If I make the team, what is the commitment?

If you are selected, practices with the Fever Inferno will begin shortly after auditions.  Dancers must attend ALL scheduled practices (tentatively set for Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5:30-8:00pm, beginning in April 2014). The regular Fever season will be played from late May to late September.  Playoffs will follow.    If selected, dancers must also have transportation to rehearsals and games.  Each member will have the opportunity to participate in community appearances as well. 

Are there height and weight requirements?
No, but fitness is very important.  You must be in good physical condition to endure lengthy practices and high-energy performances.

What will the coach/judges be looking for during auditions?
The judges will be looking at dance skills, showmanship, energy and personality.

Is being an Indiana Fever Inferno dancer a full-time job?
No.  However, members of the Fever Inferno get paid for practice time, games and appearances.  Consider it a fun summer job!

Do current team members have to re-audition?
Yes. Everyone must go through the audition process each season and no one is guaranteed a place on the team.