Briís Blog

July 5, 2011


††††††††††† We don’t have enough blog space for how I’ve been feeling the past few days. It’s definitely been a rollercoaster of emotions that I’ve been going through. I’ve been blessed enough to be surrounded by people that care about me, and know people that have gone through this and are here for me. I have a great team that is just like my family that has been checking on me daily, really making this -- up until now -- bearable. But it’s tough, really tough! I’ve had two practices, I was good with the first but during the second some tears started coming. I’m getting sad now again! I miss being out there with them!

It’s great to see a different perspective. Coach Dunn said I’m the new assistant coach (haha), I’m on staff and I’ve been in the coaches meeting every morning. I’ve learned so much so far, I can only imagine what I will get out of this after the season. That’s one of the positives I’ve found so far. I’m sure I will grow from this experience and find more positive things that will allow me to grow further. My goal is to stay positive and take the most out of this experience. I don’t want to come out of this empty handed and I don’t think I will. I don’t think people will let me. I want to grow, get better and come back stronger! I’ve always talked about wanting to coach at the college level after I’m done, so this is giving me a little chance to gain some insight and to see what it takes.

My family came in this past weekend which was great! On the 3rd, my uncle had a cookout so I went over there and got to hang out with family. I brought Shannon [Bobbitt] and Dav [Jessica Davenport] over there with me. We just chilled, ate, relaxed and enjoyed the holiday. I’ve had a lot of family time. They came all the way out here for me! My mom will stay with me until after the surgery. It’s at the end of the month, tentatively scheduled for July 25. Recovery will take six months, it will be a long six months! But, it’s one of life’s twists and turns and we just roll with it.

For anyone that missed the game [Tuesday], the Fever is still here! We’re rollin’ and we look great! That’s helping me! They just need to keep winning, we need to stay up, that’s what we need to do! Shout out to my team!


June 23, 2011

How are all my FEVER FANS??

I want to start by saying itís so nice to be home, even though I got see my family, friends and a lot of old teammates on our last trip. Itís nice to be back in Indy, I feel at home here. Wish we couldíve come back with a couple of more wins, however we get a second chance to play the teams when theyíre back here. Our bench did amazing on the road, Shannon [Bobbitt] and the rest of my girls: [Jessica] Davenport doing her thing; Shavonte [Zellous] dropped 21 points and JP [Jeanette Pohlen] was draining them from the 3. Those girls are huge for us. With Dougie [Katie Douglas] getting hurt they had to step up and they did. I just love this team!

Now for off the court happenings Ö

In Seattle, I did a little shopping the first day we were there. I love downtown Seattle! The day of the game, my fam came in, it was great to spend some time with them. My best friend Rachel came out too, and she baked me these Oreo balls! Jessica Davenport and I loved those things, they were delicious! Later that night we went out! My best friend Louis and I met some other high school friends that were out in Seattle. We went out and chilled, it was great to catch up because I hadnít seen them in a while.

When we got to Phoenix I got to hang out with Dymond Simon, one of my old teammates from ASU. It was great to catch up with her, sheís like my little sister. My little sister (actual sister) flew to Seattle and then to Phoenix for the game! I also got to see my college coach, Charlie Turner Thorne, and after the Phoenix game I went out with some of my old friends and teammates. We were going to do some karaoke but the place wasnít open! Instead, we went to another spot where we used to kick it in college. We never miss a beat when weíre together -- itís great to have good friends like that. I miss all those people. It was so hard to leave! Arizona is like home to me, I love everything about it.

The flight from Phoenix to D.C. felt like an overseas flight, but we made it! Jessica and I went to a ďrecommendedĒ steakhouse, but I was really disappointed. My best friend from elementary school lives in D.C. now, so she came to the game. It was good to see her and spend some time together. It was great spending time with my friends!

Jessica Davenportís birthday is on Friday!! Sheíll be 26! Shout out to Jess, happy birthday!

We have some big games coming up! Connecticut will be here, and J. Mo [Jessica Moore] will be coming back into town, Iíve missed her! After Connecticut and Minnesota we play Phoenix again. Iím excited to play them with our fans behind us to root us on. Our fans are great!!

Peace and Love, Bri

June 15, 2011


We had a team dinner at Ruthís Chris the other night which was awesome, they always treat us great and the food is always amazing! Itís a great steak house, it is AMAZING! We had a team meeting and talked about goals there. It was a great way to get the team together for some team bonding and to reflect on our first couple of games.

Jessicaís [Davenport] birthday is next week! Weíre trying to figure out what we want to do. We have to time the cake appropriately because you canít just eat a big cake right before a gameÖand when we have cake we go hard on the cake, we eat a lot of cake! We like desserts! I gave her birthday presents early yesterday when I gave her the ball every time last night, I was gifting her all game. But oh my goodness, she helped me get to double figures in assists last night!

Weíre traveling on a long road trip starting Thursday. For me, growing up in Washington, Iím excited to just go home! Iím so excited for the fam and friends to be up in Seattle! Itís a good trip, and weíre hoping to have a good game out there. As a team, weíre getting better and weíre pretty confident. Iím also excited to go to Phoenix as well because I went to school there and have a lot of friends out there. This is my favorite trip †of the year by far, personally. Usually it happens at the end of the season but Iím glad itís earlier. Our game in Phoenix is early, we play at 3:00, which Iím pretty excited about so Iíll have the rest of the day to spend with my friends and sister that are out there, and Iíll get to see my college coach and old teammates!

Also, if anyone wants to send Jessica Davenport gift cards to Home Depot, feel free because she just loves that place Ö send them to me!

Tune in and watch us! We feel the energy when youíre watching. Keep up with us because weíll miss you guys, we love playing at home and we canít wait to get back! Weíll try and bring home some Wís for you!


June 1, 2011


Well Indy, you are a rowdy nation! I woke up on Sunday morning and turned on the news. I saw all the traffic and madness going on for the Indy 500 and I didnít know if I was ready for it. I couldnít handle that crowd, so I decided to watch the race on TV. Afterward, I went out by the pool and chilled with some teammates, including Erin, Jeanette, J. Mo [Jessica Moore] and Davenport. Later I took that group of girls to my uncleís house. We cooked out and ate barbeque chicken, ribs, potato salad, beans, corn, lots of desserts and all that good stuff.

