Christel House Academy Get Fever Fit

By Michelle Harrell

On Friday, August 17, 2012, two of the newest Fever players, Karima Christmas and Sasha Goodlett, along with Fever staff members hosted a Get Fever Fit clinic at the Christel House Academy.  Christmas and Goodlett interacted with nearly 100 students from grades 7 and 8.  The clinic went along with the WNBA and Fever initiative to motivate kids to be active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Christmas focused on demonstrating and teaching the students how to strengthen their lower body muscles with squats, lunges and other lower body exercises.   She then encouraged the students to keep moving with ball handling drills.  The students really enjoyed getting individual instruction from a professional basketball player.  Christmas was enthusiastic as she helped kids improve their skills and stay active.

Goodlett focused on teaching and demonstrating core exercises.  She was able to get the kids active and excited with relay races that incorporated three different core strengthening techniques and defensive slides.  After the races Goodlett gathered the students to discuss the importance of eating healthy and eating a wide variety of foods.  She shared information with the students about her own growth and education about healthy food and living a healthy lifestyle.

The students also received instruction from the Fever staff on upper body strengthening.   The kids were taught techniques for strengthening their upper body with stretch bands as well as how to use their own body weight with pushups and other activities before they had the chance to do some passing drills. The students were also taught the importance of balancing strength training with conditioning.

The clinic concluded with a special thanks to Christel House Academy for allowing the Fever to come and be a part of this great initiative.  The students were also reminded that the goal of the clinic was to show them that being active can be fun.