Olympia: Return to the Finals!

February 10, 2006 | Part 2 of 2
Olympia Scott was the starting center on the Fever's first playoff team in 2002. She was a part of the team's early foundation as it ventured into its first years in the WNBA. Then, prior to the 2003 season, while playing in Italy, she suffered an ACL injury - the first serious injury of her career. She missed all of the 2003 season, then signed a free agent contract to play in Charlotte, in 2004. Now, though, after a year in Sacramento and a WNBA Championship under her belt, she is back at 100% and ready to play - and she's back in Indiana!

Scott was a Fever starter in 2001 and 2002. She has played in the WNBA since 1998.
While playing Turkey this winter, Scott took some time for an extensive Q&A session with FeverBasketball.com. Here is Part 2 of a two-part series.

Fever Website: Besides being a part of the WNBA Championship team in 2005, what was the most enjoyable part of your time in Sacramento?
Olympia Scott: "Being back in California! My family, especially my mother was able to visit me often."
FW: When you were in the Western Conference Finals last season, and the Fever was in the Eastern Conference Finals - tell us straight - who did you hope to play in the Finals?
OS: "Honestly, I wanted to play against Connecticut because they had beaten us twice already, and they had the best record in the WNBA. Besides, who wants to worry about matching up with Tamika Catchings for a five-game series? [smile]"
FW: When you played in Indiana previously, you and Niele Ivey actually recorded a couple of songs. Where does music fit into your career plans?
OS: "Music is dear to my heart because it is one of the gifts God gave me, and I can express myself through song. I am still writing and recording songs now, with hopes of starting a publishing/management company. I am interested in finding the talent, and helping to turn them into stars with my songs. I would get on stage myself, but once I am finished traveling the world playing basketball, I would like to settle down with my family and have more kids. I don't want to start another traveling career of concerts and world tours."
FW: What is new in the world of your daughter? She's got to be about 5 or 6 years old now, right?
OS: "BreAzia is 6, turning 7 in April. She is here with me in Adana, Turkey attending school. She speaks Turkish and we also home-study her so that she can be ahead of her class. She can read, write, tell time, count money, add and subtract in the hundreds. She is really smart and talkative, and outgoing and athletic. She is funny and she looks like she might be a baller like her mom. She can run really fast and dance very well. She's basically very outgoing and well-rounded. I wonder where she gets it? [smile]"
FW: You scored a career-high 31 points while playing for the Fever in 2002. Compare the Olympia then, vs. Olympia now.
OS: "The Olympia then was just beginning to break-out. Now that I have been re-born through this injury, I have added elements to my game that weren't present then. In waiting and working to regain my athleticism, I have improved fundamentally. I can do everything I was doing then, but I have improved offensively a great deal. I am more aggressive around the basket and I have added an arsenal of post moves. I have worked on my perimeter game as well, so shooting jumpers, pull-ups and driving to the basket are second nature for me."
FW: For those Fever fans that are new since you last played a game at Conseco Fieldhouse, describe your game.
OS: "I am mostly known for my aggressive and smothering defense, tenacious rebounding and sprinting the floor like no other post in the league. I am also tough down low on the block, getting open and faking out slower defenders. I shoot from 15-17 feet and I can drive to the hole very well. I provide leadership and a great deal of energy. I am a motivator and the team enforcer at the same time. I am one of those blue-collar players that do the dirty work, and is proud of it. The Fever recognized the value, importance and need for of all of these qualities, so that's why I'm back. I can't wait to suit-up!"