The team has been in the process of shaking the jitters and nerves out. I think we have learned a lot from the two preseason games, and speaking personally, I have a lot to take from both games. Iím glad we have the exhibition games because it would be terrible to hop into the season with a new team and a lot of new pieces. We have our final roster cut down and our team is made. Now weíre only moving forward from here and Iím really excited.

I miss my buddies though. I miss Jenť and J. Mo [Moore]. J. Mo is going back to Cali, Iíll definitely see her when I go out to L.A., but Iím going to miss her. We came in together and weíre buddies. I cried this morning because sheís a close friend of mine and Iím going to miss her. The direction the team took gives her time to heal coming off of her surgery. She can use this time to get fully healthy and recovered from her knee surgery, and back to the J. Mo we know.

Tomorrow, the team is going to Katie Douglasí old stomping grounds, Perry Meridian High School. Weíre practicing and going to have some fans out there. It should be fun to have another open practice to show everyone what weíve got.

Keep faith in me fans, donít give up on me. I know I had a rough game last night, but stay with me I got it! The stands were looking a little bare the other night, but I understand it was just preseason. Iím hoping theyíre more packed for the opener against Chicago on Saturday!!!


May 26, 2011†


Iím so excited to be back. Coming back from Israel with Jenť where the game is a bit different overseas, itís finally great to be back on the court with the players here. Weíve been going through camp with our team and now getting to play against some good competition is an exciting part of our year long season. There were some great things that happened at our preseason game against Minnesota, it was the start to a good season. Coach Dunn made it very clear, we have a lot to get better on, but I think thatís great, itís the beginning of the season and we donít want to start off too good. We played really well yesterday, and knowing we can get better after our first exhibition is great.

For this upcoming season, I want to learn every playerís tendencies. With new teammates on the court, I need to get better at reading them and putting them in better situations to score. Iím going to do my best to push and put some pressure on the defense so they can guard me, then I can kick out and get wide open shots on the three. I could do that all day, thatís my idea of a perfect game right there. Iím also going to focus on taking care of the little things, taking care of the ball, having control of the tempo and timing of the game, everything thatís going on and what plays are working. I need to be mentally tougher and put all these little things together to manage the game and what Iím doing.

As for a team, I want to take it day by day and just get better. We have amazing, versatile players, an amazing group and I love the new additions to the team. We have players that can run the court well, shooters that can light it up, we have people that can get to the rim and we pride ourselves on our defense. We have it all; we have a lot to offer.

With Memorial Day weekend coming up Iím excited for the Indy 500 with Jenť, Shavonte, J. Mo [Jessica Moore] and some other teammates! Itís my first time going, kind of like a bucket list thing. Iím out here and I need to experience it at least once. Everyone in Indy gets up about it so I want to see what the fuss is all about. Iíll probably also spend the evening with some family and barbeque with my uncle that lives out here. I have plans to go out to eat with some of my teammates too. Weíve been making it a point to try new restaurants. If you have any suggestions for good places to eat around Indianapolis, let me know via Twitter @BriannJanuary. Hopefully the weather gets better for this weekend too. Thatís one thing I miss about Arizona, the sun, I just want to be outside all day.

Iím excited for Tuesday! Hope to see you all out here for our next game against Minnesota, Go Fever!


August 26, 2010

Itís PLAYOFF time!! This is when every team is playing their best basketball, and we are ready to play. We are coming off a couple days of great practices which were much needed for us. We didnít get to practice as much on the road, and that seemed to hurt us the last couple games. Itís so hard to maintain our team confidence when we arenít getting the repetitions. I swear I have spent the last couple days at the free throw line. Iíve put up so many shots I canít even tell you. I feel like our season didnít end on the note we wanted, but we are still rolling into playoffs. The team energy is back!

Let me catch up since the last time Iíve blogged. On this last road trip, we won at Connecticut and celebrated with a team dinner on Lin Dunn. You can bet the food tastes so much better when the coach is buying! In New York, I got to catch up with my friend Steph from high school. I havenít seen her in years, but weíve kept in touch. Shout out to her! Sheís a sixth-grade teacher now, and she is so perfect for being a school teacher. We continued our travels to San Antonio where I finally explored the city. Last year, I only stayed at the hotel, and I didnít even know about the Riverwalk. You go down, and thereís a whole new world underneath the city. It has restaurants and shops all below the ground which was beautiful. When we finally made it back home to Indy, my family treated me to a barbeque. Thanks to my uncle for the cooking. There really is nothing like coming back, and for our team to get back in its routine.

Now our focus is on New York. My biggest challenge for this series is to step up my defense. I feel I can be more intense when matching up against Leilani (Mitchell). She has been a catalyst for their team lately. If I can do anything to pressure her, and make her feel uncomfortable on the court I will. On the flip side, I want to focus on better decision-making, and pressuring them with our offense. Last game, I tried some things, and I want to stay in attack mode.

Thanks to the people who tweeted me with suggestions on places to eat in Indy. Once we are in town for more than a couple days, I am going to hit up one of those. Iíll let you know what I think.

I canít stress enough how much we continue to need our fans support! We need YOU! I am excited to see the crowd at Conseco this Sunday when we play Game 2. Be loud and be proud, because you all really do make a difference. Thereís a reason we like to play here so much. Last yearís playoff response was amazing, and weíd love the same again!

Watch tonight and come support on Sunday! And you better believe I WILL be blogging again before we are done.


August 5, 2010

Hello ladies and gentlemen in the Fever community!!

Letís be real, real quick. We are definitely frustrated with the outcome of the last few games. I have done a lot of reflecting trying to figure out what the deal is lately. I know everyone on the team has done the same. Itís at a point where everyone needs to look inside, and see what they can bring back to the team. The team has realized we canít breeze through the season. There are some little things we need to work on to get back to winning. We need to bring that passion back. I am confident we are becoming a better team because of it. We are too good to play like this. I hope the fans agree with me there, and we have to stay positive and focused.

