Fever takes Time-Out to Read with Children

by Elina Kupce | August 8, 2012

Fever guard Jeanette Pohlen and center Tammy Sutton-Brown took a timeout to read and spend some quality time with children at the Lawrence Branch Library.  Pohlen and Sutton-Brown spent the time encouraging and inspiring the children to learn while centering on developing a passion for books, reading and education. In addition to promoting the importance of reading, Pohlen and Sutton-Brown took time to get to know the group of children while telling stories.

The basketball stars each took turns reading stories to the children while actively engaging the children’s attention. While Sutton-Brown embarked on a story about a rainy day with the children, Pohlen gasped “right on cue!” Before everyone could realize, it began pouring rain outside. “The books are coming to life, right in front of your eyes children!” said Pohlen.

When the time came for Sutton-Brown to pick a new story to read, a hand instantly shot up from a young participant shouting “I want to read it!”  Sutton-Brown, a children’s author herself, asked the children if they liked to go to the library because, to her, “it is the best place in the world!” The children agreed with her, nodding their heads.
Each of the children who participated in this Reading Time-Out received a gift from the Fever – a book of their choice and souvenir goodies. 

The Fever’s participation in reading is motivated by the belief that it is important for athletes to participate in the community to encourage literacy, motivating the children to read more and explore the world of books. Sutton-Brown strongly advocates that “everyone has the time for books!” Education is one of the most important core values of the WNBA. To Pohlen, it is especially important to give back to the community, a sort of “pay it forward” thinking.  She shares that when she was growing up, there were people who came out and taught her the importance of literacy and it is important for her to do the same. She expressed that “a book can take you anyplace in the world”.

Reading Time-Outs are a component of the Fever’s Read to Achieve program, a program within the Be INspired initiative focusing on education. This Reading Time-Out was sponsored by Old National Bank, giving the opportunity for young children to read and learn as well as interact with the Fever players.

To listen to members of the Indiana Fever read a story, call 275-4444 to participate in the Call-The- Indiana Fever Program. This program has been made possible through the 2012 Summer Reading Program, sponsored by Old National Bank. Fever player Katie Douglas will be reading How Do Dinosaurs Go to School starting on August 13, Briann January will be reading Otto Goes to School starting on August 20 and Fever rookie Sasha Goodlett will close the program with My Dog May Be a Genius starting on August 27.