Fever Fit With Christel House Academy

Indiana Fever teammates Katie Douglas and Khadijah Whittington visited Christel House Academy August 25th to hold a “Fever Fit” clinic with for forth and fifth grade students.

First year Fever players interacted with the students to not only give them a cursory introduction of basketball fundamentals, but to emphasize the values of fitness and exercise as a youngster.

After being introduced to a receptive and energetic audience of students, Douglas and Whittington talked about the correct form to use when dribbling a basketball.

“You always want to be looking up (and forward),” WNBA All-Defensive First Team member and Indianapolis native Douglas said as the students formed ten lines across the Christel House gymnasium.

The student in the front of each of these lines was then given a basketball for a relay race. Participants were instructed to dribble from one end of the gym to the other using either their left or right hand, or crossing over between the two. Each relay racer then had to complete a number of jumping jacks, sit-ups, or pushups before dribbling the ball back to their starting point and handing it off to the next person in line.

Following the dribbling drills, Douglas and Whittington demonstrated the correct methods of bounce or chest passing. Following the instruction, students still in their predetermined lines, had the opportunity to pass back and forth with representatives from the Indiana Fever.

Whittington, a 2008 draft pick, then showed the students how to properly execute a layup and shoot a field goal, going through the motions step by step. The same groups who participated in the passing exercises then took turns shooting the ball and rebounding on one of six basketball hoops. When shots were missed, students were given further advice on what angle to shoot at and how to correctly follow through on their release.

When the drilling and practice segment of the clinic was concluded, Douglas and Whittington talked to the attendees about how they maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition to their regular exercise schedule, they commented on keeping a balanced diet.

“I can’t pretend I don’t like potato chips and ice cream,” Whittington commented. “But you can’t eat it 24 hours a day. (Just) a little bit is okay.”

Before closing the clinic, the Fever players opened up the floor to questions about their diets, fitness plans and basketball careers, in general.

When asked what she liked the most about basketball, Douglas replied, “I feel very blessed to be able to play a game I love for a living. I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing.”

Whittington added to that sentiment how much she enjoys the opportunity to travel and meet new people, be it abroad in the off-season or around the city in appearances similar to this one.

To discuss future “Fever Fit” clinics or to bring one to your school, feel free to contact Roberta Courtright, Fever Community Relations Manager, at rcourtright@feverbasketball.com.   

The Fever return to action at Conseco Fieldhouse Thursday, August 28th, for their Welcome Back and Olympic celebration against Douglas’ former team, the Connecticut Sun. The team will then host the Atlanta Dream on August 30th for their Breast Health Awareness night. Check out feverbasketball.com to get your tickets today.

                                                - Robert Ausdenmoore