This season has gone by SO quickly. We are looking to take this team even farther than last year, and to do so I have this energy inside of me that needs to be refocused. My next goal is to find a local place to start up with karate again. Karate has always been a great way for me to release my negative energy. It provides an amazing outlet to channel my energy, and put my mind in the right place. Plus, I have not trained in awhile, and I need to see if Iíve still got ďit.Ē

I know the true WNBA fans are excited right now. Game in and game out, you canít call a win in this league. Please stay tuned, because I predict the playoffs are going to be intense! Iím excited to watch it all unfold. Even the Western teams, I feel, are going to step up and play hard during the playoffs.

You know we are stoked for Breast Health Awareness game tomorrow. First of all, I will be rocking some pink Kobeís in the game which Iím psyched to wear. We are going to be all pinked-out! Pink headbands, wristbands, socks, shoes, jersey, eyeliner Ö ok, maybe not the eyeliner, but you get the point. Iím not mad about so much pink, because goes well with my skin tone if I do say so myself!

Be sure to stay for the postgame auction! I am signing a pink pair of LeBrons to auction for this awesome cause. Of course, my jersey will be available too. You and your friends should bid on January #20. Also, I am practicing my model walk. The Fever are about to be ďfire on the runwayĒ after the game. If nothing else, come to watch the divas in pink, especially Tammy Sutton-Brown and Jenť Morris, work the catwalk. Those two were born to be underneath the runway lights. The best part about all this fun is the great cause the money goes to support. We all see how close this is to Dougieís [Katie Douglas] heart, and the rest of us know how important Breast Health Awareness is for women.

This is my last blog before we head to the west coast for a week. You know I love going back to Arizona. I hope to see my college coach, and some of my favorite teammates. I must give a shout out to one of my best friends, basically my sister, Dymond Simon. Watch for her to ball it up her senior year at Arizona State! She gets it done!

I do have one request from the Fever fans. I have explored downtown Indy, but Iím looking for a new place to eat in the area. I am willing to travel outside the inner city. You can offer suggestions via Twitter to either @BriannJanuary or @kmess65. Kevin, our PR guy, can help me out, too.

Come out and support Breast Health Awareness night tomorrow, August 6! Also, this game against Atlanta is HUGE for us, and we need our Fever fans!

July 23, 2010

Whatís going on Fever fans!?!

Iím coming to you right after our big win against L.A. last night. This win felt good, and it was an important one before we head back out on the road. Speaking of which, I should share about our time in NYC. Itís so fun getting to play in Madison Square Garden! We earned a tough ďWĒ while we were there too. I still feel like I should have ended the game before overtime, but I clanked that last shot off the rim. Either way, we came away with the win, and that is all that matters. Cappie put on a show against us, scoring 40 points. She is a phenomenal player! It sucks that most of those points came against me though. Sheís a great player who is doing big things for her team.

While we were there we got to do some sightseeing as well. We shopped all around, and Z was buying out the stores. Sheís laughing at me while I say this, but she went crazy with the shoes and everything. Iím a little tighter with my change than she is, but I still had my fun. J.Dav took us to this little Italian restaurant which was DE-licious. The whole trip was a great opportunity to see more sights around the city.

When we came back this week J.Mo and I went out to Lilith Fair. It rained on us for a while, but once it cleared up we had a good time. We saw the set-up of the whole tour. We also scored a behind the scenes tour, and met Miranda Lambert. Itís a huge production which is really great. Some super Fever fans were there rocking. Shout out to those of you I saw at Lilith Fair wearing your ďour time is nowĒ shirts! Jess and I took some photos with the fans, and you can see some of them here on my blog. We definitely had some serious Fever supporters there.

We are heading to Washington now. We still owe the mystics for a couple losses this season. I am excited to go because I have family in D.C., and they always make it out to the games. As an added bonus, I will hopefully see the girls AAU team I helped coach while I was in college. They are playing in a tournament in the area, and I am planning to catch one of their games. The team is coming to watch my game too, and itís going to be awesome to have them there cheering for me.

Thanks again to everyone who came out for our game last night! We need you Fever fans!!

July 16, 2010

Whatís up Fever fans!

Welcome to the catch-up edition of blogging with Briann! I have to start off with the great 4th of July I spent with the girls from the team. First, I took J. Dav and J. Mo to meet some of my family. There we ate some GOOD food for lunch, and that was just the beginning. I napped, and let the first meal settle before heading over to Ebonyís place. Eb and Ron were great hosts to the team, and Ronís mom made some amazing food for us. We played cards, and rocked it on Guitar Hero. Singing isnít one of my strengths, but I did grace them with my voice for just one song. Then we had some fun in the streets with fireworks. I think they gave downtown Indy a run for its money with their display. All that excitement in one day made for a rough next day at practice. I might have been a little slower from all the food I ate, but I think it was well worth it.

Coming back from the all-star break, I know everyone is feeling positive about the second half of the season. I feel like we need to give all the teams in the East a solid thumping Ė but itís so tough this year! Every team plays with a greater sense of urgency the second half of the season. Each team is playing for that playoff spot, and in the East itís neck-and-neck. One loss can drop a team out of first place and into fourth. It is just so tight you never know what will happen.

We travel to New York tomorrow, and the plan is to go see ďWickedĒ while we are there. I am for sure going this year, because last year they left me behind in the lobby! Also, one of my high school basketball teammates will be in New York for a conference. I havenít seen her in years, but sheís coming to the game so we can catch up afterwards.

Until next time Fever fans! Holla! Holla!

P.S. I got a sneak peek at our jerseys for next year, and they are sweet! Also, my new pink shoes came in for the Breast Health Awareness game on August 6. Weíve got our Pepto-colored uniforms ready to go, and weíll be looking fresh. Iíve got my pink headband and socks, too. Iím excited because I look pretty good in pink!

June 24, 2010

Hey Hey Fever Fans,

Thanks to everyone who came out last week to Fundae with the Fever. Of course the ice cream tasted even better after a win over the Storm. We had two big wins last week, and we are feeling good. Saturday night also celebrated dads, and I was happy to have my dad in Indianapolis for the week. He made few appearances while in town, including Chalk Talk before our game. Heís a soft-spoken character, but I hear he did well.

