Tully Teases INtake Writer with Australian Custom

May 12, 2005
Tully Bevilaqua hasn't missed a shot in her first two Fever preseason games. And following a training camp practice last week, she showed her Aussie style while defeating INtake Weekly writer Darnell Morris-Compton in a friendly game of HORSE.

Bevilaqua, the veteran free agent point guard who the Fever acquired in January, has guided Indiana to a 2-0 preseason mark with wins over Detroit and Phoenix. She may have made as much noise, though, with the game of HORSE captured on film and in print in a recent issue of INtake (May 12).

Morris-Compton sought the game of horse as a means of, in his own words, shameless promotion. Though after falling behind two letters-to-none, Bevilaqua quipped that it was an Australian custom for the loser of a scoreless game of HORSE to run a lap around the gym - pants down.

Needless to say, Bevilaqua proceeded to win, shutout intact. And Morris-Compton, to his credit, took the ribbing in style. Whether he believed the truth about Bevilaqua's Australian custom or not, he humbly wrapped himself in a towel and began his jog - with the Aussie point guard egging him on.

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