Tully & Alana From Down Under

November 29, 2005
Fever point guard Tully Bevilaqua writes from her native Australia and shares some of her experiences with a new friend and Canberra Capitals teammate, fellow WNBA star Alana Beard.

G’day Fever fans, how are you all?

I miss you and can’t wait to get back on court at Conseco Fieldhouse, to try and better our performance of last summer! I had such a great time in Indiana and want to thank you for being part of what made it special for me.

As some of you are probably aware, Alana Beard (AB) of the Washington Mystics has now become a household name in Australian basketball (WNBL). Having arrived on the 28th of October after an S.O.S. call from myself, to replace our injured mate Lauren Jackson for the TransACT Canberra Capitals, Alana has taken the league by storm!

As roommates, along with LJ, there is never a dull moment in Yarrow Place! I’d like to give you a bit of an insight as to some of what we’ve been doing over the past four weeks – off the court.

On the court, our team is in third spot, but only marginally, behind the top two teams. Unfortunately, we only have AB for the next 3 games, but we are hopeful that LJ will be returning to our team at some stage in the near future.

Off the court, like I said, there is never a dull moment and it gives me great pleasure to ask AB some questions about her time here so far in Australia.

Question 1
TB: “AB, on what side of the road should you be driving in Australia, and have you had any bad experiences in Canberra?”

AB: “Well mate, I have learned by now that the correct side of the road in Australia isn’t the same as it is in the States! And unfortunately, I had to find that out in a rather rude way, from an Australian native … hahaha. Ok, so the story goes like this. I’m driving along, minding my own business and I am trying to figure out why this car is coming at me – and refusing to change lanes in the shop’s parking lot. By this time, I'm a bit annoyed and getting ready for a little road rage. Fortunately, for both him and me, he decided to change lanes – ‘about time,’ I thought! As he passed by, he gave me the meanest and most nasty stare and kept moving his lips. Only at this time did I realize that I was in the wrong! I don’t think anyone can be as dorky as me!

“Fortunately, my other wrongs have happened with Tully in the car. She freaks out and makes me stop, and threatens not to let me ever drive again!”

TB: “Overall, AB’s driving has dramatically improved since her first outing. I distinctly remember that time as we were like a bloody kangaroo hopping down the road. My whiplash has finally healed!”

Question 2
TB: “What have been some of your memorable moments since arriving in Australia, and what fun stories can you tell us about living with Lauren and me?”

AB: “Hmmm, where do I begin? You all are so much fun. It started the minute I arrived. It’s hard to choose just one memorable moment. Lets just say that there is never a dull moment. I love every single one of my teammates. You guys make this trip worthwhile. Thanks, mates!"

TB: “Oh schucks mate! We love you too! But I do have to tell the fans about coming home after the road trip to Townsville recently.

“You see, we have a great weekend in Townsville where we won the game and had a team night out to celebrate. We came home the next day and got dropped off at our house by Bucks (Peter Buckle), our Assistant Coach. AB opened the door and came back outside when, ‘bang!’ – the door closes behind her with the keys inside! ‘Holy schnapps,’ we both exclaim.

The TransACT Canberra Capitals with Alana Beard and Tully Bevilaqua.
“Wandering around the house, we find an open window, but it requires AB to be lifted up on my shoulders, remove the flyscreen and climb her way in. Okay, that’s great, we succeeded in mission impossible #1.

“That night, we decide to go out for dinner and we leave the house. We have the music pumped up, but the car seems to be making some weird noises. We turn the music down and listen for a while as we continue to drive. I think it’s just because the car has been sitting all weekend and is cold, AB thinks the boot (the ‘trunk’ for the Americans in our reading audience) might be open.

“Well, we arrived safely at our destination, only to find that the restaurant was closed! We got out of the car to look around and make sure all is okay, only to find one of the back tires as flat as a pancake!

“We both fell on the road in fits of laughter. You see, the car still drove okay which was the weird part. So … AB, who has never changed a tire before, gets the kit out and begins to jack the car up. By this time, I am too busy texting our teammates about the situation while crying with laughter. Eventually, AB gets the tire changed and all is good to go again! Mission impossible #2 is also a success. We make a good team!”

Question 3
TB: "Do you know what a clothesline is, and have you ever hung clothes out to dry before?"

AB: "Why yes, Tully, I do know what a clothesline is. The last time I saw a clothesline, though, was when I was 8 years old at my grandparents’ house. Geeez Louise, Aussies, catch up with the 21st century!”

TB: “Given that the Australian weather that dries the clothes in all of about five minutes, it is seen as a ‘financial saver’ to hang them on the clothesline rather than use up an hour or so of electricity. Stop being so lazy! Get off the couch and hang up the clothes, AB!”

Question 4
TB: “You eat meat pies like you are an Australian. Is there something you aren’t telling me?”

AB: “Now Tully mate, you know there is nothing that you don’t know about me. No, I’m not Australian, but the meat pies are awesome here. They are like little potpies with real beef and no veggies (yummm, healthy). They are awesome!”

TB: “I wonder if we can work on that Australian citizenship! Anyone that loves meat pies can stay in our country.”

Tully's husband Dirk enjoys the sun and sand of the Perth beach alongside new Caps star Alana Beard.
Question 5
TB: “You recently were in my home city of Perth. Did you like it, and if so, what was it that you liked?”

AB: “I absolutely loved Perth. It reminds me of California. It was hot, the beaches are gorgeous and the people are just so genuinely nice. Dirk (your husband) is a great guy.”

Question 6
TB: “Is there anything else you would just like to add before I kick you off?”

AB: “I’ve picked up a bloody lot of Aussie lingo, of course. You Australians use the word ‘bloody’ all the time!”

  • “Mate, I’m taking the piss out of ya!” (translated: “I’m joking with you!”)
  • “Pick a ticket off yourself.” (translated: “Don’t be quite so cocky about yourself.”)
  • “G’day, mate.” (translated: “Hello.”)

    Fever fans, I hope you have enjoyed my Q&A with Alana Beard all the way from sunny Canberra, Australia! While I have this opportunity, I would also like to wish Deanna Jackson (DJ), all the very best with the Chicago Sky. I had a great time playing with DJ last year and she will be missed dearly.

    Take care everyone and you will be hearing from me again in the near future.