We had Fatherís Day off, and my family from Louisville came up. After a family breakfast, I sent my mom and dad off for a couples massage as a little present. We ended our nice little family time with some shopping before they headed home. Luckily, I get to see them again tomorrow in Seattle.

This starts up our trip from the west coast to Midwest to east coast. This trip is a BIG one. We donít have too many of these trips, but they can really challenge a team. This is especially true with the little preparation time between games. The toughest part about stretches like this are the mental drain, and wear it takes on your body. We also have some big time teams to play against. Across the board this week brings some tough competition.

I am lucky enough to see family and friends throughout the trip as well. I love love love love Seattle!! Itís going to be great to be back in my home state. Most of the family will be there from Spokane, and even my aunt from Philly is flying in to visit. Along with family, my best friends from high school get to visit while Iím in town. The same goes for my friend Felicia when Iím in Washington DC. My godparents also live in DC so Iím hoping to see them for a bit too. All that along with the tough teams weíll be playing should make for quite the week of travel.

I have to talk about our bowling tournament this past Tuesday night. I admit I need some practice before next yearís tourney. I am NOT a bowler, which is why I play basketball. I wonít tell you what I got the first game, but I almost broke 100 the second game with a high 96. Half the time I was bowling in flip flops, so maybe that was my problem?? Next year I will be properly attired, and I am shooting for a 110.

I have to thank Tevin Studdard for getting us hype with the teamís rap song. We even made him do an encore so we could keep dancing. I really think people had a lot of fun this year, and Iím looking forward to the next tournament (and higher scores).

Also, I canít leave without a shout out to Jessica Davenport, aka "J.Dav"! Itís her birthday today, and we will certainly be celebrating the occasion.

See you all when we return to play on July 8th!!

June 16, 2010

FEVER FANS, itís been so long. First of all, it is so great to be back on the court. Unfortunately, I have to wear this enormous knee brace, which is inconvenient. I am working towards playing without it as soon as possible. Itís not too cute, and doesnít go with the uniform. Gotta look good out there, you know!

This weather is killing me! Iím definitely not used to tornados. I donít know what to do in tornados, and Iím just hoping itís not like the movie Twister. I almost had to pull over to the side of the road yesterday because I couldnít see where I was going. Trees were falling down, and one in our apartment complex demolished a car. Itís amazing what this weather can do to a city.

Meanwhile, my family is in town for about a week. I wanted to take them to the zoo, but this weather keeps acting up. I think I will try and take them to the track, and possibly the museum there, too. We also want to go see Karate Kid 3 while they are in town since itís appropriate for our family. I am very skeptical about this Karate Kid, if itís not good like the original Iím going to be very upset. At least I have my momís cooking to keep me happy. I canít complain when she makes dinner every night. When I come home from practice she has a meal made too. I might gain a couple pounds due to the famís visit, but it will be well worth it!

My trip to Connecticut was very successful. By that, I mean I broke even. That makes for a great outing in Mohegan, and when we came back here we broke even with the Sun for the weekend, too. We have two HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE games coming up this week. We had a chance to win at Atlanta, and we want that one back. Seattle is a team full of great players who donít make too many mistakes. We have to protect our home court. After this weekend we end the month with a loooong road trip. We go coast-to-coast. That stretch will be super important for us.

Everybody is back and healthy! Iím excited, and you should be too! We need your support, so cheer loud! GO FEVER!!

June 2, 2010

Well Fever Fans, it has been a tough week for me. I have been dealing with my injury, and it was frustrating to not even get to travel with the team last weekend. Luckily, I did get time to spend with some family here in Indy and in Louisville while the team was gone. When they came back, we took the holiday off at Tammyís. She cooked us some GOOD food and we got to relax for a day which is always great. The team took a tough loss to Tulsa on Saturday, but we are looking to come back this week with three wins. Weíve got it together now, and we know what we are going to do.

This week all the Fever fans will get their first viewing of our newest player. Shavonte Zellous is now in the house! I met her a little over a year ago, when we went through the draft process together. She can bring a lot to our team with her energy on both sides of the ball. I look forward to seeing our team play with her in the mix. I am really excited to see how this week plays out, and with two home games I hope to see lots of fans, too.

Thursday is Go Green Night, which is one of my favorite causes that we support. I really wanted to be out at the Go Green event yesterday, but I learned I couldnít do the activities because of the injury. Still, I look forward to all the green headbands, wristbands, and shooting shirts. This game is always a great time. These causes are even more of a reason we need the Fever fans. Not to mention we have two tough teams coming into town. San Antonio now has Chamique Holdsclaw, and of course New York is bringing Cappie [Pondexter]. There are going to be some superstars in the building. We really need all the fans to be that sixth man as we try to get our record back over 500.

On another note, I did catch Sex in the City this past weekend. I have to say I was a little disappointed. Donít get me wrong, the clothes were beautiful, and the jewelry was a-mazing! The movie itself just wasnít what I was hoping it would be. I still love Sex in the City though, and I have my eye on some other movies I want to see this summer.

I couldnít be happier that our team is back together after a weird week. Now we have three games in four days. Not only is the WNBA schedule a little crazy, but all the teams are bringing it this year. Just last night Atlanta finally fell to Seattle, and Minnesota surprised Phoenix with a win.

This goes to show any team can beat anybody in this league.

Hope to see you this week Fever Fans & GO GREEN!!

May 20,2010

Hey Fever fans, IíM BACK!! Itís great to be back in Indy. This weather is bringing me down a little bit though. I guess the season starting earlier means I get to enjoy the rain. Iím having dťjŗ vu with this season starting 0-2, but itís so nice having everybody back together. We had our first real practices this week which is cool. Iíve been getting moved in and re-acquainted with everyone.

To fill you in on my last eight months Ö

I took some time off before I went to play overseas. I spent some time at home with my family, and then headed to Arizona to see some friends. While there, I worked with the team at ASU and helped my body out with some rehab. I took in some sun, which is one thing I love and miss about Arizona. In January, I went out to Tarsus, Turkey to play basketball. Iím not sure if youíve heard, but Tarsus isnít the biggest city. Thankfully, I had [fellow WNBA players] Betty Lennox and Chante Black on my team. They helped the experience since Tarsus is like a small town or village. I would love to go back to Turkey and play in either Istanbul or Ankara.

