Ebony Hoffman Writes About Marriage And Playing Overseas

March 5, 2008
Greetings all from TurkeyÖ. As of course you all know that I was married on October 20, 2007. So if you havenít heard the story, then I will give you a brief recap on the events of the wedding.

It was an AMAZING day!!! The ceremony took place at Fort MacArthur air force base on the cliffs of San Pedro overlooking the harbor. I wore a Spanish made dress that I bought in Lithuania with the help of my mom and my J-Lo (Katie Douglas). Ronald wore an all black tux. The bridesmaids wore chocolate floor length strapless dresses, and the groomsmen wore cream tuxes with chocolate vests and ties.

Tamika (Catchings) was my maid of honor while a college teammate and college friend rounded out the brides maids. Tamika was still in her two boots from her injuries during the season. I have to applaud her for being there and in the wedding due to her injuries, but it didnít matter because I just wanted her there. Ronaldís groomsmen consisted of his brother, who was his best man, and his two other friends were the groomsmen.

We had a small wedding party compared to some. Ronald had a hard time choosing his groomsmen due to the fact that he has so many friends and family members. So he came up with a system in order to choose who would be his groomsmen. He wrote all his friends names on pieces of paper, put the names in a hat and drew the names out of there. It was a very fail proof method which dissolved any conflict that could have arose. But he later told me that he could not pick one friend from another because they all were on the same level, and that no friend was higher than the other.

SoÖ I have never been more nervous than when I was about to walk down the aisle. The wedding coordinator would not let me walk down the aisle to practice during rehearsal. She told me that the bride walks down the aisle only once and there is no rehearsal. So with butterflies in my stomach, I took the slow walk down the aisle with my father beside me holding me up as I felt like was going to lose it. But then I saw Ronald standing there in his all black tux waiting for me, he looked absolutely incredible. And then all of a sudden I got my strength back and realized that it was all going to be okay. As my dad and I hit the aisle, 18 doves were released. It was truly a remarkable sight. So we said our vows and at the end we did a pouring of the souls.

We each had our own pitcher of water and we poured it into a decanter. As we poured together, the clear water turned to blue which symbolized the unification of the two souls now becoming one. We also had one dove each and released them together symbolizing our new life together.

The only kink that we had in the wedding was that the videographer was at the wrong location, he eventually showed up and all was well again. But other than that issue the wedding was a success and simply flawless.

Ronald and I still have a honeymoon to go on so if any of you have any suggestions please feel free to write in and let us know your thoughts!

On to TurkeyÖWell it has definitely been a welcomed experience being in Istanbul! The culture here is very different. Itís funny how the new generation is changing the old customs and ways of the country. Before, women were seen and not heard. Now women are taking control of their lives and becoming the independent beings that they are. It is truly amazing how the world is changing for the better. We will definitely see with the presidential election that we have coming up. Letís all keep our fingers crossed for change with whoever might be elected.

Istanbul is a place that all should try and visit at least once in there lives if they have the chance. We are right on the sea and the views from every vantage point are great. If you want fresh fish, then you canít get much better than to have the sea right at your door step. All ingredients are fresh and nothing is processed, which is great for the body. Tammy and I have had a great time enjoying the sights, smells, and tastes that Turkey has to offer. A very interesting place here in Istanbul is the Grand Bazaar, which I am told has been here for close to 100 years. It has silk carpets, jewelry, housing accessories, and spices. Basically if you can think of it, they have it.

Our games are another story. The fans are DIEHARD. When we have rival games, it seems like the whole city is there screaming, yelling, whistling, and drumming. Itís extremely LOUD! Anything goes overseas in the stands, which is not allowed in the states. But itís great to have that type of energy in the building while you play. Each city has a team that they identify with and boy, do they! Itís almost like youíre in a gang, thatís how bad it gets. But I have to say, it is fun.

Well my friends please tune in next time. Same Bat time same Bat channel!! (For those of you who donít know itís from the old batman series)

Signing off, Ebony Hoffman-Cass