proceeds went to breast health awareness.”

Craig Rasnake, Hannah’s father, explained his daughter became a huge Douglas fan after the WNBA star signed a jersey for her. The family attended the special auction night and Hannah insisted her father bid on the package featuring her idol.

“Hannah just kept on saying, ‘C’mon, Dad. C’mon, Dad. C’mon, Dad,’” Rasnake said.

The Rasnakes were actually outbid by another gentlemen who insisted the girls reap the reward. That fan matched the Rasnake’s final bid. The combined funds exceeded the original winning bid.

“It turned out real good,” Rasnake said. “The girls have just been anxious and excited for this, so they’re having a great time.

“We really appreciate the Fever and Katie for doing this.”

Despite losing a round of HORSE to Douglas, Hannah had a great time.

“It means a lot because I guess a lot of people don’t get to meet (Douglas),” Hannah said.  “I just think its fun to play with her because she’s a challenge for me and for Brianna.”

Ilich was happy her friend invited her along for the afternoon.

“I think it’s pretty fun and it’s pretty cool to do all of this stuff with an athlete,” Ilich said.

Douglas said the event served dual purposes, and was happy to oblige.

“I’m just thrilled to (do it) not only for a great cause, but also to hang out with the fans and… have them have an up-close and personal day with me,” she said.