I visited a friend in Israel, and traveled to Hungary on a few free days I had while playing. The Mediterranean beaches are awesome, and Israel is beautiful. It was very ďAmericanizedĒ which is not what I expected! The people there were very nice, and treated us great.

Since I have been back in Indy Ö

Now that Iím back, I have been waiting to go to the movies. ďSex in the CityĒ comes out next week, and I am excited. I WILL be there! Also, J. Moore has been talking to me about the new Twilight movie. She wants me to buy a Team Jacob t-shirt. I told her that probably wasnít going to happen. I will probably get a Team Edward shirt just to go against the grain. Sheís a talker though, and unless you can multi-task I donít know about going with J. Mo.

I was talking to Allie [Fever operations manager Allison Hawkins] about the Indy 500, and itís something I would like to do at least once in my life. I donít know if I can handle that many people. I would love to go, and I think it would be a great experience. I think we come back on the day of the race, but weíll see what we can do.

What else is going on?

My man Coach Lewis is gone. Heís a great guy, and itís weird not having him around. Coach is a talkative man, and his voice was missed yesterday. Georgia Tech got a great coach with Coach Lewis, and they should be excited because he loves the game.

Iím excited to head back to Chicago. Again, for like the tenth time this month we play them. I like the short trip, and the change of scenery from Indy. Also, my close friend Lauren Lacey interns for the Sky. We played together at Arizona State, and I look forward to hanging out with her. This is if we have time before our TWO wins.

Most of all Fever Fans, I am happy to be back and get things rolling. Everybody is back together, and we are ready to get back on track.

September 24,2009

Howdy Fever fans! Thank you all for your support through this playoff run! We swept Washington since weíve last talked and last night we lost to a tough Detroit team. Playoff basketball is flat out toughness Ė just battling constantly. Itís a battle, a war, a battlefield, a constant struggle. Every possession is very important.

But we are excited to be home now! Oh my gosh, how I missed Indiana. Detroit is not one of my favorite places. Iím really excited for tomorrow nightís game because Iím going to have some friends and family here! A teammate from ASU and her mom are coming down from Chicago to come to the game, some family are coming, my uncle from Louisville is coming up, it will be good to see them after the game!

The first game against Washington was a roller coaster for me. But Washington was fun! Haha. I did some dumb things in the first half, then Lin gave me some inspiring words and got my head right! :)

My teammates were making sure I was good, too, so I came out knowing what I needed to do. Iíve heard a lot about this crossover, too, from the Washington game, that was shown on SportsCenter! The word on the street is that a coach for the Pacers asked for the video to show to the team! Iíve gotten a lot of comments about the crossover, but still have not seen it!

Then the second game against Washington here was huge! The crowd was amazing! Oh my god! Wooo! I had to step back one time. Someone was shooting a free throw and Iím normally so focused on the game. You hear the fans while you are playing but you donít really realize how loud it gets. But I stopped and looked around and saw a ton of fans, it was packed and rocking! I got so hyped after that. I thought, ĎWe have all these people behind us, this is so awesome.í They set the perfect environment for a playoff game. The crowd was just amazing, I loved it! It was by far one of the most fun games Iíve had here. The environment was great.

Right now, we have a sickness going through our team. We just have some people on the team feeling a little under the weather, which is not good this time of the year. One of those people is Coach Dunn, which is never good. But we have masks! She wore a mask to cover up her face today at practice. We are trying to keep away all the unwanted germs. We are on top of it though, taking medicine and trying to rest! People need to get some rest so we can come out tomorrow ready and energetic! The flu stinks! We have some tough people on our team, weíll be okay.

Last night we had a tough loss. Anytime you going into the reigning world championsí gym, especially in the playoffs, it is going to really tough. Theyíve been there before and gone through it. Playing at their gym is extremely tough, but we think most of the things we did last night are correctable.

It will be nice to have our fans at home, have some people cheering for us because it was not like that for us last night. But there were a few Fever fans there! Some were behind our bench, some were courtside, but we all really appreciated those people being there. We saw you guys! Thank you so much!

To beat this Detroit team, we need to fix a few things. We need to crash the boards and play tougher defense. We were way too soft. We need to lockdown on certain players on defense and we have to stick with whatís been working. We didnít pound the ball inside as much as we should have, our posts can definitely take advantage. We also need to run! We slowed down too much, we have to put some pressure on their offense to make them waste some energy. Mainly we need to stick to our game. We need to have fun, let things flow, work together and play team basketball.

One of the players we need to lockdown on is Deanna Nolan. Guarding Deanna is difficult, but I love it. Sheís so athletic and such a challenge. Sheís really good. It is one of my favorite matchups, sheís gotten me a few times. She can just catch fire anytime. She is just so explosive, her catch and release is so fast. You donít have time to react, you have to put your work in before she gets the ball. With great players like her, the best defense is just not let them touch the ball. That is tough because sheís always cutting and Detroit looks for her constantly. Itís tough, but our team D can do it.

Oh my goodness, if you are going to come watch a game, tomorrowís game is the one to come watch. There is the history between the two teams and we are looking to come back. We have to battle tomorrow and play hard. It will be exciting! We will try to stretch this out to a three-game series and then hopefully you all come back Saturday to support! Not trying to look too far ahead though! I will see you all tomorrow hopefully at the game! Go Fever!

September 16,2009

Long time no talk Fever fans! It seems like it has been forever!

Playoff time! Itís time to step up! We are past that beginning of the season now where Iím not a rookie anymore. I have a season under my belt. This is the time to be consistent and step up, as I have tried to do for the team. But this time right now is what all the work is for. I have learned a ton this season and I am going to try to keep it organized in my head so that I donít get flustered. I am just so excited going into the playoffs. This is a new beast Iíve never seen before, itís different than the NCAA tournament. But I am assuming the intensity will be similar. Everyone will be playing hard just to live the next day to play. This is exciting! This is what all the work is for! I was watching all this on TV last year from home, now to be in it! I am just so happy and excited headed into this.

