LOLs With Ebony

Weekly IM Conversation With... Indiana's Ebony Hoffman
Posted: By Matt Wurst, December 5, 2006 5:42 a.m. ET

In the next of the ongoing Instant Messaging chats with WNBA players currently overseas, we check in with Indiana Fever forward Ebony Hoffman. Hoffman is currently playing with TEO Vilnius in Lithuania. Her team plays in Group A of the EuroLeague (she is averaging 8.6 ppg and 6.1 rpg in EuroLeague action thus far) and hosts undefeated Spartak (Moscow) later this week. As always, what you see is what you get in the recap.

Photo: FIBA
WurstMattWNBA (1:03:31 PM): Hey Ebony, it's Matt at How are you?
WurstMattWNBA (1:04:23 PM): If and when you have a few minutes, I would love to catch up and fill everyone about what you're up to...
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (1:04:23 PM): hey how are you.
WurstMattWNBA (1:04:30 PM): i'm doing quite well, thanks. i'm sorry to interrupt ya...
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (1:04:36 PM): Thats cool i'm just getting ready to eat dinner
WurstMattWNBA (1:04:52 PM): want to get back to me later?
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (1:05:03 PM): sure is later tday fine?
WurstMattWNBA (1:05:09 PM): you bet
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (1:05:29 PM): ok i will hit you after im done eating sorry
WurstMattWNBA (1:05:31 PM): thanks!
WurstMattWNBA (1:05:34 PM): no worries :)
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (1:05:38 PM): no prob

Dramatic pause...

EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (3:32:56 PM): hey matt you there??
WurstMattWNBA (3:33:25 PM): i sure am... and a good evening to you... what is it, like 10:30 there? 11:30?
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (3:33:57 PM): yeah its 10:30 there is only a few hours of daylight
WurstMattWNBA (3:34:32 PM): wow. i didn't realize how far north you are. you're in lithuania, right?
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (3:35:04 PM): yeah its a great little country, or at least where I stay
WurstMattWNBA (3:35:38 PM): are you actually in Vilnius, the city itself, or in a suburb.
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (3:36:05 PM): i'm in Vilnius, so it makes it alot easier to adjust
WurstMattWNBA (3:36:55 PM): so what's the town like? i'm sure very different from los angeles. but is it very different from indy?
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (3:39:12 PM): the town is alot more lively than Indiana.They never sleep here its almost like Vegas without all he lights but with the casinos in every corner
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (3:40:12 PM): and besides there is only 1 LA
WurstMattWNBA (3:40:20 PM): sounds like a fun scene...
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (3:40:25 PM): it is
WurstMattWNBA (3:40:30 PM): do you have a lot of free time to get out and actually explore it at all? like restaurants or shops, etc
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (3:42:28 PM): I haven't really had the chance to explore yet but it is definitely one of the things on my agenda to do. Of course, we have eaten at most of the restaurants already, but being in the main city means that there are alot of restaurants that we haven't got to yet
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (3:43:13 PM): the shopping is actually really nice they pretty much have the same stores that we have in the states with there little twist of course
WurstMattWNBA (3:43:35 PM): any language issues? how are you managing? is there a lithuanian language or do they speak russian?
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (3:45:16 PM): ahhhhhhh man everywhere we go we pretty much have to use sign language to accomplish what we neeed to do. But you do have some places that speak very good english which is most of the restaurants and some of the shopping stores
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (3:45:32 PM): the problem is that lithuanina became independent about 10-13 years ago so most of the older people speak both Russian and Lithuanian , but the younger generation speaks lithuanian and english
WurstMattWNBA (3:46:19 PM): i remember... i still picture everyone is tie-dyed shirts like from the old 1992 lithaunian men's basketball team that was sponsored by the Greatful Dead
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (3:46:27 PM): ha thats funny I'm pretty sure they have changed from that style
WurstMattWNBA (3:46:43 PM): hope you're not offending anyone :)
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (3:47:08 PM): haha I try not to, but you do get frustrated sometimes
WurstMattWNBA (3:48:47 PM): Are there any other WNBA folks or Americans over there with you?
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (3:49:25 PM): I play on the same squad as Kate Douglas thats pretty much it for Americans
WurstMattWNBA (3:49:53 PM): oh really? she knows that country pretty well, i think. she's been there for a few seasons.
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (3:50:52 PM): yeah thats my road dogg. She knows the country or the city rather very well
WurstMattWNBA (3:51:21 PM): what are some of the cool places you've gotten to see? EuroLeague really takes you places, huh?
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (3:51:49 PM): Does it ever!!! I have beeen to Iceland, France, Russia, Italy, Latvia, Brazil, Czch Its absolutely crazy I love it
WurstMattWNBA (3:52:28 PM): i bet you bump into people in lots of cities...
WurstMattWNBA (3:52:38 PM): or play against them, at least
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (3:54:34 PM): You know i bump into everybody. You never know who you might see
WurstMattWNBA (3:55:03 PM): Is it easy to keep in touch with people from back home? With phone and internet, it's hard to get lonely
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (3:56:51 PM): The best invention ever made has to be SKYPE. you can pretty much call home in the states or wherever you like for FREE!! the catch is that the only part thats free is compuiter to computer but mostly everybody is on the computer anyway
WurstMattWNBA (3:57:32 PM): so you mean we could actually be talking now? gotta love technology.
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (3:57:46 PM): exactly they broke the mold with this one i'm wondering what's next
WurstMattWNBA (3:57:57 PM): you could have even watched the USC-UCLA football game this past weekend... if you were awake
WurstMattWNBA (3:58:08 PM): or should i not bring that up to you :)
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (4:01:01 PM): I'm so upset ,but my boys played hard every week and thats all you can ask for. besides we have been there alot in the last few years
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (4:01:14 PM): it broke my heart to hear that UCLA won
WurstMattWNBA (4:01:33 PM): well as a michigan fan, it didn't work out for me either... that's why college basketball is so much better. there is never any second-guessing... one big tournament settles all
WurstMattWNBA (4:01:59 PM): so any big plans for the holidays?
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (4:03:02 PM): I'm going home to Cali for Christmas for 5 days and then back home to Indy to get some R&R
WurstMattWNBA (4:03:37 PM): oh that's nice.
WurstMattWNBA (4:03:43 PM): something to look forward to
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (4:04:43 PM): I cant wait. Now is the easy part, it's after Christmas when it gets really hard
WurstMattWNBA (4:04:59 PM): are you heading back overseas after the new year then or taking time off?
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (4:05:31 PM):
I'm coming back here
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (4:05:45 PM): gotta make that money
WurstMattWNBA (4:06:57 PM): you know what i always wondered... who pays your bills for you are out of the country for so long?
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (4:08:12 PM): well my boyfriend pays the bills for me back at home. Nut I dont know how some do it i could only imagine that it would be hectic
WurstMattWNBA (4:09:19 PM): totally. you might come home and have no electricity or phone service. good that he helps out though.
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (4:09:41 PM): yeah well we live together in Indiana so its really convenient
WurstMattWNBA (4:09:59 PM):
has he come to visit you over there at all?
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (4:10:28 PM): He is actually over here now along wih my father so i am on cloud 9 right now
WurstMattWNBA (4:10:47 PM): oh that's great.
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (4:10:59 PM): tell me about it
WurstMattWNBA (4:11:19 PM): well i don't want to to keep you from them since your time with them is precious
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (4:11:31 PM): oh thats ok. anytime.
WurstMattWNBA (4:11:44 PM): thanks for taking the time, though
WurstMattWNBA (4:11:59 PM): stay warm and enjoy your trip
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (4:12:02 PM): no prob let me know if you need anything else
WurstMattWNBA (4:12:10 PM): i sure will. safe travels and happy holidays.
EbonyHoffmanBBALLER (4:12:42 PM): i will definitely keep the heater on blast. thanx a lot.