The Global Tour With Lin Dunn

Fever assistant coach Lin Dunn has just concluded a lengthy trip around the globe - touring at least four different continents while scouting foreign talent and watching current Fever players. During her travels, Dunn chronicled her trip with
January 25

Hello Fever Fans!!

I just returned from my foreign travels Monday night! I had a great dinner with Tan White in Istanbul on the 20th - she is playing for Fenerbache along with Nicole Powell from the Sacramento Monarchs. I had a free day in Istanbul before I headed home. I toured the blue mosque and went to the Grand Bazaar to shop for oriental rugs!

It's hard to believe that I visited seven different countries in 17 days, and used six different currencies. Some observations from the trip:

  • 1--The foreign leagues are already using the 24 second clock and the four quarters that the WNBA will use this summer.
  • 2--The Fans are great at the games in Europe. I can still hear the fans chanting, "EB-O-NEE, EB-O-NEE."
  • 3--I was impressed with how careful Europeans are with energy. Water, all their resources, they never waste anything!
  • 4--The meals in Europe are noticeably different from ours. Lots of vegetables, with small amounts of meat. Olives and olive oil, cheese, and bread are a part of every meal - even breakfast.
  • 5--Every country LOVES soup!
  • 6--In Europe they don't tear down the old buildings, they renovate them all! They refurbish them, thus their architecture is magnificent.
  • 7--The most beautiful cathedrals I have ever seen are in formerly communist countries!
  • 8--Meals on airlines taste like chalk. And it's a 23-hour flight from London to L.A., via Hong Kong!
  • 9--The Grand Bazaar shopping area in Istanbul has 5,000 shops! And everything is negotiable!
  • 10--It's great to be an American!

    I hope you have enjoyed our trip around the world,
    Coach Dunn

    P.S. - Opening night is May 20 vs Detroit. BE THERE!

    January 17

    Dzien dobry (hello, from Krakow, Poland)!

    Yes!, I'm in the freezing part of northwest Europe. Since I last checked in, I have seen Jurga play, and win, in Lithuania. I had a wonderful dinner with Jurga and her husband, Danius, at a Lithuania steakhouse. I had salmon - but the beef looked great.

    Jurga's team played quite well and beat a team from Poland that included Anna Deforge from the Phoenix Mercury. I also got to chat with Katie Douglas(Connecticut Sun) for a few minutes. The day after the game, Danius took me to visit their home out in the country, and a historic castle surrounded by a frozen lake. I had never walked across a frozen lake - we dont have them in the South!

    From Lithuania, I traveled to Istanbul - wow, what a unique city! Istanbul is very big - 15 million - and a cultural mixture of Europe and the Middle East. And those mosques, they are unbelievable! TRAFFIC -- I felt like I was in New York, and the cab driver drove like a New York cabbie! His name was Mustaff.

    I stayed in a beautiful hotel overlooking the Bosphorus Bridge and River. The next day, I flew to Adana, Turkey, almost to Syria, Iraq and Iran. That was a little scary to know I was that close to the war!

    The game I saw was actually 45 minutes out in the country from Adana. It was a beautiful countryside, but I spent most of my time looking for chickens! All the talk of bird flu made me apprehensive about seeing or eating chicken. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Tan White this time. I rescheduled meeting her for when I return through Istanbul again at the end of the week -- hectic schedule, I needed more time!

    On my flight back from Adana, I saw two arabic women dressed in the "all black" garments you see on CNN, with only their eyes showing. What a history and social studies lesson I am getting!

    Today, I traveled to Krakow, Poland, via beautiful Vienna with a two-hour layover. My first meal was a big bowl of zurek -- sour soup. It was wonderful, and I know my soup! It was polish sausage in a broth, with a creamy lemony taste with slices of boiled egg floating around. I know, it doesn't sound so good -- but trust me, delicious!

    I'll see a game tomorrow before heading back to Istanbul for a day or two. Then it's off to Australia! I will check in again when I get to the Great Barrier Reef!

    Hope all Fever fans are doing well and getting excited about the 2006 season!!!

    Do widzenia (goodbye in Polish),
    Coach Dunn

    January 11

    Bon jour senors and senoritas!

    On Jan. 6, my "around the world trip" began. I flew from Memphis to Chicago, Chicago to London, London to Rome, and Rome to Sicily. Wow! Almost 24 hours of constant traveling. I had a long layover in London and no hotel until I reached sicily.

    I spent three nights in Sicily - beautiful architecture, Greek temple ruins and lotsa pasta! Yum-yum! I had a great visit with Ebony Hoffman who is playing very well in Sicily. She really likes her team and the city.

    Early on Jan. 10, I head for my next destination - Vilnius, Lithuania to see Jurgita! This time I flew from Sicily to Rome, and Rome to London. After a night in a London hotel, I arrived earlier today in Vilnius. It is COLD! I had dinner this evening with Jurga and her husband, Danius. Tomorrow night, I will watch her play against a team from Poland.

    So far, all is well as I travel almost literally, "Around the World." The biggest challenge for me is that I don't speak any foreign languages. And while my southern accent might sound like a foreign language to some, it only makes it really difficult for anyone in other countries to understand me. So I have to be creative!

    In Sicily, the food was wonderful. I went to one restaurant though, that served only fish! All kinds of fish - lots of octupus, squid, cottlefish, shark, anything you can imagine. They were all served with the eyes, though! Yikes!

    My worst moment so far? I made a mistake and went into the men's restroom. I didn't (or couldn't) read the sign and it was empty so I didn't realize it at first. While in the stall, I heard several male voices -- uh-oh!! So, I stayed in my stall until all had left, and then I quietly slipped out. Mamma mia!

    Next week, I'll check in while I stop in Turkey to see Tan White!