Something Iím sure everyone has heard of before in sports is the dreaded rookie wall. Right now, Iím trying to break that thing down! There are aches and pains here and there. Iím feeling it but this is the time where everyone is tired. This is where toughness comes through and thatís what Iím trying to do for my team. Break through this and itís all mental. If you can get through it, you will be able to do something special.

Looking back onto the season at the very beginning, I knew what we had as team. Gosh, the first day I saw everybody and the work they put in, I knew! The attitude they had, I asked myself is this the same team from last year? My first thought was that this just felt like a successful team. I knew we had good things coming. With myself, I came in not trying to ruffle any feathers, just wanted to contribute here and there. But Iíve gotten a bigger role and stepped in and tried holding up for my team. They are really supporting me so it is easy. I am just having fun, thatís what we all are trying to do here.

In my free time, I finally saw Harry Potter! I went to the IMAX and saw it in 3D! It was amazing! I suggest everyone go see it in 3D! I was screaming most of the movie because I was so excited! :)

I am now a fan of 3D movies, I havenít really been into that but since then I think Iím going to go to a few more. Hopefully a few more good ones come out on 3D!

In Connecticut, I didnít lose any money gambling at the Mohegan Sun! But Tammy practically paid for my trip out there! She won a lot of money out there! She paid for my meals, breakfast, ice cream, lucky for me I was around her a lot! Everybody tried to steer clear and tried not to donate any money to the Mohegan Sun this time. On our last visit, I was down some big money and called it quits. I had never gambled before in my life and it showed! This time, I played Keno once where you fill in the numbers and guess what they are. Everyone was at the table and I won $2! :)

This trip to play Washington will be fun. Iím excited to play at the University of Maryland because I get to see my best friend, Felicia. I havenít seen her in awhile so that will be good. But for the game I have got to get my wheels ready! Lindsay Harding runs, runs, runs and runs! Itís going to be Tully and my job to stick with her and try to make her a little uncomfortable. I got to get ready and get rested! After writing this Iím going to take a nap!

Stick with us fans! We are going to try to stretch this season out a little further for you fans!

August 28, 2009

It is good to be back home Fever fans! Iíve been enjoying my few days being back in Indy, I missed it! I have just been relaxing, hanging around and enjoying the city. Itís nice being here, I like it a lot!

After our little road swing I was able to spend some more with the people close in my life. After the Seattle game, I got to spend some more time with the family. It was great to see my family and friends from home. We had two days off after our Seattle game so I went back to Arizona. I helped move my sister into her dorm and got her situated. I felt like a parent! Going grocery shopping, getting her everything she needs for school, all the essentials. While I was there, of course I had to go see my girls, my old teammates and coaches at Arizona State, just to stop by and say hi.

The trip back though was rough. I took a red eye flight back to Indy. NEVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE! We took off at 11 p.m., Arizona time. I flew through Detroit, had a layover for 45 minutes, then I get to Indy and itís like 9 a.m.! Itís bright out and Iím ready to go to sleep! It was the worst experience of my life, I felt like I didnít sleep for close to 48 hours. I donít really sleep that well on planes so I was exhausted. I was definitely on fumes. Youíll never get me to do the red eye again, especially before practice! Luckily we had practice that afternoon! The red eye was not a good idea at all!

Also lately, I have been feeling a little sick. I think I might have swine flu. Just kidding! But I feel like a chewed up dog toy Ė a happy one, though! We won last night which was great, but Iím feeling a little under the weather. Iíve had sore throat, congestion, losing my voice, it has been terrible. This is the first time Iíve been sick in forever, I honestly have been doing so good. But I guess when you stop moving around, stop being busy that you get sick. I had a few days off, took it easy and got sick! I have been sipping on the NyQuil though, it has been my best friend lately! I have struggled to sleep, so it has been helping me.

Today at practice we are going to be trying out an ankle brace. I usually tape them, but we are mixing it up today. My ankles are just weak. If anyone wants to give me new ankles, just email or contact the Fever! I have rolled my ankles so many times that Iím going to try the brace.

After the win last night, the team had a good birthday dinner for Ebony Hoffman at PF Changís. Ebonyís getting old! Sheís going to be joining the 30-year old club on this team soon! She is not too old though Ė Tully just reminded me that 30 is the new 20!! :)

There are only a few more games left in the season but I think I have finally grown into my role. I know what I need to do for the team. Hopefully Iím doing some good things and they appreciate it. I am just trying to do whatever my team needs of me to make it far and get that championship. We are so excited for this last end of the season, itís going to be tough. But since we are going to the playoffs, I know we have to step it up another level because itís WNBA playoff basketball.

We got San Antonio back last night and we have another payback game tomorrow against Sacramento. If we beat Sacramento then we can say we beat everybody in the league! So come out and support tomorrow Fever fans, I hope to see you all there!

August 22, 2009
Howdy Fever fans! We are going back to the Wild West! Itís been great being home, but we are gone again now!

Iím kind of excited that we are back west because I get to see my family again. My family was here for about a week, they met me in Minnesota last week. There was a family reunion last weekend so I was able to have a huge turnout for our win last Saturday. Iím glad I played decent for them! It was great having them in town.

My mom cooked it up for me while she was here! I probably gained a few pounds!!

But it was delicious! The first night she cooked steaks, scallops, baked potatoes and salad. Then she made me my favorite, pineapple-upside down cake! It was deliccccious!! I think Iíve eaten most of the cake so far! The other times she was cooking me breakfast, making me snacks, it was great. Moms --- I love them, but I hate them (haha)! She is filling me full of food, putting some pounds on me! They left Tuesday and I was sad, but I realized that I would see them in Seattle in a few days so it made up for it.

When they were here we had plenty to do. We had a family reunion in Louisville. There was a little meet-and-greet thing while everyone was there the first night, just dinner and hanging out. But I missed the rest of the festivities because I was up here for game day. The day after the Detroit game, I went back down there and had lunch by the water with the family. Just chatted, hung out and we took a bunch of pictures.

It just so happened that I had my best game in a Fever jersey with all my family there. My family was a good group, cheering for us and being noisy. But there were a lot of fans here too. They were loud and we felt that energy, oh my goodness! What a great turnout! Iím glad I played decent, scored a few shots and played a little defense --- it was great to play that way in front of everyone.

