Call from the White House

When the phone rang Friday afternoon in the office of Fever C.O.O. and General Manager Kelly Krauskopf, it wasn't any ordinary call. On Friday, October 26, President Obama called Head Coach Lin Dunn, Finals MVP Tamika Catchings, and C.O.O. and General Manager Kelly Krauskopf to congratulate them and the entire Indiana Fever team on winning the 2012 WNBA Finals.

The President said as the father of two girls itís always great to see women setting a positive example as strong leaders on the court and in their communities. The President also said he looks forward to congratulating the team in person at the White House.

"I think it must have been the tips I gave you on your jump shot." President Barack Obama told Tamika Catchings when he called to congratulate her, Coach Lin Dunn and Krauskopf on winning the WNBA title. The trio spoke with the President, who also thanked them for their help and efforts on Title IX initiatives.

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