Planning From Downtown

December 9, 2005
Hello Fever Fans!

As many of you may know I'm approaching my fourth year in the WNBA. While the majority of my colleagues are overseas this winter, I chose to do something totally different. I chose to take advantage of internships offered by the WNBA, with the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association in Atlanta.

As a WNBA intern with the WBCA, I am responsible for assisting the director of events and manager of awards, whose duties are relevant to numerous coaching programs, clinics, and the annual national convention. This is an excellent opportunity for me to gain valuable hands-on experience in a different aspect of sports. As a player, I have competed in regular season games, tournaments, and special events; but this experience with the WBCA will allow me to see the planning, preparation and execution of such events. Additionally, I hope to gain valuable management and relationship-building skills.

Last season was a great year for the Indiana Fever and a very valuable one for me. Having had knee surgery in March, I spent about half of the season rehabbing. Of all the years that I have played basketball, this was my first surgery. While being sidelined with the injury, I gained a greater appreciation for the game. I guess it's true that you never realize what you have until it's gone. Not being able to go at 100 percent was trying, but with the encouragement of my teammates and coaches, I got through it. It also made me realize that no matter how sweet my jumper is (!), eventually I will get older and have to move on to another career. Not to worry Fever fans, I'm still in my prime and DOWNTOWN BROWN is still in the building! I’m just trying to prepare for an eventual life after playing. Hopefully, with the help of my internship, that life will still involve basketball!

Physically, I feel as though I am back to 100 percent. Drills and exercises are becoming a lot easier now. Having gone as far as we did last year in the playoffs definetely makes you want a championship even more. It's kind of like taking a kid to a candy store, looking at all the candy and then walking out empty-handed. That's how I feel, empty-handed. I'm supposed to have some “blingage” on my finger right now!

I chose to pursue my internship and expand my role in the sports business by wanting to be more than just a player. I started playing basketball at the age of 8, and over the years I have learned a lot about the game. Having developed my knowledge about the game has inspired me to pursue coaching. I feel that by working with the WBCA, I will learn a great deal about the marketing and public relations needed in being a Division I coach. Let's just say I'm preparing myself for future career moves, such as coaching or owning my own business.

I personally want to say “thank you” to all the fans for the kind words and concern during my injury. They really meant a lot to me.

Keep believing, Fever fans, and happy holidays to everyone!

-Coretta Brown