After the game, letís just say all of the January family are now Fever fans! They hadnít seen a game, but now they have and they are on the bandwagon. They loved it here in Indy. It is hard to say how many family members I had because afterwards there were so many people here that the Fieldhouse was trying to kick us out! We were trying to get pictures, but it was so hectic! Luckily we got it all done!

Now we are in Sacramento and Seattle this weekend, Iím excited because I havenít been to my real home in Washington for awhile. This is like a second homecoming for me, first Phoenix, now going to Washington. We should have a good turnout, Iím excited to see who all is at the game for me. One of my friends is having a wedding the same day, so it will be split to see who shows up for my game or for her wedding!

Thanks for being loud and proud Fever fans! Keep it coming!

August 12, 2009
Hey fans! Iím here in Minnesota on the final stop on our road trip! Thankfully! Ö I canít wait to be back!

This trip has been a lot better than our previous one, being on the West Coast this time makes it a lot easier for me. In Phoenix and L.A., I got to see so many friends and family, that it made it whole lot easier to get through this long road trip. We do have three days here in Minnesota which is probably not the best place to spend three days Ė but itís been fun so far.

This travel sure has been difficult, the time change is really difficult to get used to. Traveling from Indy to Phoenix, I was wanting to go to bed at 8. I had to be up though just because I had a lot of friends to try and see. When I got to Phoenix I went and saw one of my old teammates because she had her ACL surgery that day. So I flew in and went straight to her place, I tried to stay awake because I was tired from the travel.

Even though I love the West Coast, I canít wait to be back in Indiana. Just to get to back my normal scene and sleeping in my own bed. I am ready to have a routine again, it feels so different when your routine is thrown off. You are eating at different times, the time change wears on you, itís going to be nice to get back to Indy!

I was extremely excited for the game against Phoenix. It was just huge. Getting to the gym and going out there to shoot before the game and seeing a bunch of maroon and gold (Arizona State colors) was awesome. We had fans just like they had their fans. There were signs like ďGo Briann, but weíre Mercury fans!Ē So I felt the support out there and it was just huge getting that win and showing people what Iíve been up to and to show them the team Iíve been on.

After the Phoenix game, I had a question and answer session with some fans. It was amazing! I was up on a stage with one of their media people and he asked me a few questions and then I was able to take questions from the crowd. I felt so blessed. There were so many people and a great turn out. There were fans, family, friends that were there, it made me feel so good about coming back to Arizona. It was like a homecoming. I didnít know what to expect about the event, but it was a blast and made me feel so welcome. Itís good they havenít forgotten about me yet! :)

One funny thing about leaving L.A. on Tuesday morning, we came close to missing our flight to Minnesota because the airport was so packed! Iíve never seen LAX with that many people in it. Iíve flown in and out of LAX so many times. But the line to get through security was outside and down the street of the departure deck! It was crazy! But Tammy [read Tammy's blog and her LAX story] went up to the security guy and talked her magic and got us through! We got to cut through the line, which was good.

Iím pretty excited that my parents are taking a long road trip up to watch me play in Minnesota. My mom and dad love to hit the road so they are coming to a few games. My sister is coming too, so it will be good to see them. Then they are going to drive to Indy for the Detroit game and stay for a few days in Indy!

We are ready to get this victory in Minnesota and be back home! If you guys have been watching the scores, every game has been a good game, so donít expect anything different from Detroit on Saturday. I canít wait to come back and play in front of you all!


August 4, 2009

Whatís up, Fever fans? Itís been almost two weeks since my last blog, and A LOT has happened since then!

I finished the book that Iíve been reading. It was called ďThe PactĒ by Jodi Picoult, and it was amazing. I love her. Sheís such a great author. I cried while reading it on one of our flights home, and I was hoping no one saw me!

And in slightly less exciting news, I have a fat ankle. I rolled it in our game against Washington at Conseco last week, and now itís really swollen. I hate that! I thought I was on top of it, getting taped and being really conscious... but apparently not. I just tripped Ė those lines will jump out and get you, you know! :)

OK, I have a confession to makeÖ I drank Catchís lemonade. She put it in the cooler specifically to drink after one of the Washington games, and when I saw it, I thought ďOoo lemonade!Ē And I drank it. She wasnít too happy about it, BUT Iím going to replace it! Iíll get on that today or tomorrow.

But aside from all that, we had HUGE wins last week against Washington and Connecticut. Those are great teams. And beating Washington three times is phenomenal. Just look at their roster! I think theyíre a great team because theyíre all from a few years ahead of me. I watched them in college. Itís just awesome when you beat a team like that, especially how we did it. Everybody contributed, and thatís the best way to win.

I am SO excited to go to the West Coast! I was just in Arizona for the All-Star break, but Iím looking forward to going back. I think we will have a nice big Fever fan base out there. Since I went to college there, I know a lot of people, and I think thereís going to be a big crowd at that game for us. Having people cheering for you on the road is always a plus!

Oh, and my parents are coming to visit in two weeks! They havenít been to Indy yet, so hopefully I can show them around a little bit. Iíll show them the sights.

Tomorrowís another big game. Itís very important just to secure that No. 1 spot. We need the support, guys, so stay with us! Weíll bring another good show. Also, stay tuned on the road! We still feel all the cheering (even when weíre away) when you all watch us on LiveAccess. Weíre going to go out West and show them what the Indiana Fever is all about!

See you all tomorrow!


July 23, 2009

Hey, everybody. Long time no see!

Our road trip was soooo long! It was weird because Iím so used to playing at home now. But at least I have my first long WNBA road trip under my belt, and despite the rough couple of games, there were some bright spots. When I was in Washington, D.C., I got to see one of my friends and my godparents, and that was great. When we got to Texas, we went to a huge outlet mall. I got some good shopping in. Oh, and I went to a casino in Connecticut. It was crazy! I lost $30 and called it quits on the roulette table. I think thatís the first and last time Iím going to be gambling in my life.

But Iím in Arizona now, and Iím excited about that. I get to see my old teammates, my friends and all the people out there. Iím back to the desert where it doesnít rain every day! Haha. Iím going to relax, hang out and just try to see everybody in that little time that I have off. Iím heading back to Indiana on Sunday morning because we practice Sunday and Monday, so Iím going to relax as much as possible before then.

