Fever Q&A With Allison Feaster

April 14, 2008
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    Veteran guard Allison Feaster is the latest veteran player to be added to the Indiana Fever roster. Feaster played for the Charlotte Sting and Los Angeles Sparks before sitting out last season.

    Feaster ranks among the WNBA's all-time leaders in three-point field goals made, three-point field goals attempted and free throw percentage. She also led the NCAA Division I in scoring in 1997-98 and guided No. 16 seeded Harvard University to an NCAA Tournament win over No. 1 seeded Stanford.

    The Fever recently signed Feaster to a free agent contract. Currently, she plays for Club Balconcesto San Jose in Spain where she averages 13.0 points, 3.7 rebounds and 1.7 assists per game.

    FeverBasketball.com: You’re the only player from the Ivy League in the entire WNBA. How does that make you feel, and why do you think there aren’t more professional players from those schools?
    Allison Feaster: "Being the only Ivy Leaguer in the WNBA gives me a unique distinction, and I take pride in representing the Ivy League. However, while most of the players in the league went to school for free, this unique distinction didn't assist me in repaying my school loans! I'm not sure why there aren't more professional athletes from the Ivy League. Perhaps Ivy League graduates get better offers to manage the leagues! Just kidding."
    FB: You’re part of the only number 16 seed to ever defeat a number 1 one seed in the NCAA tournament as you did it 1998. How much pride do you take in that experience?
    AF: "That moment in history is one of the most memorable moments in my basketball career. I take a great deal of pride in having been a member of that Harvard team. It's so rewarding, on a personal level and on a professional level, to be able to accomplish something of that magnitude with such a remarkable group of women. I am very thankful for that experience."
    FB: Since you’re new to the city, describe your personality on and off the court.
    AF: "On the court, I am a self-motivated, energetic player willing to sacrifice for the well-being of the team. I consider myself a winner and a leader. Off the court, I am devoted to my family and helping those in need."
    FB: You can speak English, Spanish, French, and German. What motivated you to learn so many different languages?
    AF: "I have always been intrigued by the many diverse cultures of the world. It gives me great pleasure to be able to communicate with someone in his or her native tongue. Unfortunately, my German has suffered as a result of speaking of French and Spanish!"

    FB: Where have you had the most fun playing basketball outside the U.S.?
    AF: "My years playing basketball in Valenciennes, France were my most fun years overseas. France has always felt like my second home, and my team was very successful in both the French and European leagues. We were able to win two Euroleague titles and several French league titles in my four years there. In addition to our success on the court, the culinary experience was unforgettable as well."
    FB: Coming into the league one year after its debut, to you, in what ways has the WNBA grown the most?
    AF: "The fact that the WNBA is still thriving as we approach the twelfth season is a major testament of its growth. The growth in the level of talent is probably most evident."
    FB: Who are some of the best teammates you’ve had in the WNBA?
    AF: "I've had some great teammates along the way. Some of my most favorite would be from the Charlotte Sting's 2001 Eastern Conference Championship team: Dawn Staley, Charlotte Smith, Andrea Stinson, and Tammy Sutton-Brown."
    FB: Who’s been the toughest player you’ve ever had to guard?
    AF: "There are too many tough players to name! I guess any player with the "green light" is tough to guard. From my early years, I'll have to say Cynthia Cooper. From recent years, I'll say Diana Taurasi."
    FB: You entered the WNBA one season before the Indiana Fever did and you have more experience than anyone else on the Fever. How do you think that will help this team?
    AF: "I believe that it's always helpful to have people with vast and diversified experience on your team. Off the court, I hope to add to a little insight as Coach Dunn illustrates her vision for this team. On the court, experience has taught me to play my role to the best of my ability."
    FB: What made you decide that playing in Indiana would be a good fit for you?
    AF: "I've always admired from afar the tremendous support of the Indiana Fever fans. In considering potential teammates, you have to ask yourself, for the lack of a better analogy, with whom would I go to war? Tamika Catchings is at the top of my list. I admire this team's intensity and sacrifice. The Fever is a serious contender, and I could not overlook an opportunity to embark on such an exciting adventure."
    FB: What did you miss most about the game while sitting out last season?
    AF: "I didn't really miss playing last summer. It was my first summer that I had the freedom to do what I wanted to do. Furthermore, nothing can replace or rival the time one spends with family."
    FB: What’s been the most difficult factor in returning after your absence?
    AF: "The most difficult factor in returning is also one of my motivating factors: my daughter. While the strenuous schedule will decrease our time spent together, I want my daughter to be exposed to electric atmosphere of the WNBA season. She will love the excitement of Fever home games!"