I think this break is going to be huge for our team, especially for our starters. Itíll be good for their legs to get a little rest. We just need to come out and finish out the season strong.

When I get back to Indy, Iím finally going to go see ďHarry Potter.Ē Iíve heard some good things and some not-so-good things, so Iím ready to make my own opinion about it. Iíll let you know what I think!

Itíll be exciting to get back to Indiana because we have some huge games, and Pat Summitt is coming to Conseco. Itíll be cool for the Tennessee people. I donít really know much about her except that sheís a great, great coach. But personally, Iíll be really focused on the games. These are big games, and I want to go out there and show Washington and Connecticut what we can bring. I donít think they got a real taste of Fever basketball this week.

And fansÖ Everythingís fine. Donít you worry! We had a couple of tough losses, but weíre coming back, and weíre going to show you what weíve got. Iím going to enjoy Arizona, and Iím looking forward to seeing you guys on Tuesday!

Until next time,


July 16, 2009

Hey again, Fever fans! Itís been an eventful week, but Iím back for blog #2.

Just to fill you in from last week, my first Chi-town trip was great! It was also my first experience with real humidity, though. My hair frizzed a little bit, and I wasnít too happy about that. I went to Navy Pier, and that was awesome. There were a ton of people there! I shopped a little bit downtown and went down Michigan Ave. Before I went to Chicago, people told me that I HAVE to go to Ginoís Pizza, and I wasnít disappointed. It was delicious! So Iím passing that along: If you go to ChicagoÖ go to Ginoís!

Oh, and of course we got the big win. That was a blast! Everything was clicking. It was a great win for us. I didnít know they played at UIC Pavilion, so I was surprised about that. It was cool, though, because it was kind of like going back to my college days.

I drove back from Chicago. Itís not as far as I thought. It was actually a really pleasant drive. And when I got back, I went straight to Walking with Dinosaurs at Conseco Fieldhouse with the team. I hope you got a chance to check that out because the dinosaurs were awesome! They moved around and looked really life-like! (Well, not that Iíve actually seen a real dinosaur, but you know what I mean.) But the crew did an amazing job and told a great story. It was fun to watch.

But back to basketball Ö The 10-game winning streak feels amazing! It just gives us a lot of confidence going into each game. Everything goes well when you win. Everybodyís happy all across the board! It feels like weíre on top of the world right now, but we know we still have plenty of work to do.

Weíre taking it one game at a time, so weíre trying to make it 11 games now. Weíll go out and try to stick to our game plan. We donít want to change too much because itís working for us! Iím very excited. Weíre going to stretch this out as long as we can and keep it rolling.

Oh my goodness, yesterdayís game was Kidís Day, and it was amazing! All the little kids cheered their hearts out for us. That high-pitched noise and the thundersticks Ö they got to the ears a little bit. But there was so much energy, and it was good to know they were cheering for us. I was glad they were on our side!

Saturday weíre hitting the road, and I donít really know what to expect. Weíre going to Connecticut, Washington and San Antonio. Iíve never been to Connecticut, so now I can check another state off my list!

I guess I have to pack a huge suitcase. This is the first long road trip for me. Weíve had a few road games, but theyíve been quick. Itís pretty much been ďget in there, play, get out.Ē Itís going to be tough, and we have to stay focused. Itís coming right before the All-Star break, so we have to finish out tough. Then we get a break, and Iím definitely looking forward to a chance to relax.

But before we go anywhere, we have to take care of business tomorrow night. I hope to see you guys at our game against Atlanta tomorrow. Youíre our good luck charms, and we need you there to support us and cheer us on. Iím excited to see everyone at the game!

Go Fever!


July 9, 2009

Hey, everybody. Briann January here. Iím excited to start this blog and keep you updated about whatís going on with the Fever and me.

Itís been a great experience so far this season. When I was called sixth in the draft, I didnít really know I was called. I was kind of shocked when they said my name. And when I heard I was going to Indy, I thought, ďYay! ... Wait, Iíve never been there!Ē But then after I settled down, I remembered that Tamika Catchings played for Indiana! Sheís always been one of my favorite players, so itís a dream come true to be able to play with her.

Now Iím loving Indy! Itís kind of like coming home. I feel welcomed here because itís a lot like my hometown of Spokane, Wash. The people here have been very friendly to me, and everywhere Iíve gone there are nice people. But itís no Arizona! Since I went to college at ASU, Iíve grown to love Arizona, so itís definitely an adjustment.

The rain here is killing me, though. Absolutely killing me. Itís summer timeÖ. Itís supposed to be sunny! So thatís going to take some getting used to. Can you believe it rained ALL DAY on the Fourth of July? I stood under my balcony and watched the fireworks over the trees. (Exciting life I lead, I know.) But on July 5, I set off some fireworks, which was exciting. Actually, that was the highlight of my week.

But the highlight of LAST week was definitely the zoo! To those of you who made it out to see us at the dolphin show and the elephant bath, I hope you had as much fun as Shay, Christina, Tamecka and I did. I got to dribble with the dolphins! That was my favorite part. But I also got a little kiss on the cheek and danced a little bit with the dolphins. Theyíre really interactive, so thatís awesome.

Oh, and I made a new friend! I got to ride an elephant named Tombi. He was like a dinosaur! Although, my elephant adventure wasnít nearly as eventful as ShayísÖ but you can check out the pictures for that. :)

But all zoo animals aside, I want to make sure in my first blog that I take the time to thank all the Fever fans. You guys have been so nice and so patient with me. Iíve been kind of up and down, and youíve been supporting me the whole time. Itís awesome, and all that support has kept me up. Youíre loyal and cheer hard every game. Keep it up! We really appreciate it.

Weíre heading to Chi-town this weekend. Iím really excited. I get to see Lauren Lacey (one of my teammates from college). Iíll get to hang out with her and check out the city a little bit. Iíve never been to Chicago, so this is another new place for me. Iím going to spend the day after our game sightseeing, so Iím definitely excited about this trip.

Everyone, wish us luck against the Sky this weekend, and I hope to see you at our next game against Chicago on Wednesday afternoon!

Talk to you soon!